Balance disc firmness

I did read somewhere the less inflated the easier it is, more inflated harder. I have been reviewing balance discs to decide which ones to buy. I have one at home so it isn't urgent but would like to get a pair of the same. I wanted Cathe's but couldn't justify the cost of shipping.
I have Cathe’s orange disc. It seems to lose air constantly. I can use it for a few minutes and it loses air. Anyone else have this problem?
Hey Peg!!! Long time no “talk” :). Maybe you don’t remember me! LOL! Hope you
are well! I don’t have Cathe’s disc, but it sounds like you might have a slow leak
I am also wondering about the balance disc. I order 2 from Cathe for the new DVDs that is coming out soon. The discs came inflated and there is a pump. I don't see a plug to use if I want to inflate to make them firmer. Did any else get a plug with their order? I am interested in know what is firmness.
Look on the bottom of the discs, the side that is “nubby”….look for a tiny round hole
probably close to the edge (between middle & edge). Little hole should be there
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