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Hello Cathe Nation, it is I darieus Belinda's husband. She followed Doctors orders and waited until today to do her STS, she even went lighter. 25 minutes into the workout she became dizzy and nauseous. I had just returned from a run and she called out my name, I ran into the workout room to find her on the floor. I placed her in the shock position and called emergency services. They arrived quickly and she settled down. They transported her to the Hospital and began a barrage of tests again. She is looking good, and only slightly light headed. She is angry that she did not finish her workout, go figure. Anyway, I will update you all tomorrow when we have some results from the testing. Your notes last time made her feel great. Keep her in your prayers, I am sure she is fine and it will turn out to be something minor. Darieus

OMG! Please tell her that we all love her, and that she hopefully will be OK. Gosh Darn it! Do let us know how she is doing. We worry about her, cause she is so important to us all.

Prayers and hugs to you both,

Thanks for keeping us posted, even though it isn't news we are happy to hear. Please let her know we are thinking of her. Maybe she was doing too much too soon.
Ugh, how frustrating, glad she is ok! Best wishes for speedy recovery and diagnosis that is treatable.

I'm so sorry she had a relaspe. Let her know we are thinking about her and she is in our prayers.
My my!! Definitely let her know she is in our prayers big time!! She sounds like a tough gal and I will especially pray for a shield of protection around her and her family. Additionally, I will pray for wisdom that the doctors are guided to run the proper tests and find the correct answers.

God Bless all of you!

Thank you for keeping us posted. We are all missing her and praying the doctors find out what is going on and fix it! God speed Belinda!

How frustrating it must be to experience these symptoms but have no answers yet. I pray these last set of tests uncover what the problem is so you can quickly get better and get back to your STS workouts. Keep us posted!
I will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers! {{Healing vibes being sent her way!}}} Tell her to get well soon! I hope they find an answer this time!
Yes, I will continue to uplift her pray and sending healing vibes.

I do understand about not finishing a workout. When I was pregant with Andrew and walked the mall, I was upset the night he was born that I couldn't finish all my laps.

Please give her my love and hugs!
Definitely keeping her in our prayers. Le ther know we are thinking about her. Hope they find the cause of all this.

Sorry to hear that!
Í'm sure it is both frustrating and worrying for both of you.

Evidently, the positive vibes previously sent were not strong enough, so I'm sending double-positive vibes this time.

I hope the doctors come up with an answer soon, so at least the frustration of not knowing will be past, and you will have some idea of how to address the problem.
Good Lord, already. Like everybody else, I'm sending the healing vibes, but ALSO the let's-hope-the-Docs-figure-this-out vibes.

I actually had a dream about Belinda on Friday night......she was at my house helping me clean my oven with her homemade oven cleaner she makes! LOL I WISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sending prayers and hugs. Hope a diagnosis is made soon. Sorry you are going through this. Feel better soon Belinda!

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