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Hello everyone,

First of all, let tell you that I am very happy and excited about my pregnancy!!! I have been planning it ever since my first baby was born. He is now 2 yrs old. Anyway...my question is I'm only 6 weeks pregnant and I have been feeling hungry all the time. Has anybody felt this way during their pregnancies? I don't remember feeling like this with my first... I try to eat small amounts of foods through out the day but doesn't seem to be enough. My eating habits before I got pregnant were the same...I don't know what's going on! On top of that, I feel tired all the time and haven't been able to exercise like I used to :( any advice, answers, or insights will be appreciated...Thank you!

Myriet :D
Myriet, congrats on your pregnancy! I'm more than 11 weeks pregnant with my first, and we're very excited too! I can't give you any advice about being hungry all the time. Honestly I'm jealous of your healthy appetite. As soon as I hit 6 weeks I started feeling nauseous all day long. Thankfully I haven't actually thrown up, but even the thought of food sends my stomach into a downward spiral. Did you have "morning sickness" with your first baby, or you one of the lucky ones who avoid it?

As far as being tired all the time, I can DEFINITELY relate to that! I need 10 hours of sleep each night now to feel rested (not that I ever get that much). From everything I've read, being tired all the time is completely normal. Naps are good if you can squeeze them in--which may be tough since you are also caring for a 2 year old. At night, I find it helpful to get into my PJs as early as possible (like 7pm!) and then lay on the couch or lay in bed reading a relaxing guilty-pleasure fiction book. DH and I used to catch up on our TV watching at night, but I found that the flashing lights and noises from the TV made it really hard for me to relax. I've also had to readjust my workouts to later in the day since I just don't have enough energy for them early in the morning anymore. This has helped me keep up with my workouts. I just make sure to push the pause button whenever I need to and I take lots of water breaks. My goal right now is to maintain my fitness, not to push anything to the extreme. (I also made sure to get the green light from my doctor to keep working out.)

HTH. Good luck with your pregnancy! :)


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Lisa, first of all, congratulations on your first pregnancy!! :) and second, thank you taking the time to reply to my post and for your advice! I actually found out that the prenatal vitamins I'm taking make me really hungry...I talked to my Dr. and he said that it happens to some women. I decided to take my vitamins at night and I am eating small amounts of food during the day.

I didn't have any morning sickness with my first baby. I remember that everything ran smooothly, unfortunately I cannot say the same about this pregnancy. Lately, I've been feeling exactly that way you are...even the thought of food makes me sick. The doctor told me though, that eating smaller meals should help with the nausea. He also said that I shouldn't go without eating something for long periods of time because the nausea gets worse.
As far as the exercise goes, I have been going out for walks with my little one...fresh air also helps with the nausea. :) I'm also trying to squeeze in some naps every now and then and I definitely go to sleep a lot earlier than I used to! I am glad you are doing the same with sleeping...there are many sleepless nights coming our way. Sleep now that you can!:)

Good Luck on your pregnancy as well!


Myriet: congrats on your pregnancy. All I can say is I was always hungry and always tired with all four of my pregnancies. They were all healthy births, but it was a struggle for me with food and fatigue. I gained at least 40 pounds with each ( lost it usually) and with the last two all I seem to remember doing is laying on the sofa in the afternoons. Normal stuff!:)


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Thanks Tralaiven for your insights :). I gained about 25lbs during my first pregnancy and I am afraid that I can gain more during this one...It worries me that I may not lose all the weight after this baby is born. How can you manage to squeeze exercise with four precious children? I am afraid I will not be able to do it :(. I guess determination does play a big role!!!
Thanks again...


Myriet and Lisa, congratulations! Just wanted to post some encouragement. I have had 3 x 40 lb pregnancies. I actually ended up 5-10 lb below the weight I was before my first pregnancy.

I feel fortunate that now we are being told that short workouts are good. I started aiming for 2 x10 minute workouts daily in the early months after delivery. Even at that level the results were encouraging, and seemed to fit in between naps and chores. So getting back into a routine happened gradually.

I just found out we are expecting #4 next summer, so we'll see how my optimism holds throughout this pregnancy.

Best wishes!

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