I saw a post about how someone thought the hiit exercises were tough...I agree but I am able to do them. BUT some of Cathe' s ab exercises kill me. I just can't do them. Anyone else?


Which exercises? I know I have a hard time with the knees/toes/lie back sit ups but that's because they hurt my tailbone (I know I could add more padding but if I have an excuse why not use it LOL?). Some of the moves with the gliding discs are also tough (the pike in particular). I can't think of anything else right now but I normally don't like dwelling on ab exercises.... :)


For me, one of the hardest ab exercises is the one where you lie flat on your back with your legs straight, one arm pointed to the ceiling and the other bent with your elbow touching the ground, then you slowly crunch up trying to touch the ceiling with one hand while keeping the bent elbow locked to the ground. That one almost always make me feel nauseated by the end from the sheer intensity of the move! I love it and I fear it. :)

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