A Feel the Burn Series??


I would like something the total opposite of STS, more of a very high rep, low weight "Feel the Burn" series, but still a "shock training" so to speak. Something that leaves you quivering after using 1,3 or 5 lb weights for upper body and no weight or light ankle weights for lower body. Maybe both barre-inspired outer thigh work and floor work both for lower body with glute bridges for glutes etc. Maybe a new dvd set or a separate workout as a split in your new ICE 2? I would want these to be substantial workouts, not 10 minute add-ons. Thanks for your consideration.
Which Jari's in particular? I have a few of her workouts and don't find them as high rep as I'd like. Plus, she's not Cathe :)

I believe jari's earlier dvds like get extremely ripped, get ripped and chiseled, get ripped to the core are very high rep, more so than her current offerings. I used to use these regularly before I found Cathe and then felt relieved that Cathe didn't rep me to death like Jari lol!
“Feel the Burn” could describe why I became addicted to Cathe. She was the first instructor I did that delivered on her promise of a better physique, stronger muscles and so on. She hits those spots like no one else does. Her workouts have that sneaky aspect to them....you’re going along doing your thing then BA BAM!!! You’re sweating, you’re breathing, you’re burning. And for some reason You. Keep. Going. Love it!!
I absolutely love the idea of this series and or something in a similar fashion and I would pre-order in a heart beat. Cathe also has an excellent Fit Tower workout on Cathe Live "Fit Tower Tone and Tighten" and that workout manages to hit all the muscle groups hard in a high rep fashion using just bands and your own body weight. It would be totally awesome if Cathe put out a dvd based on that particular live workout as maybe an optional bonus workout to supplement the rest of the series.

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