A big warm thank you to all of our Disney World Road Trippers

Cathe Friedrich

Words will never describe the emotion that overcomes me when I reflect back on this magical weekend. It’s true, Disney IS the happiest place on earth and we are the happiest Cathletes as a result. By now I imagine most of you have returned home with a memory card full of pictures. Thank goodness for pictures, right? If you are like me, you are probably feeling a little blue since all the excitement of the past weekend had us on such an enormous high. I find myself not wanting to do much else but look at our fun pictures and relive the weekend.

Thinking back I remember the intense energy upon arriving at the hotel. Many Cathletes arrived early and came around to check out where everything was going to take place (and it was so fun to meet the few of you I saw that night). We were all so excited as we checked out the Disney shops, hotel stores and eateries.

Then Friday after registration the first class was Athletic Training. What an amazing experience to be with all of you together under one roof sweating it out (some highly decorated with Mickey clothes and Mickey ears….loved it). You were working hard, and wow, that was even a modified version. Just wait until the DVD gets in your hands. After class, many warm hugs and pictures were taken. Loved your happy faces and bubbly energy. Then we all showered up and headed over to dinner….yummy! I thought the food was amazing all weekend. Healthy and very lightly seasoned. Our final class of the night was Yoga. Ahhhh, felt good to stretch out the nerves that led up to this first day:D I think it hit the spot perfectly. We capped off Friday night with a Q & A and some fun conversation out on the terrace. How about my mother and her outrageous QVC spending habits….lol

Saturday was NON-STOP. From the moment the alarm went off, the day was packed with events. After our early morning group photo (how about that intense sun in our eyes, ouchie), we got underway with our first class, Bootcamp ( you can do anything for a minute), followed by Cardio Core Circuit ( a huffer puffer for sure), followed by lunch (omg, that was sooooo delish) and finally our last class of the day, Lower Body Blast (did somebody say DIXIE CUPS???). Next up, Cycle Max auditions. I tried so hard to make all of you relax and I hope I succeeded. A big high five to our participants. Thanks for your effort and enthusiasm. You all did a wonderful job and I’m so proud of you.

Sunday morning we all crawled out of bed. Ok, maybe not crawled, more like FELL out of bed, as we made our way out the door for our final step class before Mickey arrived to see the kids. It was a little shorter and a little kinder to the body since we were all feeling a bit of DOMS creeping in now. After class all the kids and parents came into the room with big wide eyes waiting for the most famous mouse in the world to arrive. Suddenly out of the opposite corner of the room, Mickey and Minnie came running in and greeted us with a warm hugs, kisses, and pictures. The kids were soooooo excited. Way too precious!!! My eyes watered as I tried so hard to keep it together. It’s pretty special watching a child’s face light up as they meet Mickey. After Mickey left we all enjoyed a fitness class with the kids. Mickey and Minnie were supposed to join us but they were on a tight schedule and we took a little longer getting our photo’s (which was definitely more important to the kids :) ). Was that a fun time or what? I was impressed with how nicely your kids followed right along. Their jacks and push ups were amazing too. I can see they work out right along with you at home. After class we earned ourselves a huge delicious breakfast and boy did that taste good!. The weekend workouts were completed and lot’s of refueling was going on with that meal. YUM!

After breakfast we were all free to go off and do whatever we wanted until Monday night dinner and fireworks show. Many went to the theme parks with their families and some stayed by the pool at the resort. Monday night came so fast as we loaded the buses to eat our final healthy and very tasty dinner before boarding the bus to Epcot for our dessert party. We were all escorted through the park (stay between the red lights everyone, ha) and arrived to a spectacular waterside view of the park. We enjoyed a delicious spread of desserts before the fireworks show started. Then everyone looked into the sky with complete amazement as boom after boom went off. The show was choreographed to a beautifully synchronized display of bright light, big booms and bursting energy. The finale was something words can’t describe. It was rapid, loud and intense, filled with color, clarity, and emotion. In fact it left everyone speechless as they sat there in complete amazement when that last round of thundering fireworks set off. Now that’s what I call a GRAND FINALE!!!! A goosebump moment for sure. After the show we were free to go to Epcot park or go back on the bus to the resort.

I want to do the whole weekend over again. I can’t believe its already been a week ago that I was packed and waiting for my Thursday morning flight.

Thank you to each and every one of you for coming and sharing your families with me. Your families are precious! The love and support they give you is so very sweet. You, your kids and husbands all had huge smiles on your faces all weekend and that made me feel so good. Thank you, too, for your lovely notes and kind words of appreciation. It touches me deeply and I want you to know that you all inspire me every day.

I’d also like to thank Cyndi, our behind the scenes photographer who never tires of capturing our smiles. So cute to hear her say “One, two three….” I adore you Cyn. Thank you also to every single one of the staff members at CathedotCom. Your endless hours of planning both behind the scenes and at the resort were greatly appreciated and the reason why everything went so smoothly. I love you all!

And now, in closing, I will leave you with the same energy we shared at the roadtrip fireworks dinner. Are you ready? On the count of three ……one….two….three….



Cathe - THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!! I will never forget my first road trip, now I know why there are repeat attendees. A weekend just wasn't enough!! I had so much fun working out with you, chatting with you, getting to know you...you are absolutely amazing, genuine and sincere....the real deal!!! There is a reason why you are loved by so many even after putting us through such grueling and strenuous workouts. We can still put a smile on our faces and look forward to seeing you at our "next workout". I cannot wait for the new workouts, they are going to be amazing! Thanks for coming into our homes and giving us all the gift of fitness and health. Please keep doing what you are doing...because no one does it better than you!!! I'll see you in Glassboro and I'll see you next workout!!


It's so hard to put this past weekend into words... there is just no way to truly express the kind of emotional attachment that comes out of a Roadtrip. We all joke about the "roadtrip blues" but anyone who has had them knows how very real the sadness is when it all ends! There is something so beautiful about being surrounded by people who share common interests, goals, major excitement about you (Cathe) and all that you do to keep us strong, motivated and above all...sincerely happy! :D

The pictures are a total riot! between, the mouse ears and genuine smiles, a few "oh my" grimaces, me taking bites out of multiple desserts (Cyn- did we really need photo evidence of this?!!) and all of the happy, sweaty, and semi-crazy cathletes, we were clearly in our glory down there in Orlando!

When I arrived on Thursday I decided to take a walk outside- got stuck in a rain storm and took off running for the closest door. Hit the main lobby and who was there- our superstar- Cathe just arriving :) So, I got my first roadtrip hug and my weekend excitement took off! Now skip to Tuesday morning. I got up early to go check my luggage and get my boarding pass for my trip home and who did I run into? Our superstar- Cathe heading off with her suitcase :) So I got my final roadtrip hug and left with a very happy heart :) Everything in between, well, let's just say it's a big blur of magic and I hope that I remember it all forever! ;)

Thank You Cathe! You're a total ROCKSTAR!!
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Just reading this gave ME goosebumps and I wasn’t even there! What a few, fun-filled days you all had. It’s great Cathe that you got to meet so many Cathe fan’s, family members. How fun! Everything sounds amazing as usual…the classes, food, fun activities (cute, cute to have Mickey & Minnie and also a kid’s class.) I have NO doubt you all DID ROCK DISNEY!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!


What a wonderful recap of the weekend - except how can we forget the lights going out - twice! - during chair pose Friday night? I think it's official - that's the first time I've ever laughed so hard during chair!

And you put me very much at ease during the spinning tryout. I had such a blast, I cannot WAIT for the DVD! Well, really, any of the DVDs, but especially that one and Athletic Training :D



ahhhaaa, oh yeah! That was great! Somehow I don't think Dark Yoga is really gonna take off :p


Dark Yoga

I was impressed that people didn't "cheat" and let go of the pose when the lights went out...;)


Thank you Cathe for another fabulous weekend. I didnt get to go to the fireworks because I left Monday morning and give you a hug but I'm sure I will see you again. I also wanted to thank my 2 1/2 roomates Tanya, Lyn and Jen it was so much fun meeting and rooming with ya'll. These road trips are always so much fun, meeting people from as far away as Washington State like Tracey and Katie (thanks again for the jr mints Tracey that was so nice of you) I also loved seeing the Daytona RT group like Bev, Laura, Kristen and Amanda and having a little reunion. Hope to see everyone again soon


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A little late, but I want to say a great big thanks as well. These road trips do not look easy to organize and pull-off even in the best of circumstances, and this particular venue must have meant that there were a few extra hoops to jump through. Kudos to the whole staff and crew for making it happen -- your efforts were both noticed and appreciated. It was a truly memorable experience for me.

p.s. This was the first time I have been so close to fireworks that I had to arch backwards in order to see the high ones. If I didn't know better, I would think it was part of a certain someone's evil plan to sneak in some ab work!

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