April 12 Lower Body Rotation


Hope all of you had a great holiday.

I did Powerstrike 1 this morning. I hope you guys don't mind but I'm going to move along to the Freestyle Rotation now. My legs are really looking good but I've gained a couple of pounds and I believe it's due to lack of cardio. Before this rotation, I was doing at least 5 days a week of cardio. The weight is gathering around my hips and is driving me crazy.

So, how about I lead the path to our Freestyle rotation with the following?:

I could let you guys know how it's working for me and you can make the judgment if this is where you want to head next???
Hi Candi,

Thanks for starting the check in! I did Rhythmic Step and 4 cycles of Boot Camp yesterday. I think my body is ready for a change too.

Can you post what your week will look like with the Freestyle workout (what videos you will be using). I may go ahead and try out the freestyle training now too.
I am definetely keeping L&G in the rotation.

I plan on doing a run and PP this evening.

Have a great day ladies..


We can do a lower body/ freestyle check in!!

I AM NEW TO CATHE ON FITTV AND TO THIS WEBSITE -- I DON'T UNDERSTAND ALL THE ABBREVIATIONS . . . IS THERE A KEY TO ABBREVIATIONS USED AT THIS FORUM? Although I have to admit I seem to enjoy trying to figure out what you all are talking about!

Ask us whatever you want. We will help you figure it all out..

It is great to have you on the forum. Cathe workouts are great!

Beverly :)
I rarely step foot in a gym. I have free access to a gym on the Air Force Base, but prefer Cathe and running.



Rhonda Cook posted the following:

MONDAY : Ab work, PLB, 40 minute run
TUESDAY: AB work, Legs & Glutes leg press mania, 40 minute run
WED: AB work, rest
THURS: AB work, Legs & Glutes leg press mania, 40 minute run
FRIDAY: AB work, PLB, 40 minute run
SATURDAY: AB work, PS Legs, 40 minute run
SUNDAY: AB work, rest ....... maybe another run depending on how I

Because I don't run, and really love Kickboxing and circuits I put this together:

MONDAY: SP&J Hi/Lo circuit, SP&J abs
TUESDAY: Cardio Kicks, PLB
THURSDAY: Active rest, abs
FRIDAY: KP&C and L&G leg press mania (or one of the KP&C/L&G premixes)
SATURDAY: Powerstrike Kickbox, PS lower body
SUNDAY: L&G, abs

What do you think?
Hi Ladies

Welcome Eloise, :eek:)

Beverly I’m with ya, I’m ready for something new also. Now I can remember why S&H (Slow & Heavy) sat on my shelf, collecting dusks. I am not really crazy about this workout. Maybe, I should say its not one of my favorites, and this is a first.

Candi, thanks for posting this rotation; looks yummy....I’m with you on this one girlfriend ;o) However, I'm not sure if these ol' legs can tolerate it. But, I shall see. I'm starting today. Your rotation look pretty good except for Saturday, looks a little much, maybe you could put a run in, instead of Powerstrike and then L&G, just my .02

Yesterday, I decided to take a rest day after looking at my rotation I’ve worked out nine days straight. So, yesterday, I laid around all day watching TV. And it felted so good.

Tonight, Imax 2 & MIS Abs love this workout.

Here's my week:

Monday: Imax 2 & MIS Abs
Tuesday: Abs, Legs & Glutes & 40 minute run
Wednesday: CTX Upper Body
Thursday: Abs, Legs & Glutes & 40 minute run
Friday: CTX Upper Body
Saturday: Abs, PLB & 40 minute run

I’m going to try this for a week and see how it goes, maybe tweak a little instead of runing just may put a step workout in. Well girls back to work.

I don't know if my legs can handle it either, but I thought I'd give it a try. I just don't like to run and I've found if I don't like it, I won't look forward to it like the other stuff. Maybe I'll just do the PLB pyramid up premix instead of PS. That would minimize the leg work a bit. I appreciate the critique. I just hope I'll be able to walk after this. My legs are pretty strong though, so we shall see. Time is also going to be a factor for me cause I work out in the morning for work.

I know Beverly's a runner so I thought she might be more interested in Rhonda's version.

This is not set in stone, so maybe we could tweak it together as a group, or each do our own Freestyle thing. Remember, the fundamentals are, 4-6 days of 20 minute leg work, 2 days of upper body, and 4-6 days of cardio.
Hi Candi, When I read your e-mail today, I was thinking you was the runner, like Beverly. Your rotation is fine. I was giving this some thought as well, when I prepared my rotation today I was thinking, hm..........this is a lot of work. Can I do this?

I was wondering, instead of doing Cardio right after legs, to do my Cardio in the morning with Abs. Would I get the same affect? leaner legs opposes to bigger legs. My thighs are already thick. Like you, I'm going to give this a try this week and see how it goes.

If okay, my second week, I'm going too add another leg day. This will be a challenging, huh! Well guys, I'm off and running my TV show is coming on. night night.

Hi All,

Would you mind if I joined in on the freestyle rotation and check in? I started the April rotation but I prefer to lift weights more often (and do more cardio for that matter). Even though I really like the slow and heavy series, I'm looking for some weight loss and a leaner lower body-which the April rotation doesn't address. Freestyle training may be just what I need being naturally pear shaped.

I sometimes workout twice a day, always before work at home and sometimes at lunch in a gym or going for a run.

Hi Ladies,

I did a run and SS upper body last night. I am going to do KPC premix with L&G tonight.

Candi and Teddygirl, the rotations look good. I will probably do my rotation with more running.

Diana, we would love for you to check in with us and do the freestyle training.

Have a great day!!!

Hi Ladies,

I did a run and SS upper body last night. I am going to do KPC premix with L&G tonight.

Candi and Teddygirl, the rotations look good. I will probably do my rotation with more running.

Diana, we would love for you to check in with us and do the freestyle training.

Have a great day!!!

Alright you guys, I love the Smaller Lower Body Rotation, but I am getting bored, so I am on this Free Style Rotation w/ you. Yesterday I did PP UB 2 sets, TS #3 cardio, PLB Ball Work, and Core from BC. Today I will do a premix from KPC, and L&G's. Tomorrow I will do some kind of cardio, and Leg Press Mania. Rhonda has leg work in 5 days in the week, Candi, you only have it for 4?? I am TERRIBLE at figuring out rotations. I need to do legs 4-5 times a week, cardio I would like at least a 1/2 hour every day, and UB 2 times a week. I keep thinking about a swim suit. I have not bought a new one in a couple of years, and on Mother's Day weekend, I am going to Chicago w/ my mom. I want to buy a swim suit then. I have just kess than a month and I would like to take off another 4 lbs. Thanks for inspiring me guys!!!!!
Hi Ladies,

I'll switch over since I am not seeing great results on the other rotation. This is similar to what I have been doing anyway. I should warn you though, doubling up on weights and running made my knees ache, which is why I took the last 3 days off.

So here's my proposed schedule, let me know if you think it fits the Freestyle method.

Tues: L&G, abs
Wed: PUB, HIIT run on treadmill at lunch
Thurs: KPC
Fri: PLB, HIIT run on treadmill at lunch
Sat: IMAX2, leg premix from Boot Camp
Sun: rest

Here's hoping I can reduce the caboose.
- Shopgirl ;-)
Hello Ladies,

Can someone say pooped, cuz I am…..What a day today!

Shopgirl, this was one of my concerns to, I’m going to try doubling up tonight I pray my knees doesn’t bother me. Not that they have, but its just so much work. Your rotation looks good to me. Its’ about what you are able to handle, right.

Tonight, Abs, L&G & 40 minute run. I was going to run first, but decided that I should do abs, then L&G and then a 30 or 40 min run. I’ll see how this goes for me. Because, once I finish L&G (which is a hell of a workout) I can really call it a day.

Anyhoo, I’ll let you guys know how it goes. Stay Focused! We are going to win.

Okay guys, I just finish my workout, to, too long..........I don't like doing 2 workouts back to back. So, cardio for this gal in the morning followed by ST after work. Love legs and glutes Wow what a workout.

Instead of jogging on my treadmill. I walked, yes I simply walked for 30 minutes as fast as I could. And it felted good, I never ever walked on it before, got a good sweat too. Now for a hot bath and a movie, ttyl

Sorry I did not respond yesterday. I was at home due to having carpet installed in our bedroom. I logged on at home and then realized, when I tried to post, I didn't have my password.

Yesterday was SP&J plus SPJ abs and planks.

Today was MIC Hi/Lo, tacked on Boot Camp cardio, then did PLB floor work only (it was about 15 minutes of leg work).

Lori - I do have 5 days of legs because SP&J is a circuit workout that includes legs. It probably only has about 12-15 minutes though, squates, deadlifts and lunges (lots and lots of reps). I guess we'll have to tweek our rotation as we go.

You guys have a great day. Woke up to a little surprise in Orlando this morning. A slight cold front. It's only supposed to get up to 71 degrees this morning. Unusual for us but it's dry and the sun is shining!

Teddygirl - You're rotation does not look bad to me. I think the concept is to have at least 4 days of leg work. I didn't count 4, but I could be wrong.

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