Arrrre you ready????? Or better yet, arrre you packed?


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Arrrre you ready????? Or better yet, arrre you packed? Lol.... It's almost time to catch our flights or hop in our cars and head out for a super high energy weekend!

For all our first timers, please don't worry about a thing! We all can't wait to meet you and I can promise you that you will settle right in!

To all our veteran trippers, I KNOW you'll be ready with all your roadtrip whistles and bells!!!

I've seen some questions regarding clothing for meals. Our dinners on Friday and Saturday night will be very casual. Come comfy and ready to eat and mingle. Shorts and flip flops more than welcome (that will my attire on Friday for sure!). Maybe Saturday night after all of those classes I'll try get out of those sneakers and into some heels and a nice top but I reserve the right to change my mind, Lol... But really, no need to be fancy, just enjoy the weather and each other!

Okay, I'm off to finish packing myself! Safe travels to all and I will REALLY see you next workout ;)
I am sitting in my hotel room as I read this! So looking forward to meeting my online workout buddies. I am hoping the weather cooperates some. See everyone soon.

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