Alpha Omega Check-In (2/9/09)

Good morning!

"Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied" (Matthew 5:6). That's especially for you, Iris! ;)

Iris, I was so happy for you and excited to read your post yesterday! Isn't God amazing!? Thanks for sharing part of your Pastor's sermon, I actually went and read Zechariah 4 because of it. I read some commentaries on Zechariah 4:6: "Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,' says the LORD of hosts", and they were similar in meaning to the commentaries I read on Psalm 46:10 "Be still and know that I am God". I am hearing a re-ocurring theme from the Lord and His Word about surrender to Him, my powerlessness to do things on my own, and His Sovereignty. It's clear He is moving in your life too!! That is great! Thank you for sharing, it was truly encouaging!

Karen, I'm glad your sister had an awesome experience at her retreat! Did you have a nice dinner with her last night? You have to give us the scoop on her experience!

Jennifer, welcome to the group! I'm glad you stopped by to say hello and hope to see you post some more!

Heather, sounds like you are having a great experience with STS! It's good that you're listening to your body too and getting more sleep when needed! I find that when I lift heavy (which isn't too often), I eat and sleep so much more! How cool that you had a nutritionist speak at your church! It is so important to take care of our "temples" so we can continue our work for the Lord! :)

Today my workout is Shred plus some form of Cathe cardio. I will post more specifics later. I pray that all have a blessed and wonderful day!
Quick check in, but I have to comment on the Scripture: Our pastor used that exact Scripture for his message last night. God must really want me to hunger for Him right now!

I am off to start STS and print out my WO card for Disc 1. Have a great day, all!
Okay ladies. Let's talk music. Anyone got any great Christian bands/artist that you just love? I am always looking for new music.

My shoulder injury from Friday is still feeling good, but I decided no KBs for me this week. Just too much swinging that weight around and I thought slow and controlled would be wiser. I decided on a week of Amy's Slo Mo Challenge doin the three full body premixes. But don't you know, last night I am taking my purse off, it's a backback style, and when I pull the right arm back pain shoots down the outside of the shoulder and starts aching. Friday the front of the shoulder, last night the outside. What is up with that shoulder?????
Shoulder felt okay this morning so I proceeded as planned , with caution.
Let me just add I love these workouts. Many of the exercises are so different.

[FONT=&quot]Total Body Challenge 1: warm up from leg

I think the rep count for most of these was eight, but could be wrong on some, so the first number represents how many sets at that weight.

Jefferson squats done on alternating sides
1 - 35
2 - 30 ***The toes in and out on this are killer***

Hammy rockers
1 - 20's
1 - 15's ***need a strong low back for these***

Lying row on ball
2 - 25's
1 - 20's ***felt this a lot in back of shoulder, ?***

Shoulder press on Ball with barbell
2 - 35# ***Nothing different here, but was reall cautious with this one***

Bicep Bonfire
2 - 15's
1 - 12's ***This hit the biceps like nothing I have ever done before, the name says it all:eek:****

French curls w/ DB (aka schullcrushers)
3 - 35# ***found the 35# DB hard to hold in the horizonital position:confused:****

That is all that was scheduled, but felt like the chest was neglected so I added the following:
Decline Bench Press
2 - 65# ***Now this is where I felt Friday's injury in the front on my shoulder. Could not bring the elbow past chest level, so I basically worked the top half of the move***

Then did a 12 minutes cardio blast of 6 intervals at a 30/60 ratio. Burned 493 calories.[/FONT]
Linda, I LOVE Christian music!! I will list some of my absolute favorites and most inspiring as they come to mind:

1. Casting Crowns: Praise you in this Storm; The Voice of Truth; East to West

2. Newsong: Can't Keep a Good Man Down; Arise my Love; When Love Broke Through; Your Favorite Name is Father

3. Chris Tomlin: Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone); Better is one Day; How Can I Keep from Singing; Here I am to Worship; Idescribable; How Great is our God; You are my King

4. Mark Schultz: He will carry me (this is one of my all time favorites!!! :) )

5. Third Day: Cry out to Jesus; Mountain of God

I also love pretty much anything Michael W. Smith and so much more!!

WOW, you did skull crushers with 35 lbs?? You are strong!! I remember taking a full body weight class at the gym and I could only handle my 5lb plates on the bar, lol.

Iris, I think you asked about which Bible to consider? I can tell you from experience that I have the "New Inductive Study Bible", the New American Standard Version. The idea behind the Inductive Study Bible is to study the word and uncover the meaning of scriptures for yourself (through the Holy Spirit), rather than relying on commentaries that may or may not be accurate. There are methods to use for inductive study that is explained. I'm not saying it's easy and I definitely had to get used to it, but I am enjoying digging deeper into the word just by using cross references and my concordance. I am not against commentaries at all though, I still use them myself. The Bible does tell us to "test everything" and to examine the scriptures to see if what you are being told or are reading lines up with God's word (see Acts 17:11). So if you prefer, I know there are study Bibles out there that include commentaries, I'm just not sure which ones may be the best. Maybe the others can comment.

Becca, I'm so happy to hear the scripture of the day reinforced what you heard from your Pastor at church! That's the second time that happened here, praise God! :)

I never got to my w/o at all today :( I ended up being so hungry before that I ate HALF a D'Giorno pizza myself!!! Yes, HALF. (insert *GAG*!) I never do that and it's really grossing me out to even think about right now because of how bad it made me feel! Needless to say, I was on the couch with a SEVERE belly ache for quite sometime after that! Ah well, there's always tomorrow to work out hard!! :p

God bless!
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Hello Ladies,

Christine, I forgot to mention also that even the solo hymn sung in church yesterday, was the song "Be still & Know that I am God". Can you believe it? I was in awe of the whole service. It never ceases to amaze me how the Lord can touch soo many people all at once. I know the theme of the whole service felt like it all applied to me, and yet I know there were many people who received the same message, and felt the same comfort I felt. That is soo awesome.

I actually ended up buying a new NIV Bible - "The Power of a Praying Woman" with Stormie Omartian and I also picked up an inexpensive paperback "Amplified" bible. I think the Amplified will help me in my studies. I was leaning toward the Joyce Meyer NIV, but didn't get it. Who would have thought purchasing a bible could be soo difficult. I love the online store "". They have great prices and ship super quickly.

Linda, I love all of the singers Christine mentioned, and also, one of my favorite singers is "Jeremy Camp". I recently bought his latest CD - "Speaking Louder than Before". That is a great CD. I love Jeremy Camp's music. I also like Vineyard Music - Darlene Zschech and Hillsong. I love Christian music.

On to my workout today. I took a class at the gym - "30/30". It was a fun class. The instructor set the class up bootcamp style today. She had several stations set up and everyone had a partner. One station you tossed an 8 Lb. med. ball to your partner, squatting as low as you could go, another station was a football drill, another was a step with 3 risers, and you stepped up and down with a 4Lb. medicine ball in hand, another was speeder skates, another was fast feet on a step and the last station was inner thigh work using tubes. She had us do kickboxing drills as a warmup an after the first circuit. The last 2nd 30 minutes of the class, we used weights for total body conditioning and finished off with ab work. I thought the instructor did a great job of putting such variety into the class. Especially considering the room is kind of small.

Tomorrow's class is kickboxing. I've already told my family not to expect me home right after work. It's my BD, and they will be looking for me to get home so we can eat some cake. Between a couple of my co-workers taking me out to lunch tomorrow, and then cake at home, I really need to get in a good workout, lol.

Hello Becca, Heather, Karen and anyone I may have missed :) Good night ladies.
Hello all!

I completed disc 1 of STS.! It was a challenge! Felt really good though. I am excited for the next disc on Wednesday. I am going to go back to my couch to 5K rotation tomorrow. I took last week off since I wasn't feeling very well. I am back with a vengeance now! :)

Iris, Happy Birthday Eve! :) Enjoy a little well earned cake tomorrow. That WO you did today sounds like a lot of fun! I know what you mean about buying a Bible. I think God drew me to the last Bible I bought because I was looking over a whole bunch, debating back and forth about which version, which study Bible, hardback or soft cover, and right at my eye level was this BEAUTIFUL pink and green (my two favorite colors) Amplified Bible. I fell in love with it just on looks alone and it has been my favorite Bible since. My son (when he was 3) wrote "MOM" on the back of it (so I would know it was mine. ;) ) and he wrote it upside down. So when I carry it around, it looks like it says "WOW". It is affectionately reffered to as the WOW Bible. :)

Christine, I know that "UGH" feeling you are describing about the pizza. :( It's so frustrating because we KNOW we should do better. I hope your tummy feels better and you get a fabulous WO in tomorrow!

Linda, I love Christian Music, but my favorite right now is Todd Agnew. My DH sang his song Grace Like Rain in church one Sunday. That song is just beautiful! Great workout today! Be easy on that shoulder.

Hello to Heather, Lynn, Karen, and anyone else I may have missed.

Have a blessed evening!:)

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