Anyone else having a problem with ....wetness?

I'm 14.5 weeks pregnant now and I'm happy to say that I've been able to maintain my workouts so far. In addition to this site, the "Exercising Through Your Pregnancy Book" has really helped to ease my mind quite a bit. My problem now is I guess I'm doing such a great job keeping myself hydrated before, during and after my workouts that I'm wetting myself DURING my workouts. When this first happened, I wasn't sure if it was sweat, urine or amniotic fluid that was giving me this feeling of dampness. I went to the doctor right away and I was relieved to hear there's no problem w/ the pregnancy. Just an overfilled bladder. I need to do a better job of spacing out my water intake I guess. How do you gals manage?



Hi Sue,

What a story! Good for you and your great "hydration status." I am glad that it wasn't amniotic fluid leaking.

Are you still doing high impact in your workouts? When do you notice the dampness? Are you working out with your kegels contracted? That will really help - especially if you are still doing high inpact. Let me know.


Thanks for your reply Sheila. I've been keeping my step workouts pretty low impact. I've modified the really high impact moves, and I've been using my step without risers.

As far as strength work goes, I'm using 10# dumbells for lat rows and French presses, 8# dumbells for squats, plies, dead lifts, militaries and biceps, and 5# dumbells for lunges, dips, triceps and delts. I make a conscious effort to keep the kegels contracted most of the time and I've been feeling really good during and after my workouts.

I think what made the dampness more noticeable was the fact that I workout with the ceiling fan on. So while my skin stays dry, the area "down there" feels moist by comparison. Also, guzzling 24 oz. of water right before an exercise session requires frequent bathroom trips (duh!). I'll modify the water intake and see if that makes a difference. Thanks!

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