A testament to the effectiveness of Cathe workouts


I recently read how someone wasn't sure about Cathe workouts because there aren't before and after photos. I understand that sort of thing draws people in but I started Cathe in 2008 when I saw her on Fittv and have been an avid Cathlete for years now. I find her workouts to be the best quality and work well for me. I want to share an example as to how effective her workouts are for me.
I have posted a couple of times about taking up rucking (putting weight on your back and essentially moving as fast as you can). I've even mentioned participating in the Husky Ruck Memorial 10k here in Maine (feel free to google this event, it is for an excellent cause). This was my 3rd year doing it and for the second year in a row I received the award for the female heaviest pack. Last year I carried 64 lbs. but this year I did a bigger challenge at 87 lbs.
Of course I had to practice with my pack in order to prepare but beyond that I do Cathe workouts almost exclusively. At the end of the 10k we drop our packs and do an obstacle course. Nothing prepares me for this but all the conditioning from Cathe. This year was something new--flip a tire a short distance--and I decided to try the big tire. Little did I know it weighed 135 pounds but I did it and I think it goes to show how having a well rounded workout regimen can be excellent for your overall fitness. Cathe is the reason I can do this.
And for those of you who are curious, I am 5' 8" 148 lbs so I carried just shy of 60% of my bodyweight, at about a 17 minute pace on some very hilly trails. I'm signed up for next year and want to go faster. I should point out that I never have been to a gym and always workout alone, well, except when I'm with Cathe and her crew!


That's awesome! I started late in life with regular home workouts and when you start with Cathe the bar is already set pretty high. Very few people exercise at the same effort or intensity. It's pretty unusual to see someone stay in the fitness game as long. There are a few. I have other favorites but I can count on one hand the instructors I've had a solid year's worth of workouts or more, Cathe was the first.


What an inspiring post! Thank you for sharing. Good luck with next year's challenge. I'm sure you'll crush it.

I avoid workouts that are promoted using before and after pictures. They are based on distorting the truth and making unrealistic promises. I know people who developed permanent injuries following highly marketed workouts.

I'll stick with Cathe and crew. I also workout at home usually late night right before I go to bed. I decided a while back that I don't miss anything by not going to a gym.

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