August 2022 Rotation

Cathe Friedrich

Hi Everyone,
This month we’ll challenge our hearts and muscles with a mix of circuits, cardio, and moderate to heavy weight training days. This month’s rotation includes a bit of extra cardio flare to get us sweaty and offset those extra summer treats… wink! Stay hydrated, rest as needed and most importantly, have fun! You’ve got this!

Week 1
M BootCamp Circuit
T Pyramid Pump Lower Body
W Pyramid Pump Upper Body
T Cardio Party
S Cardio Leg Blast
S Cycle Max or cardio of choice

Week 2
M Circuit Blast
T Strong Body Stacked Sets Lower Body
W Strong Body Stacked Sets Upper Body
T Perfect HiiT Low Impact
S Lift it HiiT it Legs
S Ride or cardio of choice

Week 3
M Boot Camp (Intensity Series)
T Total Body Tri Sets Lower Body
W Total Body Tri Sets Upper Body
T All Out Low Impact HiiT
S Chiseled Lower Body Blast
S Pedal Power or cardio of choice

Week 4
M Athletic Training
T Perfect Pump Lower Body
W Perfect Pump Upper Body
T Cardio Core Circuit
S Lower Body Blast
S Cycle Sweat or cardio of choice ED7312F9-1DCD-4FC6-9686-633873AF67B6.png

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