Anyone NOT counting calories?


I'm so tired of counting calories!!! I want to lose about 15 pounds but I feel so restricted; it's not like I eat horribly either. For the most part, I do eat very clean (I might have a jell-o for dessert or something like that), and I eat around 1900 cals a day, but I find myself constantly thinking about food and counting the minutes to my next meal. I feel like the habit of counting calories has made me obsessed with food but at the same time, I'm afraid if I stop then I will gain weight and never reach my goal. GRRRRRRRRRR!

Has anyone been successful at losing weight while NOT counting cals? I'd love to hear your advice.


I have stopped counting calories. I would love to lose about 5lbs, but I got tired of food being the center of my life. I now just try to move as much as possible. I do cardio daily and weights 3 times a week. The thing I have changed is I used to think that after my workout that I didn't need to be active the rest of the day because I just burned x amount of calories, but I realize the body needs to be active throughout the day. I now will walk in the evening or jump on the elliptical for a half hour after dinner. I think for awhile I decided that since I did my hour of exercise that I was done. Does that make sense? I eat mostly healthy, but I also enjoy junk too. I love food too much to give count every bite.



I haven't counted calories for years. When I did, I was obessive about it and it threw me into eating disorder mode. Even just writing down what I eat is dangerous for me. I know it's cliche but I try to eat when I'm hungry and stop when I'm satisfied. I didn't really have weight to lose, but I did lose body fat after I stopped being obsessive about food/calories. It's quite freeing.:)


It just doesn't work for me. I mean, eating fewer calories works, but when I tried to plan for a certain number and plan meals around it, it never really worked and I became a little obsessive, bingey, and diety. I had to master eating intuitively instead. It's better for me, I think.


I don't count calories or journal my food, etc. I also can't get in nearly as many workouts as I would like but I am maintaining a perfect weight for me. I had no choice at the time and I finally stopped feeling the constant guilt. I now eat when I am hungry, stop when I am full and look and feel better than ever. Unfortunately I still have a soda habit (12 oz a day) but I had to give up the insanity of counting and tracking and worrying. It is very liberating. Good luck.


I don't count calories and I never have.
I do, however, pay attention to getting a balance of foods, and not have too many high-fat foods.


I could have posted this! I'm just like meliffy. I've been really trying to ease up on myself. I HIGHLY recommend the book Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch. Its AMAZING. It really hits home and I know that you would benefit from it. I'm still learning to eat intuitively but I think i'm slowly makeing progress. I feel as though i'm a human calorie counter. I've been counting for so many years that i know the cals in practically everything. I'm so sick of it. Food, cals, when and what to eat have literally taken over my thoughts and have taken the fun right out of life. Its a struggle but it can be reversed. They have a website too The support forum is great. Know your not alone though. For whatever reason I have a hard time listening to my natural hunger cues. I won't eat even if my stomach is growling b/c the clock doesn't say its time yet or I will eat becasue the clock says its time to even if i'm not hungry. Its so annoying.


I've never had weight to lose, so maybe I don't qualify to comment, but I've never counted a calorie in my life.

Maybe there's somthing to be said for not counting calories!
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I started out journaling and counting calories using Lose It for my iPhone. As soon as I became comfortable with my portion sizes and eating clean, I stopped. This was probably 6 months or so ago and I'm doing fine! I do get on the scale every morning just to keep tabs. I'm one of those who, as soon as I quit weighing, I'll start gaining and not notice or admit it until it's too late! It doesn't make me an obsessive, I just know how I am.

I feel freer not having to take the time to do all that! I think the important things to remember are to eat healthy and know your portion sizes! One more thing, if you get hungry between meals, add a low calorie, high satisfaction food as a snack. It works for me! I eat five times a day and my energy and appetite stay level!


i don't count calories when it comes to my normal meals as long as i am eating something good. i keep an eye on portions but not actual calories.

when it comes to treats or cheat meals i do try be aware b/c i don't want to blow a whole week or day by eating two days worth of calories on one piece of cake or something. i just look at counts/serving sizes and adjust to what i would feel comfortable with.

believe it or not i am reading a susan powter book :eek: that says if you are eating whole, real,nutrient rich foods there is no need to count anything. i agree with this. i do watch the other stuff, i do moderation on what i cook with, condiments IF i use any(i am learning to live without that stuff).

i have tried to count calories but it did me no good, i either couldn't keep up or i became so obsessed i would get mad at myself and take it out on everybody. or if somebody did something nice like make me a cake i would get mad. worrying so much about it made me actually worse. i am just going with the flow. i am trying to focus on newer goals and let weight loss work itself out.

I tried counting calories by using FitDay. My OCD really made this not a good option for me. As many have said, I became obsessive and would feel guilty if I ate even a small handful of cereal. I felt like I was a horrible person if I didn't log it. So, I would and then feel like a total lunatic for logging 1/8 of a portion of cereal. Who does that?!!?! Well, I did!

Now, since I do know what a portion size is and I tend to eat the same foods I did when I was logging them into FitDay, I just take that approach. Keep it as natural as possible. Try to eat a protein with a carb or some fat at every meal. I've found that I'm a much happier person. For someone that has OCD, I don't find that obsessive calorie counting is a good idea.

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