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Hi Cathe ... and anyone else who is in the know about this subject.
I turned 61 this past August and have been able to keep up with the monthly Cathe Rotations until this past year.
I've downloaded and used Cathe's Monthly rotations faithfully since "hector was a pup". Ok, since I found Cathe in 2002.:cool:
But ... this past year I've been needing more than just one rest day a week than what is scheduled and I have added more yoga days if I feel run down. Now my "monthly rotation" is more like a month and a half.
I've just finished the August 2014 rotation and I feel whooped before starting Septembers. Am I heading down a slippery slope of denial? :eek:
Any science on taking an active recovery week at my age after doing a monthly workout.? Would that help with the run down feeling trying to keep up the the scheduled workouts?
The STS 3 1/2 moth rotation demanded an active recovery rest week and I found that worked great or is the rest week to be used only if you're building muscle?
Thoughts? I know the science says to continue with rigorous exercise as one moves on in time (Aging ;)) so I want to keep on especially with my Cathe workouts but with awareness and knowledge.
Cathe, my 17 year old son in now doing your STS program for an online Guided Fitness class for High School and he loves STS but the first week with Meso 1 he comes back to me with "Mom ... these are hard!". He's also doing the extended stretch which I'm very happy about and he wants to do more of the Core work that you have. He likes the MMA workouts that have the Guys in the class. Good on you GF!
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the adaptation you are already doing makes perfect sense to me and I think Cathe would encourage you to continue with it. Where is it written that rotations must be completed within the week or month? Extend each week to a 9-10 day rotation week, continue to extend each workout month that Cathe delineates as month-and-a-half rotations: why not?

You need extra rest days and more flexibility work because your body is demanding it. If you are going to continue with Cathe's level of intensity, you need to give your body that blend of alternating hard work days, active recovery days (yoga, barre, pilates, walking) and complete rest days (stretching, housework and gardening, etc).

All that has to change is the mindset: "I don't need to and cannot handle working out like a 24 year old, I'm going to push for my own limits on my own terms and enjoy myself." I think yu already have a great mindset: carry on!

So, maybe on Monday you do, say, Afterburn. Then on Tuesday you do an hour of yoga, then on Weds you do STS Total Body, then maybe Low Impact Step on Thurs, then a day off on Friday, then maybe Cardio supersets or total body trisets and some yoga on Sat and another day off on Sunday. You get cardio, you get weights, you get flexibility work and days of recovery. Sounds ideal to me.

You don't need to workout like anybody else. Do what feels right and enjoy yourself. Stay healthy, stay active, stay flexible and don't get injured!




Hi Maddiesmum,

Thank for your feedback. I don't know the science behind "masters" workouts but stretching the week and extending the month but keeping the listed workouts with added flexibility and rest days has been my journey this past year. I love the balance and variety of Cathe's posted rotations but just can't keep up the intensity as they are written. Especially the workouts that are extra long like Body Max 2 or Drill Max but I don't want to drop them. I like the challenge.

You are right about "don't get injured". It takes too darn long to heal.:eek:

Cathe posts workouts that I'm sure I wouldn't pick if I was making a rotation for myself. As I'm sitting here typing my behind has a bit of DOMS high up in a certain targeted spot thanks to yesterdays September rotation. Great Glutes was first up.

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