A little slower for us old folks

vicky in texas

New Member
I have been doing Cathe workouts for years now. As I approach 60, the speed of the workouts is starting to get too fast for me. I want the number of repetitions and the intensity but at a slightly slower pace so that I can keep the beat and keep up without missing out.


I think this would also help people like me with various health issues over the years and now need an extra few seconds to complete the move. Not a snails pace, just a little slower. It's not an issue of modifications, just a slower pace.


I like a slower pace for lifting just cause I want to lift heavy and really like to FEEL it, if you know what I mean. So I support this idea completely! :) I have long limbs (I am lagging behind by around 3/4 reps with arm & chest exercises) and appreciate more time between sets.


Agree! And I don't think this applies just to those who are a older or with health issues. I don't feel like I am in either of those camps but like Elsie and Vkerwin, I want to be able to lift heavy with good form and go deep. A quicker pace is fine for metabolic workouts or when you are using the weight to up the cardio intensity but even when doing higher reps a slower pace ensures that you get the muscles worked without feeling like you have to make sacrifices in weight, form, or depth which can lead to ineffective muscle usage or possible injuries.


I get all of these comments, but I feel like that if Cathe goes at a certain pace, it is the "ideal" pace for that particular exercise and something to aspire to. If I can't keep up, I just work at my own pace with the particular weight I am at and ignore the pace of the DVD until I can work at her pace. At that point I increase the weight. I have been slow all my life; age has nothing to do with it. I am totally used to making very good use of her excellent chaptering to backup to the beginning of an exercise when I have fallen behind. I know that I am slower than the average person doing her workouts when it comes to strength, so realistically, it would be impractical for her to make a DVD just to cater to the low end of the bell curve.


Ditto on Vicki - I've got every one of Cathe's workouts (even those first step videos) and have been doing them since time immemorial! I love you Cathe!

But as I'm almost 60 my body just doesn't go as fast and I'm much more aware of high impact - too much of that in my youth has killed my knees - (youth shouldn't be pounding their joints either.) Fit Split = ouch! Thank you Cathe for being aware that there are many types of exercisers who want to work with you.

Lucia A

I agree with the knees difficulties.
My doc said I have arthritis in my knee(and I'm only 61) and to lay OFF the Lunges, squats and Leg presses.
So I went online and got ideas for replacement moves. Hard to do when "every" Cathe workout is filled with them beginning to end. Especially standing leg work.

Lynne S

I could use slightly slower motions. Being tall, it's often hard to do a full range of motion as fast as shorter ladies can do them. I can do it, but it doesn't feel natural.

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