Apple Cider Vinegar


A few months ago, one of the ladies in the office brought in a gallon of Bragg's Organic Apple Cider vinegar. We've been doing daily "shots" for quite a while! :D


I've tried it straight, but much prefer it diluted. Has anyone tried Vitacost's store brand? It says it's organic with the 'mother' like Bragg's. One reviewer said it was just as good. I was learning towards trying it because you can get free shipping for $25 if it's their store brand.


It just depends on your body chemistry. I prefer my lemon/honey/pepper drink. I got a rash with the ACV. That doesn't mean its not for somebody else though, so I do not want to dissuade someone else from trying it. It is supposed to help with H Pylori if you have an issue.


Elsie ~ I have not tried Vitacost's ACV, but I am willing to bet it is just fine. I bought their tart cherry juice and use several of their supplements. I have no complaints regarding the quality of their products. You can really save some money over the long term when you buy from them vs. buying from your grocery store. Plus, the stuff gets delivered to your front door! :p HTH :)

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