Anyone have Ryka Assist XT 2?


LOL, no I don't work for RYKA, but wish I did. Then maybe I could get a discount.

I am the same way....I must wear each shoe a few times and try them with my workout. I don't know where you live, but if you have access to Zappos, that is how I tried the majority of shoes. The ones I couldn't find in a local store I ordered on Zappos. Also, Famous Footwear has Ryka and if you live near a store, they will ship it to the store for free for you. I don't know what their return policy is and haven't used that option, but may in the future.

Zappos is so easy to use if you are able. Free shipping both ways, one year return policy. A little more expensive, but worth it for me to really try the shoes on for an extended period of time.


You can return them even after you've worn them?! That's a biggie! Most places don't want to know you if you wore them for 5 minutes! I didn't know that Famous footwear had them. I' ll deff have to check that out. I'm usually an Asics fan. They have a nice amount of cushion in the heal, sometimes Saucony too but I really want to try the Ryka. I' ll have to print your review and bring it with me!;). Thanks again!


As long as the shoes are in new condition (in other words, don't wear them outside) and you keep the box, you can return them. You need to return them in good enough condition so that they can resell them.

Back when I ran, I loved Asics and had them for years. Also liked New Balance. It was hard finding a shoe that let me do all my Cathe workouts without discomfort. I need a wide toe box, good lateral support, just the right amount of cushion and light weight. I found it in the assist xt 2 and they discontinued them!

Good luck - let us know if you find another pair that works for you or if any of these do.

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