Account active but can’t watch live


It’s happening again! When I try to pull up a live workout it shows that I’m logged in but if I select a workout it tells me I need to purchase a subscription. It shows that my account expired in Dec. That’s when I did a 7 day free trial to do a workout. (I only did the trial so I could do a Live class. My subscription ends in March.)

My account should be active until March. Plus all my favorites are gone again. Did I somehow create 2 accounts? Why is this happening. I’ve logged out, deleted the app, etc. I’m really not sure why this keeps happening. Please help.


Staff member
That probably means you have two accounts and you're logging into the wrong account. Chances are you created one account when you signed up for the free trial and another when you purchased your subscription. If you can't remember your log in info you would need to contact customer service at for further assistance.

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