Not arriving there this year, but in a previous year, I actually took the Septa from 30th Street Station to PHL and then Rapid Rover from the airport. Saved some money since Rapid Rover from Amtrak to New Jersey. I haven't priced it this year, but it is an option for you.
The Septa is a train that runs between AMTRAK and the airport. If I remember right, once I got off the Amtrak, I had to find the ticket counter for the Septa which was down a short hallway at one end of the station. I think the Septa runs between the airport about every 1/2 hour. Not sure if that is 24 hours a day or not.

You might find more info on their website
SEPTA | Welcome To SEPTA | Philadelphia International Airport
Thanks for this info. It's almost twice as much to take RR from the train station. I didnt realize that. If I can figure it out im going to the airport. Thanks!!!!
Thanks for the tip. It was easy to catch the Septa over to the airport. I thought it was worth the savings. I didn't have to do it on the way back though. I found someone who needed to go back to the train station so we were able to reserve the RR together and get a discounted rate. The ride to the Amtrak station was the same amount of time as the ride form the airport so I am not sure why they charge $28 from the airport and $62 from the Amtrak station. We were able to pay $74 for the two of us so that was great going back!
Glad it worked out. And thanks for the info on the shared ride price. Good to know for the future to try to arrange to meet someone and travel together.

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