A song comes on the radio...


I was waiting in my car for my daughter to finish ballet class when Jessie's Girl comes on the radio. I immediately thought of Body Max 2 and I had the urge to do some stepping! :D:D:D I haven't even done that one in a long time!

This ever happen to anyone else? :D
Too funny! I have a 'Hard Strikes' song that makes we want to do jacks into a punch - could look a little weird if I'm out!!!!
Did any of you see the film 'The Full Monty', where they practise dancing to Hot Chocolate's 'I Believe in Miracles'? The same happens to them in the film, and their toes start tapping when they hear the song.....it's very funny.
I heard Buttercup (from Cardio & Weights) in the grocery store once and started singing while wishing I was at home stepping.
Ah...this is too cute! I just did the same thing in the store. I heard a song and wanted to start skipping! When I hear Jesses girl I think "swing your arms" from BM2. Any psych major will say it's like Pavlov's dogs that were conditioned to eat when they heard a bell....conditioned to the point where they would drool when they heard a bell. Personally I admit that I drooled from fatigue after doing X77. Thank God I was home....alone:eek:
This happens to me all the time. Whenever I hear a song from one of Cathe's DVDs on the radio, I always feel like that's a sign I should be doing that workout that day! Certainly motivational!

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