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Hello Cathe

I would just like to congratulate you on your excellent DVDS. I found your workouts by accident as I live in the UK and your advanced workouts are not so well known over here. I am now a complete addict and not a day goes by where I do not look on your site, look at video clips and try and decide on a new purchase. My Christmas present from my husband consisted of your new workouts lol. I think your quality of presentation cannot be matched. My main aim now being to own your complete DVD collection.

I noticed you sell on amazon.com. Would it be possible for you to make your DVDs available to amazon.co.uk. There is definitely a market in the UK for your high quality product. Here in England we have very little apart from the typical 'celebrity' type workout DVDs and none for the serious advanced home workout exerciser. Please consider making your DVDs more accessible to European markets.

Thank You
Hello Laura,

I live in the UK too have most of Cathe's workouts. I have been using them for a few years now.

Can I ask where you get your equipment from? By that I mean specifically the dumbbells, because I am having problems finding cheap dumbbells. I bought a set years ago from this web site (2kg-8kg) for around £80, but the company went bust. I would like to order heavier bumbbells (the hexagonal ones that Cathe uses in her earlier videos MIS, BodyMax, Slow & Heavy etc.), but I have not been able to find them on sale for less than £100 in the UK.

I usually buy my Cathe workouts when I go to the US or I get my friend to send them to me. You can buy the videos from www.collagevideos.com which delivers them via air mail rather UPS. UPS is very expensive because you will be charge customs duty and VAT when they are delivered.

Hello Yen

I tend to use just basic weights from Argos etc. For example the general bar bells and dumbbell sets. I've had a problem trying to get the high step here in the UK. There is hardly anywhere in the uk that sells a High Step. I'm having to use stairs lol.

I love Cathes workouts they are the best. No other instructors seem to match up to her. In the Uk we do not have choice thats available in the US. The celebrity DVDs that come out annually in the UK are just not the same quality and are not really suitable for the advanced exerciser.

Good Luck with your workout goals.

Hello Laura,

I found the Step Club step in the UK OK, but it's so long ago I can't remember the name of the company. It was very good and had many equipment for a reasonable price. I think I paid around £80 for it. If you search the forum in Other or Video you may be able to find my post about the step. Or try googling it on the web. You can't buy the high step in this country unfortunately, I bought mine when I went to the US.

I also my barbell from Argos. It's the York barbell and it's perfect for a woman as the plates and bar are not so big.

You can also get the Reebok stepper from Argos to use for step aerobics. That works just as well, but you can't convert it to a weight bench like Cathe does in the video. You might need to invest in a weight bench separately.

If you have any questions about equipment, let me know. Maybe we can share our knowledge and save some money.

Hello Laura,

Another UK Cathe addict pitching in to say hi! I discovered this website over a year ago and have been exercising with cathe exclusively since then. Isn't she great! :) Where abouts in the UK are you from (if you don't mind me asking)?
Hi there

I'm a UK Cathe fan as well. Glad to know I'm not on my own!

For reasonably priced equipment I can recommend Decathlon. There are only a few stores around the country but they have a wide range of stuff (I got a dumbell set for £25) and they have some quite good, cheap workout gear (I can't be bothered with labels!).

I'm just using dumbells at the moment as I havne't really got the space for anything else.

oooh more uk people! hello hello everyone :) i'm in scotland.

and i am totally with you on the DVD issue. i think Cathe could make a killing with the Brits! if i have to see one more ex-BigBrother/Eastenders bimbo churn out another crappy DVD i will scream! the 'advanced' exerciser market is totally untapped over here...

btw, i got the York barbell set from Argos too, and i got some great dumbells online from [a href="http://www.gymworld.co.uk/weights.asp"]Gym World.[/a] They do have the hexagonal ones but are quite pricey. They also had a whole lot of "seconds" chrome dumbells for sale that were perfect aside from a few teeny tiny scratches but they only seem to have small-ish weights left now.
>and i am totally with you on the DVD issue. i think Cathe
>could make a killing with the Brits! if i have to see one more
>ex-BigBrother/Eastenders bimbo churn out another crappy DVD i
>will scream! the 'advanced' exerciser market is totally
>untapped over here...
Can't agree more. I give you Coleen McLoughlin - her qualifications? Oh yes, she goes out with a footballer! Fabulous!

Yes I agree with all your comments. I'm in Staffordshire and have been using Cathes workouts exclusively since November and I'm totally addicted.

Hi Cathe (and everyone),

I too live in the UK and discovered your fitness DVD's last year. Since then I have been buying them from the USA, but would find it much easier if I could purchase them from Amazon UK. Anyway, until then I will keep on buying!

Jane :)

I've just bought several dumbbels/exercise stuff from three companies on the internet - Newitts (who were very reasonable), the Physical Company and the Body Hut. All were very reliable and quick delivery too.

Hoper this helps.


Jane :p
So here I go with this comment that's completely Cathe/fitness related:

Any of you had a chance to see the lunar eclpise in your neck of the woods tonite? It's cloudy skies here on my end so no luck :(
Another one from UK (Cambridgeshire) with an ever-growing collection of Cathe dvds. They have really increased my fitness and my husband also does quite a few especially weights.

Advanced Workouts do free postage to UK over $50 so I usually buy from them. But I would love it if Cathe sold through Amazon.co.uk also. When I have sold old Cathe videos and the more basic dvds that came with my steps through Ebay.co.uk I have had a good amount of interest so I think there would be a market. (Though it's a bit late for me now as I have most of Cathe's collection !)

I managed to get an Original Step and a High Step from the Physical Company http://www.physicalcompany.co.uk/products/product_detail.asp?productId=HIST.

Hi Shelby! My husband and I went down the beach to watch it (cheap entertainment for our wedding anniversary!) It it was beauuuutiful, especially when the moon got that red tinge. Unfortunately some clouds came along and ruined our view but what we saw was lovely :)
Hello fellow UK friends from the US! :) I just have to say that it's so neat to see so many Cathe fans internationally! What a warm community we have here. We here in the US were not able to see the lunar eclipse this time, but they said our next chance will be in late August. Hope the clouds parted enough for you to catch a good view!

Peace :)
RE: eclipse

>Hi Shelby! My husband and I went down the beach to watch it
>(cheap entertainment for our wedding anniversary!) It it was
>beauuuutiful, especially when the moon got that red tinge.
>Unfortunately some clouds came along and ruined our view but
>what we saw was lovely :)

Hi there Shauny,

Thanks for getting back. Happy belated anniversary btw; so of course you know the eclipse happened DELIBERATELY in honour of you and DH ;). I've seen some online photos of the different phases and for sure, it was quite something!

Ironically, after the cloud cover here on Saturday, we've had crystal clear skies for the past few nights, hence clear views of the full moon in all its glory. Just this morning, I was gazing at it over the trees from one of the windows on the second floor of our gym, thinking what a perfect image to keep in my head today :) (too bad the damned walking lunges that I did afterwards kind of shattered all that x()

AND to bring this whole baby full circle (pun intended), Moonlight Sonata is one of my ABSOLUTE favourite pieces.

'twas kind of you to let me babble on...
Hi everyone - another UK Cathe fan checking in. I just moved to the UK from the US last summer, so I had already acquired all her DVDs before arriving here. I will visit the US frequently (2-3 times per year), so my plan is to order future DVDs through family and then bring them back with me in my luggage. I'm in Edinburgh, by the way, and absolutely loving it!

That eclipse was something else!

North of Edinburgh, near Perth. Edinburgh is a big change from the USA. Culturally the two countries are very diverse. Hope your enjoying it?
>North of Edinburgh, near Perth. Edinburgh is a big change
>from the USA. Culturally the two countries are very diverse.
>Hope your enjoying it?

Hi - I love it! In Edinburgh the architecture is incredible, there's so much to do, the surrounding geography is lovely - every day I think what a privilege it is to live here. My main reason for moving was the university, but overall, I adore Edinburgh and I really enjoy the culture of the UK. I always felt a bit like a fish out of water in the US.

Nice to see so many UK Catheites. I'm in West Sussex. :) Love Cathe workouts (except for the import tax!)

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