Apple watch or Fitbit?

I am thinking of buying a fitness tracker, I currently use a polar watch with the chest strap for my workouts. I would like to track my steps, sleeping pattern and heart rate. I am debating between the Apple watch and the Fitbit . Have any of you used both products? If so, which one do you like better?
I purchased a Fitbit Versa when it came out in May of this year. It is stylish, functional and a great tracker. However it stopped working 2 months later. Fitbit sent me another watch but then that also stopped working 2 months later and they sent me yet another watch. There was never any damage to the watch and I did not get it wet even though it’s waterproof up to 50 meters. Costumer service was great, but I could never recommend a product that completely stops working within 2 months. Everyone I know that owns an Apple watch loves it and it will definitely be my next fitness tracker purchase..which should be in about 2 months lol.
I really don't want to be Debbie downer here but, you should really look at reviews, a lot of them. The two products you mentioned have been out for a while, it's reasonable to expect them to be more accurate, work better than they do. The other issue as nhope mentioned is durability. I have yet to find anything that has lasted. This sticking with a company until they get it "right" gets pretty old fast. I have many other products that lasted indefinitely. How long has your current watch & chest strap lasted? Is there another similar model that has the functions you want? I appreciate having all the data in one place but what good is it if it's not even close to accurate or the product itself doesn't last?
I treated myself to the Fitbit Versa after having a Polar forever. It sucks! Sorry for being so blunt but it has had grossly inaccurate HR readings since day 1. I've read everything I can find, watched youtube clips etc just to make sure I was wearing it correctly and using it correctly. I wore my Polar (w/ chest strap) on 1 wrist and the Versa on the other. I did Cathe's "All out low impact hiit" the other day, my heart was pounding. My Polar read 168, Versa 120. Today was Kickboxing....occasionally I looked at both watches to see what's going on. (Plus I would literally put my hand on my chest and count beats.) Polar was always accurate, Versa was not. It seems to have the same reading during the warm up, but after that....ppppffftt. I mean C'mon!!! I'm doing tough workouts and my HR is up there but the Versa doesn't seem to think so. I'm DONE!! I'm staying w/ Polar. Yes, I'm disgruntled!!
I have the Fitbit One, which unfortunately has been discontinued, and a Series 2 Apple watch. I love both of them. I use my Apple watch a lot throughout the day and usually run the battery down, so I need to charge it daily. I do so at night, so I have never done any sleep tracking. As far as accuracy, it is great at monitoring walking, running and biking. Not so great at monitoring my heart rate for any workouts that have a lot of arm movements. There is a high intensity interval training mode that does a decent job of estimating heart rate and calories - might overestimate a bit. If I put it on the open goal mode it underestimates my heart rate and calories by quite a bit. I work at a school and have to mute my cell phone. The Apple watch lets me know when I get any calls or messages, which is great! It is also wonderful for setting reminders.

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