A Huge Group Hug To Our Daytona Cathletes!!!


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I could say that I can’t believe how fast the weekend went, but they all seem to fly by don’t they?! Not only did you bring your fiercest Cathlete energy, but you also brought in the sunshine! The forecast was looking like gloom and doom, but we ended up with bright sunny days and beautiful warm nights!

We “kicked off” Friday with a ROCKIN’ kickbox class that literally melted our hearts (helllooooo humidity!) lol... Way to crush it with those heart pumping drills and combos! We even had time for a few requests. Thanks for those ice breakers Jodi (wink!). Melissa, Jessie, Amanda, Nicole, Lisa and Jenn also joined me on stage for some quick combos. Each and every Cathlete gave their absolute all and I was so happy that the Roadtrip started with such incredible energy!

Friday night, after our ocean view dinner and pictures, we headed back to the fitness room to get ready for a well earned and much needed stretch class. We made every attempt to “show our teeth” with our glow in the dark fangs and although we couldn’t quite get there (darn safety lighting) it certainly was fun with all the cool Halloween sound effects DJ Neal surprised us with and all of our cell phones out charging our fangs! This will most definitely be added to my list of favorite roadtrip memories. Before heading to back to our rooms for the night, we made our way outside for one last Q & A gathering.

Saturday started bright and early with a group shot on the beach and then quickly shifted gears to a jam packed day with "Fit Tower" Legs, Mixed Impact HiiT and Metabolic Burn. Whoa, anyone else’s legs still biting back? Weights, plates, tubes, mats, chairs and pure Cathlete muscle! We snuck in a lot of bonus reps didn’t we? Five five five five five, four four four four four...(heeee he he he heeee). Let me also take a moment to give a HUGE shoutout to the guys that signed up for our Daytona Roadtrip. You guys were killin' it each and every workout! Fist bumps in the house!!! We were all ravenous and ready to eat after Saturday's line up!

Speaking of appetites, I truly enjoyed our time out on the pool deck Saturday night eating yummy meals, having great chats, making new friends, taking pictures and dancing the night away. Clearly Cathletes CAN dance! You all tore it up in style as the tunes blasted and the colorful moon rose out over the ocean!

On Sunday we headed out to the beach for our final walk/run and circle of fun. We raced against the rising tide as we bounded, lunged and burpeed our hearts out! That tide got half our circle a little extra salty as we got closer to the end of our workout but we made it right to the end! We finished our trip with a delicious breakfast on the upper pool deck complete with some final hugs, pictures and stories and then we parted ways. Our hearts were happy, but there may have been a bit of goodbye sadness sneaking in as we walked away.

Thank you so very much to all of you for filling my heart with such energy and joy! I can’t wait to see you all again and until then I’ll ... say it with me... "see you next workout"!

*make sure to check out photo's and videos from the Daytona Road Trip on our Facebook Page.


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Thanks again for another amazing road trip! It was especially well done considering the last-minute scramble to find a new location. Everyone's hard work is much appreciated!

Would it be possible to get a version of the group photo with the Road Trip logo at the top, similar to the versions that are made for the Glassboro RT? A number of us like to print them out and display them in our workout rooms. Thanks!
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