Any ex-runners?


Just looking for some company right now! Race season is gearing up and I'm feeling "left in the dust" but sort of okay with it. Without boring details - I had a good 12+ years of running with 2 half marathons before I had to hang it up. Months of physical therapy, prolotherapy and denial finally made me realize this winter my running days are over. I have significant scoliosis so it's not like it's just my choice. I'm on day 45 of Ultimate Yogi to embrace a new, kinder challenge and I love it. But hearing about people increasing their mileage/pace readying for spring/summer races kind of makes me feel like a quitter (and yes, I do miss it but the pain isn't worth it).

Somebody out there tell me they too had a good stint at running but had to hang up their shoes due to things beyond their control. I always "trained smart" because I didn't want to become an ex-runner but alas, my body had other plans.


fyi - I've been doing searches on Youtube for Sh!t Runners say just to make me feel better :)
Hi Jen! I know how you feel even though I am an ex-ex runner. In other words I gave it up for similar reasons but then decided to get back in the game. When I was 25 I had a car accident and broke my neck. I had been very active and very symmetrical before my injury. I was paralyzed from the accident but regained movement slowly and inconsistently over the next year. That was in 1981. My recovery was a miracle but I was left with some neurological deficiencies that made me seem or feel awkward in movement -particularity running and anything with fast foot movement.., I got back into the gym as soon as I could and spent my 30s and 40s working out to video tapes and classes at the gym. Every time I would run and train for a race I felt like the odd man out. Now, I am 57. A few years ago I decided to use it or lose it and started training the Galloway method for a half marathon-which I did finish. I am still a terrible runner but I really don't care anymore. I just enjoy the training, the planning, new running shoes and clothes and the whole thing!
I also used to run. I thought I was training smart. I joined a running clinic. I did a few half marathons. I injured my back (bulging disk) and it took a long time to heal. I even saw a neurologist who advised me not to run anymore. After I recovered, I started low impact training. I now do high impact and it doesn't seem to bother me. I miss running and when people talk about their training I wish I could run again. Somedays I feel tempted to go for a little run but I resist. I am thankful for what I am able to do. I just don't want to end up injured again. Instead I go for a walk and do a workout video.
I ran through my teens an twenties.

I stopped through early parenting and grad school. I tried again in my forties, but I constantly got injured: hip pain, patella tendonitis....

So, I started powerwalking. Haven't looked back!

I get the same benefits: I get to be outside, seeing the world, seeing the people, in the sunshine, Vit D production going on, fresh air, and I listen to my tunes, off in a world of my own and it heals all wounds and helps me deal with life. I can't wait, every year, for the MI weather to warm up enough to let me outside --about now actually!-- so I can start up again and I continue until November.

I do my 12 miles course, about 3 times per week for cardio. It also builds good abs/core, just as running does, and runners grin at me as they dash past. I do feel envious when they do this, wishing my pace were faster, but I walk faster than anyone I know, so, what the hell!!!

I do go to the gym, occasionally, to fitness run on the treadmill and, as long as I keep it occasional, I don;t get injured, but as soon as I start doing it regularly again, it's just a matter of time because pains start coming in....

Never mind: there are so many ways to be active in this world, we each just have to find something we love and go with it. While I still have use of my legs, I will step, jump, powerwalk, weight train, squat, HiiT, etc.

I still subscribe to runnersworld magazine though: masochist?!?!?! Stubborn?!?

Jen, I'm sorry you had to quit running. I've been running for 40 years and really can't imagine not being able to. Running has gotten me through some serious stuff in my life, and it's part of my daily routine.

I wanted to make an observation. This is just based on what I've noticed from talking to runners and being on several running message boards. It seems like the runners that end having to quit as they get older, are the ones that run half marathons and marathons. I have never run more than 10 miles at one time, and I only did that once. My usual distance is 4 miles, and I run that almost every day. The races I run are 5Ks and 10Ks. I think keeping my distance lower for each run, has contributed to my longevity in running. Of course, there's nothing scientific about my theory, but it does seem to be the case more often than not.

I'm not suggesting that you start running again.... just offering a perspective on why many runners end up having to quit. And of course this doesn't apply to everyone, but I sure have noticed a corelation.
I always swore I would keep my weekly mileage under 25 - which I mostly did. Just set the goal of running a half before I turned 40. Then I did one more and it was over about 6 months later. PT even did a gait analysis. Basically my spine curves significantly coming out of my pelvis and it's just too much on my body. Three kids probably didn't help any!! Tried running for a couple weeks back in January and all of the shooting pain came back so I've had to make peace with it. Clare - I'm in MI too and at times I'll wear my Bayshore Half shirt when I'm out walking. It's like my way of telling all those runners who pass me I could do it too :) And the cute running clothes ... my favorite. It was such an empowering feeling just going through the ritual of gearing up, lacing up, putting on my road ID ... is there a recovery web site for ex runners? HAHA
I started running at 14 and had to give it up at 41 do to ankle overuse. I'm one of those that don't have knee or back issues. Its all do to my own ankle foot anatomy that just couldn't keep up. The orthopedic doc said no high impact never again or I would do more damage.

I gained weight and felt like crap when I stop running. I found Turbo Fire and then Cathe. I have a new happy. I put in high intensity junky workouts like Afterburn and rocking music like my running days. I get in a hour of sweat. I throw in some low hiit 15 or 20 min before a weight workout. I've found ways to get my running high (not exactly the same) but it is working for me.

I also just got a spin bike which is so much fun. I'm meet a lady at my dentist that does mountain biking. She has invited me to try it but to be honest I'm not ready for that kind of intense biking. My quads still scream doing Petal Power. :D Its funny when I ran my calves were always burning and with biking its my quads.

I hope you find a happy substitute for your running. I totally understand giving up something you love.

I did after 3 years try some short 2 mile interval run/jog. It was fun to be in the wind a bit again. I just do those on occasion. I basically just keep low impact. I would of totally not followed doctors orders for low impact if I were younger but my older self realizes I need to keep wear and tear of my body if I want to be keep an active lifestyle into my retirement years.
Just looking for some company right now! I'm on day 45 of Ultimate Yogi to embrace a new, kinder challenge and I love it.


you're in good company! In MI too!!!

So, tel me about your UY journey, 45 days in: how goes it? What changes do you notice? I have this series and intended to start, but still haven't managed to convince myself yoga is for me. Maybe it's the ex-runner in me that always wants to be doing something more high octane?

Interesting topic. I have been thinking the same thing. I caught the running bug about 3yrs years ago starting with a 5k several 1/2's and finally a full marathon. After the marathon I just wasn't really as motivated anymore and felt burnt out. I don't have a physical limitation but more so mental, plus running seems harder on my knees now. The longer winter and colder days haven't helped either. I do miss the great friends I made and the thrill. I was all about running and lost quite a bit of weight so my non runner friends and coworkers still ask me if I'm doing the next upcoming race when they see me. I'm looking to get into road biking instead. I also just started doing UY which I learned about from the forum.
Clare - getting ready to start day 47. The fact I've managed to do yoga every day for 47 days speaks a lot fo the series. My only other yoga had been Cathe. She's the only one I could stand. I'll give you a rather random list of my experience so far.

The breathing was extremely hard for me in the beginning. Then, after about 2 weeks - sorry if this is TMI - I started blowing large pieces of hard junk out of my nose. After two weeks of that my sinuses are clearer then they've ever been. I didn't even know they were that bad. Every week the sessions seem to get sweatier - I think that's because I'm "getting" it more each time. I've had to eat my words - yoga is definitely not a joke or an easy workout. Even after 2 rounds of STS I can tell you I've never done a workout that required such complete mental focus and concentration. I have a new appreciation why it's called a yoga practice. There are such fine details and movements it's something I don't think you ever really master. Running trashed my hips and my balance is a joke - I love and hate Travis for making me realize that. The first 2 weeks I actually fell out of some poses because Travis would say something or make weird noises and I couldn't stop myself from laughing. Now I'm so focused don't even notice. And he's actually quite funny. Basically - I love it. I feel it's exactly what my body needs (balance, flexibility, strength) and I get into middle age. I now understand why it's important. If you have any specific questions let me know :)

And so everyone knows - I don't hate running. It's great and there are people who can run into old age. My last half it was all I could do to pass the 70+ year old in front of me!! But I just had to realize it didn't fit my body anymore. :(
I used to run a lot, about 10 half marathons, 1 full marathon, many 5ks and absolutely loved it and couldn't wait to get on the road. 2 years ago (at age 45) I was ramping up my mileage for a half and got PF and Achilles tendonitis! It stopped me cold! It was like my body said enough and guess what? I'm Ok with it! My motto is "I love my DVDs" I always did videos, the FIRM, Cathe along with the running but now I have branched out to different workouts, such as Dreambody (my fave!!!!) I get a much better full body workout from these than I did with running I think. I miss running a little, but now I walk almost everyday along with my a.m. DVD workout and if I want to jog, I do. When I see people running or races I think "yeah, been there, done that".
I want to workout for the rest of my life and feel good everyday, so I can workout everyday!

just wanted to let you know that I thought your response and narrative of your yoga experience was very honest and also inspiring. This might yet get me to the mat!


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