Athletic step mods for torque


I finally got around to doing Athletic Step.

For those of you looking for mods to make it more user-friendly for you, here's how I tweaked it (I modified for I-Impact, T-torque or P-Preference)

>Three outer thighs (on step, on floor, on floor) P : I did three 45-degree knee smashes, in various positions!

>up-up-straddle-walk back- pump (P)--hop forward-hop on step, hop down (I) --hop turn on step--three side lunges over and off step (I/T). I replaced the pump with a 4-count plyo squat (sometimes all wide, sometimes all narrow, sometimes alternating wide and narrow--which I liked the best). For the hop on and off step, I just kept the forward hop in the previous version of the move. For the three side lunges over and off, I kept the three knee repeater off the first side.

For that last move, I'm thinking of trying a "lunge off back, lunge off side" L-shaped move.

up-up-jack-rock off-on step-tap down-1/4 turn-turn back (T)-step down: I stayed with the three repeat down, but on the last one, I exited and tapped down with the opposite foot. This tap--rather than a 'step-step' down--is crucial to be on the same foot as Cathe on the following moves.

Grapevine off side-side kick-grapevine back-core crunch turn back (T): I kept the knee-up -step down--basic, but turned the basic into a run-run on the step sometimes.

Ricochet (T) My standard substitution for this move (which puts me on the same foot and beat as Cathe and crew is this 8-count move) ATTENTION: this move is MUCH easier to do than it sounds like from the description: it would be much easier to show in a demo than to explain! LOL! :

If you are starting with your right side toward the step, the move is as follows :
1)jump right foot on step , 2) jump left foot on step while lifting right foot 3) right foot taps down on outside of step (keep left foot on step when doing this move, do NOT put your weight on the right foot); 4) right foot jump back on step while lifting left foot off; 5) left foot steps down to original position; 6) right foot steps down to original position; 7) jack out; 8) jack in (7 + 8 = one jumping jack)

(I like the "GZRA! GZRA! GARZA!" song: yeah, the 'singer' is supposedly saying "ROCK! ROCK! ROCK!", but it sounds like "GZRA! GZRA! GZRA!" to me...which is perhaps "rock" in Klingon.;))

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