6 Monthers, STS


I have not done a thing during this week off. I am looking forward to getting back to sts tomorrow!! I am pumped finally ( i think) to do this thing. I am watching STBX eating his waffles and I just can't stand it anymore. When is he going to leave???????????? It is so hard to stay motivated when he is still living here becasue it is so hard to move forward.


I'm telling you.....KILL HIM WITH KINDNESS! lol OK, I know it's hard. So I'm not making fun of you NOR your situation. I truly feel for you. I'm sending you cyber hugs, as you get ready to embark on another day.....and the NEXT MESO, baby!!!!!! We're here for you! :D:D:D:D:D

Real quick post, because I want to get a few things done early so I can just chill! I got SOOOOOOOOOO much done yesterday and I want to keep the momentum going. I want to install window covers on the basement sash windows, vaccuum and mop the house, and MAYBE dust, since the windows are all open.

Had the scare of my LIFE while doing disc 19 this morning. Just as I was starting the Tricep section, there was a LOUD CRASH upstairs. I knew immediately it was DS...yes, DS with the broken foot. I RAN upstairs with my younger DS SCREAMING for me. Found older DS on the floor on his knees, hunched over with his head on the CERAMIC TILE FLOOR in the foyer. He fell down the steps coming down. ACK! Scared the crap out of me. He wasn't wide awake yet and he was stunned, so it took a while to figure out he caught his 'boot' on the carpeted steps as he was 'bumping' down (on his butt) to come downstairs. He THINKS he flipped head over tin-cup and has a bump on the back of his head. YEAH.....my adrenaline was pumping. We iced it and........................I went back downstairs to finish my workout. lol You can INTERRUPT my workout, but you can't STOP IT! LOL He's fine now, thank God!

SO.....disc 19, chest, shoulders, triceps plus the Extended Stretch. I'm starting to feel like Gumby with how flexible I'm getting. I think that stretch is making a HUGE difference. Shoulders today nearly KILLED me!!!! The Double Wave Loading in this workout is AWESOME, but the SHOULDERS.....MAN!

OK.....I want to go do those windows before I shower and before it gets too hot. We're expecting 90 today. Kim, sorry, what's YOUR temp today? :p


OH....planned menu:

M1: MetRx protein pancakes (finishing this mix off before I make homemade protein pancakes)
M2: 3 egg whites, 1/2 grapefruit
M3: salad spring mix, 4 oz grilled chicken, grape tomatoes, balsamic vinegar
M4: apple and 2 lie string cheese
M5: tilapia, "fried" cabbage, small baked sweet pot
M6: BSN protein shake (unless I find something SMALL to make for this 'meal')



Hi Guys,

Julie, cyber hugs from here too! Hang in there! And have fun starting meso 2!

Gayle, I'm so glad your son is ok! Boy, that would have scared me half to death too! Poor guy, can't he catch a break?:( Did he hurt his foot more in the process? I hope not!
Tell me about that 'fried cabbage' you have on your menu! You made me curious!
No spring cleaning here. I have selective vision and think my house is looking just fine...:eek:

Chrissy, I made your pancakes for breakfast! YUM! The whole family loved them. my son even said he wanted only these kinds of pancakes from here on in!:) I served them with fresh Strawberries and blueberries. Too bad I didn't make two batches, we only have 1.5 pancakes left from the one batch LOL!
Thanks for sharing the recipe!

Restday for me

m1 protein pancakes and strawberries and blueberries
m2 berries, yoghurt, oatmeal and flaxseed
m3 big salad with veggies and tuna or chicken
m4 leftover string beans, salmon patty
m5 grilled turkey burgers, veggies, topped with nuts


Just finished disc 17, abs and the extended stretch. It's going to be +9 today, I don't know what that is Fahrenheit. But it's sunny out and DH is out raking some grass.

Gayle Hope your ds just scared himself and did no further damage!

Did as well I could expect with the restaurant that our friends chose, it was a barbq place with a very limited menu. I had the pulled pork with some beans. :rolleyes: No veggies on the menu. It was nice to go out with friends.

Julie Cyber Hugs to you, what is the plan for the two of you?? Is someone moving out soon or do you have to wait until the house sells??



Hi Everyone,
Well so much for my quiet Friday night & Saturday reading and relaxing. Shortly after posting Friday (around 8 p.m.ish) I got hit with a nasty migraine. I have been in bed since then. My migraine medicine (Imitrex) didn't even touch it. So I'm just up for the first time. Yesterday was my scheduled rest day but not the way I wanted to "rest!" Anyway, I'm hoping to get some food in me and maybe can do my workout later today and catch up with everyone.

Julie, Oh...I feel for you and hope you get some relief soon from your situation!

Gayle, BOYS! I guess you didn't need another jolt today did you? :eek:

Kim, I think 9 is about 50 f so you're almost having heatwave after what you've been having!

Cendrine, I had wanted to make those pancakes this weekend too! Maybe next week. Glad they were good. If I'm feeling well enough I had planned to go to the store today to get the ingredients to make your curry.

Talk to you all later.


Hi everyone.
Today was my rest day so I was not supposed to do anything but when I went to print out the workout cards for week 2 meso 2 I noticed I needed to do a few 1rm...So I banged them out this afternoon. Not too many but I wanted to get them in before I did my workout cards. Other than that it has been one lazy day with nothing going on here but a little grocery shopping.

Gayle I am with you on the grocery shopping. I thought I was the only one that has cravings to go to the grocery store.:eek: I just like looking for new products and new foods. Weirdo, I know. I am sorry about your son. But it does not sound too major since you got to go back to your workout. :D

Julie I am sorry if this is a stupid question but what is STBX. I am not always with it when it comes to the abbreviations.:eek:

Jo poor Jo...All you wanted was a nice relaxing weekend and something had to come and muck it up. That is always my luck. I have not ever had a migrane before but my MIL suffers from them and I am afraid my dh might be developing them. Right now he just has mini headaches (thats how I refer to them) but the are quiet frequent. I hope you feel better and I hope you were able to get your workout in.

Hope yall are havin' a relaxing weekend.



Sorry for the double post but I was wondering about something and thought I would forget if I waited...With all the gains I feel like I am making with sts strength and all of you to, I was wondering what kind of endurance gains we might expect from sts cardio. Isn't it supposed to be set up in an endurance building way? Kind of like sts strength but in a cardio fromat. I was just wondering if anyone has any insight.



Jo, I'm so sorry to hear about your migraine! I hope you are well enough to do your workout! You will enjoy those pancakes, when you get around to makig them. Let me know how the curry turned out!

Mary, how did you do at the bonfire?

Kim, glad to hear the weather is getting nicer! Your meal last night sounds nice, I can't believe they had no veggies on the menu! But beans are yummy any time!

Rachel, I had some 1rm for meso 2 week 2 to do as well... I'm doing disk 16 tomorrow.

I don't know about the sts cardio, I just know it's going to kick my butt!!!



It's been a very busy day!! I finally have a few minutes to play catchup. The really great news is that I survived the entire weekend with no cheats (YEAH, YEAH, YEAH). I am stoked! The dinner with mom and dad was really fun, and I was pretty tired when they left. I really didn't want to go to the after party, but we had committed and felt we needed to make an appearance. The bonfire was cancelled because major storms moved in later in the day, so the party was moved indoors and of course there were lots of munchies and dips and junk. I avoided all temptations!!! At the party I was told by a "friend" that I wasn't fun any more because I wasn't eating or drinking with them. My DH tells me to bite my tongue, but I have a hard time with that :confused:. I'm finding that it's just easier to remove myself from those situations!! The even better news is that I'm not going to wake up Monday morning feeling like all my hard work from the week before was in vain. MAY 9TH HERE WE COME....

Gayle-I can just imagine how fast your heart was racing after hearing that loud crash. I am so glad DS was not seriously injured! I hope next week is much more calm for you. I've printed out my workout cards and ready to take on week 1 of MESO 2. My DH installed a pullup bar for me, and the sad news is that I can't even do 1 piddly pullup! WHAT'S UP WITH THAT??? I can do about 5 -1/2 pullups, so I guess there's no place to go but up (literally)

Cendrine-Hope you enjoyed your rest day! I was going to try your banana treat for the bonfire, but because of the weather, I will hold off until the next fire. It's sounds delicious! I can just imagine what my friends will say when they see me roasting a banana, but that's their problem. They see me standing firm with my goal, and that's a bit intimidating for them.

Kim-Glad you had fun with your friends. Maybe next time they will let you pick the restaurant!! Has all of your snow melted yet? It sounds like it's close if DH is out raking the grass. Enjoy your nice weather!!

Jo-Those blasted headaches!!!! I found out recently that DS hasn't been eating a very healthy lunch at school, so halfway through track practice he's been getting those really bad headaches where he comes home and goes right to bed for about 3 hours. I think his headaches kick in because he's not fueling his body properly and then he has to run 3-4 miles at practice. I'm packing his lunches now, and giving him nuts & protein bars to eat before practice and that has really helped him. I hope you have a speedy recovery!!!

Chrissy-I also made your oatmeal pancakes this morning. I ate one with some Naturally More Peanut Butter on it, and froze the others to heat in the toaster as Gayle suggested. They are very good and I will always try to have a batch on hand. Thanks for the suggestion!! I must make mine larger than yours, because I was only able to make about 12 in 1 batch :eek:

Rachel-I also had to test for a few exercises that I had missed on my workout card. I squeaked those few out this morning, and am all set up and ready to start with MESO 2 for tomorrow morning. I have preordered STS Cardio, but I haven't been keeping up with the STS Cardio Forum as to how the dvd format will be laid out. I'm sure others will have more info for you! STBX stands for "Soon to be X-husband"!

Julie-I feel so sorry that you have to live in the same house with STBX. Do you think your house will sell quickly? Did you ever get your before pictures taken?? I can't wait to hear your reviews about MESO 2!! Don't let STBX take away your motivation, STAY StRONG!!!

HI to everybody else that posts tonight. I have lots to do yet before going to bed, so I am signing off for the night.



Rachel- SBTX- soon to be ex.

I hate grocery shopping. I avoid it as much as possible. They have something here called peapod with Stop and Shop. You order food online, pick a delivery day and they deliver it. (i tried to get them to put it away too but it didn't go over well:confused:) It costs anywhere from $4-7 for delivery depending on the time of day. I love it. Then I just pick up a few things here or there.
WTG on the weekend eating. Keep it up.

Jo-sorry to hear about your migraines. Glad you are feeling better. Were you able to get your workout in?

Kim- BBQ- that is tough but it sound yummy. I cant believe they had no veggies!

Cendrine- I'm glad you liked the pancakes. I usually make a dbl batch if I know the kids are having them with me.

Gayle-your son must have given you quite a scare. Glad he is okay. It was close to 90 here today too. I loved it. My husband took the top off my jeep today. I love riding around with my top off- the jeep's top not mine:eek:-LOL

Julie- I feel for you. It must be so uncomfortable with him there. I hope for a speedy resolution. I think you should plan a weekend getaway? He can stay with the kids, right or you can take them? Is your family still in NY? We can meet for lunch.

I did chest, shoulders and triceps today. I am not enjoying the chest workout. i feel like I can't go to failure without a spotter. Twice today I couldn't rack the bar. Fortunately it is not heavy enough that it would crush me laying on my chest.
I also ran the 5k. I was a little annoyed because I have issues with impact and peeing (if you know what I mean) I had to stop after about 2.5 miles and walk because I was literally peeing in my pants-:eek:. What annoyed me even more is that I would have had a personal best time. I finished the race in 34 minutes and that was with walking the last 1/2 mile. Now I am looking for another race for next weekend to see what kind of time I can get. I need to "prepare" better next time. (like wear a pad) Sorry if this offends anyone or is too graphic-:confused:
Have a great night everyone


mary- way to go on staying clean this weekend. That is awesome. That sucks that friends would say that to you. But good for you, standing your ground.

Glad to hear you enjoyed the pancakes.



Chrissy, I'm LOL at your 'wet issues' in today's run. lol Sorry, but I am. Try to go potty RIGHT before the starting gun goes. Great job, though...and sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do! LOL I'm getting the itch to run some races again. My PF is much better now that my weight is coming down again and I've just got the URGE to run/race!

Jo, sorry about your migraine. How are you feeling now, and did you get that workout in???

Mary, you ROCKED it this weekend, girl! I'm so very proud of you! Did you hear me whispering in your ear last night? LOL And I'm just sad that a "friend" says you're no fun just because you choose not to eat junk and drink alcohol. Like making UNhealthy choices for YOU is fun to them.

Rachel, I'm stoked for STS cardio and it should be here just in time for my timing of my 2nd STS rotation. I"m not sure what to expect, but I LOVE the way Cathe is planning on putting all varieties of workouts in the cardio program! All that cross training is SURE to improve our stamina and endurance.

Kim, HEAT WAVE, hugh? LOL How is DS' ankle???

Cendrine, DS did not hurt his foot....he had his boot on, thank goodness. He took a pretty bad hit to the head, though, and has a headache tonight. I love checking out your menu.....blueberries with those pancakes. YUMMY!!!

OK......it's been a real quiet day here. After all that work I got done yesterday, all I felt like doing was vegging OUT today!!! Clean eats all around, even at about 7pm after dinner, when I got the urge to munch....BUT DIDN'T!!!!!

Somebody asked about the 'fried' cabbage and about my salsa chicken wraps. When I was growing up, my mom used to make Fried Cabbage and Noodles......she'd fry shredded cabbage in oil and toss with cooked pasta. I make it healthy just by using cooking spray and leaving the lid on the pot to sort of steam the cabbage with its own moisture. And I don't serve it with pasta....just by itself and I LOVE IT! For Salsa Chicken Wraps, I put a few chicken breasts (3 or 4) in a crockpot and put some jarred salsa on top (about half a jar). I cook it on low heat for about 6 hours and then shred the chicken, put it back in the crockpot with the juice and salsa liquids and mix. Then I put a serving on low-carb whole wheat tortillas (Tam-X-ico brand), roll it up tucking the sides in and under, and wrap in plastic wrap. Then I either eat it cold (if in a hurry or on the road) or heat in the microwave for 30 seconds on high and YUMMY! I just made 6 of these today and plan on eating these as my M1 instead of the shake.

OK.....I'm watching The Amazing Race and relaxing before heading to bed. I'm up in the air what cardio I want to do tomorrow morning....it's between a run, or Kick Max (the low impact KB premix). We'll see what I feel like in the AM.

Finally, I just realized that May 9th...our Clean Eating Challenge, is the day of DS' First Communion. What a way to celebrate when we hit the mark, hugh???

Good night!



Hey guys
Sounds like everyone finished out the weekend pretty solid...I did really good until this afternoon when I cracked and had 2 coffee cups of raison bran:eek: I don't know what happened, it's all a carb overloaded fog now. But instead of blowing off the rest of the night (which I almost did) I thought of you guys and having to tell you and then I grilled the chicken and peppers and onions and ate that instead of more cereal. I am going to have to quit buying cereal. I think it is my nemisis and in this case it is not good to keep your enemies closer:p But thanks to yall I did better this weekend then I have done in a long time and for that I thank you.

Cendrine I am doing disc 16 on tues. and am looking forward to a new one. I am glad I am not the only one that had to test more 1rm. I was questioning how I missed them but I guess since a few other people did too, I don't feel so bad.

Chrissy No offense here, You will never offend me with bodily function talk. I am the girl on vacation that is obssessed with being regular ( TMI if you know what I mean) and everyone we are with probably knows:eek:
As far as grocery shopping goes, if we lived in town where they delivered I would do that in a heart beat for the regular everyday have to haves but everynow and again I would have to get my fix.
Congrats on the race. It sounds like you are getting stronger.

Mary Sorry the bonfire was a bust. I know the feeling when everyone is making a big deal out of what you are or are not eating. It really stinks that people just can not be happy for you in your decision to be healthy. But congratulations to not giving in to just shut them up!:p

Julie I do not know how I missed that one (STBX). I can not imagine how hard it must be for you. My MIL was in a similar situation. But she works with her STBX so they are trying to maintain some kind of civilness between them. I hope your situation is barable<---sorry about the spelling.

One more rant before I go.
How come when you do go to the grocery store and you scome up on a new thing and you think wow this is interesting. A new popcorn called "smart food" Looked very inticing. One flavor was almond cranberry. another chocolate pecan or something like that. So I grabbed the box to check out the ingredients. I think the first 3 ing. were some sort of sugar. I do not believe popcorn was listed till 5th. The smart thing was to throw it back at the shelf and run the other way. And never look back. But how can they get away with calling themselves smart food.?

That is my grocery store rant!
A good reason to stay out of the grocery store, Chrissy;)


Hello Again Everyone!

Thank you for your well wishes! I am almost back to normal…I still have a residual headache but am medicated! This was a weird headache as I thought it was nearly gone around the time I posted this morning and then it came back. So I was back to bed for a few hours. The good news is I DID get my workout in (after my last round in bed). So goodbye to Disc 16! :p

Gayle, the fried cabbage sounds delicious! I have great memories of dishes like this my dad would make – like fried cabbage and onions! Cabbage is not something we have often (except when DH fixes corned beef) but I always enjoy eating it! So you are now on the downhill slide of Meso 2! How was Disc 19? You menu today looked pretty tasty!

Cendrine, your food today looked pretty delicious! Mine was pathetic yesterday since I couldn’t eat (but no cheats - just couldn't eat!) and then tonight I did something new: ready, wait for it….I made tempuh tacos (only with multi grain wraps)! My first time! I didn’t feel well enough to go get curry ingredients, but I had bought this tempuh the other day as you had peaked my interest. Nobody knew they weren’t eating meat! HA! And, I didn’t have a lot of energy and it took me all of 10 minutes! That was the first time I ever had it and it was pretty good!

Kim, if I was you I probably would have had the same – pulled pork and beans. I hate going to restaurants where you have nothing healthy! How are you feeling about the 2nd week of workouts for Meso 2? Did you get to enjoy your nice weather today?

Rachel, good for finishing your 1RM’s! Don’t you all agree the 1 RM’s were necessary for our improvements? I’m so glad I did them. I have read other people who don’t think they are necessary and I feel it’s one of the reasons I’ve been able to push myself so hard! I was craving to go to the grocery store today too – in fact I just wanted to get out! But will have to do that tomorrow night. I think we’ll make a lot of gains with the cardio. Cathe is very calculating in planning these STS programs so I’m sure she has a major plan for kicking things up. Plus, I know she wants the STS programs to compliment each other. Glad you were inspired to have grilled chicken! See we are all a good influence on each other! :eek::cool:

Mary, BLEH to your friend that made that comment to you! Some people sure have a hard time supporting their “friends” when they dare to be different! I know DH and I are big supporters of people making changes in their lives, especially when they are positive. I would remove myself from the situation as well. And, yes, you’ll feel great tomorrow knowing you stuck to your guns with your program rather then feeling guilty for having blown off a solid week of clean eating! And, you’d feel even worse if you felt you had been guilted into having a drink when it wasn’t what you wanted to do! YOU GO GIRL!!! CLEAN EATERS UNITE!!!!

Chrissy, I really struggled with the chest presses as well wishing I had a spotter (DH had run an errand when I was doing the workout). I had planned to have him help me and forgot before I got started. I am ROTFLMAO about your potty problem. No, I’m not laughing AT YOU, WITH YOU! I ran in a St Patties Day 5K a few years back and had the same problem! I was able to run the whole way, having peed just a tiche, ran through the finish line and straight to the honey bucket! And, I did set a PR but I think it was because I had to go so bad! I believe my need came out of excitement as I had peed right before the race. After that I figured out how much to have before the race and drank along the way and was okay.

Okay, you can tell I'm better...I've rambled on and on....have a great week!!!


Rachel, I meant to also comment about the popcorn. DH used to get that and I made him STOP and read the ingredients!! So good for you for putting it back! Smart CHOICE! :D


Hi again,

Jo, I'm so glad you're back among the living! Sorry you were so bad off you couldn't eat! but I'm happy to hear the tempeh tacos went over well, what a fun way to have it! I have to try that!

Rachel, you did great snapping out of the carb overload. I used to be the person who would just plain give up if I slipped turning one cheat into days or weeks of cheats. way to go on choosing to get right back on the wagon! I think considering this is your first weekend trying not to get off the wagon, you did very well! I'll let you know how I fared on disk 16, since you will be doing it the day after me...:)

Gayle, the cabbage sounds similar to something I make, except I mix and steam it with onions and either lean ground turkey or lean ground beef. It is yummy! I'm inspired by you making m1 s ahead of time! Not inspired enough to do it too this week, but I just might make a huge batch of those pancakes next weekend so I can live off of them for my breakfasts the rest of the week and skip the powder.

Mary- High fives- High fives! You did so great! Good for you for not letting yourself be guilted into joining the party on other people's terms! You are going to see results for this too!

I don't know what it is with people sometimes. They seem to think they know just how skinny or not you should be and just how healthy or not you are, even though they don't. It really helps me to have a group of people like you to have for support when people around me tell me their opinions.... People in my life have taken it on themselves since I was a girl, to tell me if I was allowed to lose weight or not. I'm really sick of it, and I am in the best shape of my life both exercise and eating wise, not thanks to all them. So bring it on! We can do it! Sorry for that rant...:eek: Where did that come from? Must have been simmering on the back burner...:eek:

Chrissy, nice work on your run! LOL about the 'issues' :) The pad is not a bad idea...

Talk to you all tomorrow!

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