Good morning, FINE YOUNG WOMEN of 6 MONTH STS!


It's the weekend and the sun is shining and forecast here in PA is 70 degrees! INCREDIBLE! It was gorgeous yesterday, and it's more of the same today!
Personals first:

Jo-with your inspiration, I’m putting Cardio Fusion on my schedule for next week. WTG on that workout! It’s been a while since I’ve done it also and it IS KILLER! AWESOME, girl!

Maggie-by the time STS is over for us, we’ll have forearms of STEEL! LOL I’m with you on that too. I’m excited for you that the men in your life want to do STS. How cool is that??? But I think unless you want to spend an arm and a leg, my dear, you may have to SHARE your stuff! Lol Continue to take care of that ankle/foot. My PF is hurting a bit this morning, but I had a tough run yesterday morning plus the long walk in town for errands, so I can understand it….I’ll baby it today a bit (after I mow the lawn, lol).

Cendrine-I’m at the point where I’m not listening to any program, anybody or anything OTHER THAN MY BODY! I did Body For Life which allowed a one-day-a-week cheat. I did Weight Watchers which gave extra points for whatever food I wanted. I’m tired of following a program and am trying to grasp the ability to EAT NORMALLY, if there IS such a thing. But I have to tell you…..it’s WORKING because my weight is down another 1 ¼ # this morning. I’m just pushing off a cheat meal one day at a time. If I don’t fell like a cheat meal today, then I’ll wait till tomorrow. If I don’t feel like it tomorrow, I’ll wait another day. It’s been 3 WEEKS! LOL
Today is my rest day, but it will be active anyway. I didn't cut the lawn yesterday, so I'll be doing it today. Older DS hurt his foot at baseball last night, so I may be taking him for x-rays this AM. Younger DS has his First Communion Retreat today and my mom is going with him. Then tonight it's Bunco with the girls (if I can find a sitter for my boys).

DS's foot.....it's weird. At first I thought they said ankle. He went to jump up for a ball and when he came down, he landed funny and turned his ankle. But it's not his ankle that hurts or is swollen.....it's the middle of the outside of his actual FOOT. There's a swollen bump, almost like what resembles a ganglion, on the middle of this foot, between his pinky toe and his heel...on his FOOT. It's strange and it hurts him badly when he tried to walk. I can push on it and he's fine with some mild pain, so it's not a compound fracture where a bone is shooting out. Strange. So we iced it on and off all night and we'll see how he is today. He's bummed because he is the ULTIMATE ATHLETE and baseball is HIS thing. They have a scrimmage today and his first game Tuesday and he's not happy. So we'll see what happens this AM.

OK......I stepped on the scale and my weight is down another 1.4 pounds. WOO HOO! Just 2.4# away from my second goal and 7.4 till my 3rd goal! Getting there and LOVING IT!


Clean eats for me today. I'm running out of leftovers and fresh clean food, so I'll be making a grocery trip tomorrow. Bunco tonight, I will NOT indulge in any treats at all. I'll take some green tea bags and enjoy the company of 15 girlfriends.

Check back in later sometime!

Sorry I haven't been around much the last couple of days I should have time to catch up after my run, swimming lessons and grocery shop:rolleyes: DD wants me to take her to the Hannah Montana movie sometime today as well.

It's got cooler here, -7 at the moment, heading out for a run with my 3 friends we are supposed to do 6 miles but I have doms from disc 14 so we'll see about that. Kim
good morning everyone. I am in the Catskill mountains and the weather is beautiful. It is gorgeous here. I went for a 1/2 hour walk before breakfast. I was on kitchen duty so I needed to get back and set up the breakfast table and coffee. I saw lots of deer and a turkey on my walk. I was going to run but it is very hilly here and my calves don't do well running on hills.

I got here about 4 pm yesterday and got my massage right away. It was heaven. She told me I have a lot of knots in my shoulders and back. I don't know if its from working out or stress (maybe both). But she worked them out. I did legs yesterday and used heavier weights the 2nd time around and I am not as sore. I am thinking the massage may have helped that.

I am usually not an early riser, I am the last one up in my house. But for some reason I was up at 6am today and ready to go.

Sorry I can't do personals this weekend. Have a great day.
Good Morning! I woke up today and my legs were killing me!! I couldn;t figure out why...thought maybe I am getting the flu or something. Then it hit me, o yeah, I did disc 12 yesterday, no wonder why I can't move!!

I have a couple of issues I am hoping you girls can help me with. First, I preordered sts cardio. However, I am not really coordinated and I am wondering if I am gong to have to follow directios for this. If I do perhaps I should start now trying to learn the Cathe basic steps and such?

Second, a while ago I saw a post with a suat rack tower bar thingamajig that someone ported. It cost around $300. I can't find the post anywhere on the site and no one has responded to my thread under sts asking about it. Do any of you remember seeing what I am talking about?

Today is the first day of my rest week. I am going to try to do cathe's basic step and an ab workout. I got myself some new kicks. I have had my other ones for 5 years so its about time.

Good luck to everyone. I have a ton of house cleaning and organizing to do today.

Hi Maggie and Mary,

Thanks for asking about me! Sorry, I am MIA for the last 3 weeks. April 1 my nose started getting blocked. I went to the doctor and he said I had allergies. He sent me home with allergy medications. That next morning I woke up with green stuff coming down my nose, at that point I knew I didn’t have allergies. I went back to the doctor the same day, this time he took x-rays. Both my sinus cavity’s are completely blocked (this was April 2). I have sinusitis. He gave me antibiotics, nasal decongestants and two different kinds of nasal sprays. I finished all the antibiotics and used a steroid nasal spray for 7 days, that didn’t helped. On April 6, I saw a German ENT doctor (we don’t have an ENT on base). April 6, he had to go in (broke the bone in my nose and flush) all the infection out. Since Monday I am on penicillin and more meds to open my nostril, I saw the ENT doctor twice last week. Last Tuesday he shut some meds up my nose to help me breath, which helped for an hour. I went back Friday he ran some test and still no change since Tuesday. I am so frustrated. He wanted to go in again and flush the infection out, I told him I don’t have the patience to do it again, he strongly advice me to see a dentist. Sometimes an infected tooth or gums can cause sinusitis. He doesn’t understand why the infection isn’t getting any better! Friday after the ENT doctor, I called the dentist here on base. I explained to them what is going on for the last 3 weeks; they ask me to come in right away. They did a lot of x-ray, checked my teeth and gums. I have healthy teeth and gum. He couldn’t find anything, he asks a specialist to come and take a look at my teeth and gums. He couldn’t find anything. Today I am on day 6 with penicillin and still can’t breath through my nose. I haven’t slept longer than 2 hours a night for the last 3 weeks. I am up most the night, because every time I lay down (I have like 4 pillows under my head) I get so blocked. I have a reversal for the ENT University clinic in Regensburg. I will go there on Monday, somebody needs to help me breath through my nose. My DH is coming back from the states today, at least I can relax now and he can help out around the house.

As far as workouts, 2 weeks ago I finished disc 10-12 first round, the second week I got sick. I couldn’t do anything except take the dogs for a walk. Last week would have been my recovery week. My plan was starting Meso 2 next week, looks like I have to put STS on hold for now. I can’t breath or bent over. I just hate to start STS all over again.

Good news, I am losing weight!

Take care,

Oh Belinda! I am so sorry! We've all wondered what happened to you! I have had sinus issues for many years and had sinus surgery about 15 years ago. They had to remove one of my sinus walls. My problem, however was very different than yours, but I truly feel for what you're going through! I hope that they get this resolved for you very soon! Glad to hear from you though!

Gayle, I hope DS foot issue is not serious! The bump might be as a result of a little sprain even if it is in a weird place. Our athletes do not like to be kept DOWN! I hope he's okay! You enjoy your rest day today! And Bunco! I haven't played that in years! I have a friend that has been part of a group (the same group) for over 20 years! HAVE FUN! :D

I decided to go ahead and do Disc 16 today since we're hiking tomorrow. I'm fried, that's all I can say. I can feel my shoulders as I sit here and type.

Chrissy, glad you're enjoying your retreat! I thought about you last night and was hoping you're having a great time! As you see, I started 16 early...you'll LOVE it! :D

Kim, no worries, post when you can. It's always good to hear from you! I think with the weather getting better we all have many other things going on and less time with our computers! I hope you have a great run today!

Julie, I'll go back and relook at the descriptions for STS Cardio, but generally for HIIT Cathe doesn't make it complicated so you're probably alright. Regarding the squat rack, I don't know but here's a couple of threads I found (you probably already did this). These aren't the price range you were talking about, but are these close?



Also, what are kicks? I don't know what you're talking about! :confused: Enjoy your rest week!

Enjoy your day everyone! Happy Saturday to whoever else posts today!

Hi Everybody,

I did Step and HiLo cardio plus pilates abs circuit. I felt really energized today and reall enjoyed the workout! My back is feeling disk 15 and my forearms have doms from all the heavy lifting. My biceps feel it only slightly, but I have doms in my abs from stabilizing to keep good form for all those standing bicep curls and dumbell rows....:)

Jo and Gayle, thanks for the encouragement on passing the cheats. That was the direction I was leaning anyway, but it helps to hear supportive voices sometimes, you know? I think my husband doesn't enjoy his splurges as much when I just sit there and keep him company but don't join in....

Awesome job on the continued weight loss Gayle!

Jo, your schedule adjustment for the hike sounds good. Have fun on your hike!

Belinda, I'm so sorry to hear about your sinus trouble! What a drag! Way to go on still loosing weight though! At least you have one positive thing to enjoy during this ordeal! I do hope you get better quickly though!

Mary, missing your posts, hope you are doing well!

Julie, I don't know what step workouts you are familiar with from Cathe. Have you done any step? I started Cathe's step workouts with cardio and weights, and it was a really good way to get familiarized with her step routines and helped catch on to other ones quicker. But like Jo said, the HIIT will be different and the martial arts as well, so you would only need to know some familiar moves for the acutal step segments.
Sorry, can't help you on the equipment question.

Jo, did you get your calipers yet? How are the working for you?

I'll be busy this weekend, so probably won't be checking in much. Rest day tomorrow and then week 1 meso 2 for the second time! YAY!

Have a great weekend you all!

Oh, Hi Chrissy, your retreat sounds like it started out great! Sounds beautiful, enjoy!

Hi Maggie, Hi Kim! Hi Chrystal!
I tried basic step today.* It takes me forever to catch on.* I wish I could watch Cathe from the back.Jo, Kicks are new sneakers!!!julie
Hey everyone. Sorry I have been missing. Work got really busy for me and I don't have a home computer right now bc mine died so I'm on my iPhone so I read everything and am thinking of you but can't type personals since this keyboard is small. But I did a speed treadmill run on thurs and finished m2 w1 on fri with disc 15. Then I ran a 5k this am and my time was around 28:38 I think woohoo :) so tomorrow is rest day and I'll start w2 Mon

Sounds like you are doing well with so and eating wtg
Boy I don't know why but my 6 mile run with my friends felt hard this morning! I think my legs were sore from legs yesterday and they have been running more than me so are a little faster! I told them to go ahead they finished around 60 mins and I finished just a few minutes over 60 mins. For some reason I ended up sleeping for a couple of hours on the couch this afternoon, I was just so tired.

Gayle WTG on the no cheat meal for 3 weeks!! I have to admit that I've been into the easter chocolate a bit and yesterday DH bought home pizza for supper which I love! Going to buckle down for the rest of the weekend! I'm planning Meso 3 the same as you, alternating leg workouts. We do have a lot of restrictions on travel here! I'm glad that we got to Las Vegas the week before the flood really got bad or we most likely wouldn't have made it. DId you get the xrays taken???? Hope everything goes well and you enjoy you're night out tonight!

Rachael Welcome!!

Chrissy Enjoy your weekend!

Julie How did the basic step go? I think some of the new cardios the HIIT and MMA should be pretty basic choreography.

Belinda Oh my goodness! What a week you have had! I hope they find the source of infection soon!

Jo I'm glad that DH did so well with his colonscopy. WTG on doing Cardio Fusion , I did that one back in January, what a killer workout! Enjoy the hiking tomorrow that sounds like fun.

Cendrine Enjoy Disneyland!!! I giggled at your comment about how you need to feel DOMS now to feel that you have worked out hard enough.

Crystal WTG on the running that's a great time!

Maggie Don't worry about the wt gain, I'm sure it's just some water retention you're doing great with your weight loss! So the ankle seems better!
We live in the Winnipeg which is in the Red River Valley. We are in Canada (on the prairies) about 1 hr north of the Canada/North Dakota border. The exact center of North America is just west of the city :D
I'M BACK :eek::eek::eek:....

Ok, that was way way to long of a break. I need my "6 MONTHERS FIX". Grab a beverage and sit back and relax, I have a lot to talk about!!

FINALLY, IT GET TO SAY IT-WHOOOOHOOOOOOHOOOOO!!!! I AM FINALLY DONE WITH MESO 1 (I am so doing the happy dance right now). I start my rest week today, and my arms are saying Thank You, Thank You. Julie, are you joining me in the Whoohooo's??? I have lots of cardio scheduled for this next week, and I'm really looking forward to switching things up a bit. I love my cardio!!!!

We were going to celebrate DS's Birthday today, but he got invited to a sleepover with a group of boys, and he dropped us like a hot potato!! I was wondering how I was going to pass up the chocolate cake, but not an issue now. DH and I went to the farmers market this morning and picked up some asparagus, tomato's and fresh fruit, then we went to lunch and we both had a very healthy meal. I think my healthy eating approach is starting to wear off on him, especially when he looks at the menu and complains that there's not enough healthy options to select from. He use to be a french fry addict :(:(:(.

It looks like I missed a lot of good updates from everybody these past couple of days, so I apologize if I miss something.

1st let me say "WELCOME RACHEL", glad you are joining us. This is a wonderful forum, with lots of great advise and wonderful encouragement.

Gayle-YEAH on the weight loss and staying on target for the past 3 weeks. I did have a slight set back yesterday and ate a large soft pretzel filled with a little cheese :eek:. Usually that would set me into a full out binge, but surprisingly that was all I needed to get me through my "urge". For me going 2 full weeks with just a pretzel as my cheat is phenomenal (I really love my sweets~~) My DS loves cheescake, so for his actual birthday last week, I picked up 2 slices of cheesecake from the cheesecake factory just down the road from my office. The whole cake looked tempting, but I knew that would have set me up for a major fall. DH and DS each had a piece and I didn't have to worry about blowing it with any extras for myself!

Julie-Just be patient with learning the moves on Cathe's cardio. My first cardio purchase from Cathe was Maximum Intensity Cardio and it took me about 6-7 trys before getting in down, but once I completed the whole workout, I was stoked! I did a lot of pausing and slow mo to learn some of the moves, but it pays off in the end. Hope things are going better with STBX. I think our rest week is coming at the perfect time for both of us!!

Cendrine-I had to really laugh when I heard you talking about the coconut. I have to share my coconut story with you. When my MIL was vacationing in Florida, she picked up a full size coconut as a gift for my DS, and it was decorated like a very ugly pirate (Hopefully you've seen them in gift shops, so you have a visual of it). It had a bandana on it's head, and a bright white smile with a tooth blackened out, and an earring hanging from his fake ear. We have a group of 7 couples that we do things with, and so I started a tradition of passing the coconut onto the couple hosting the party. Depending on the theme of the party, the person passing on the coconut has to dress it for the party theme. This coconut has been put in a wedding dress, made into a leprechaun, a santa, a snowman, a very old man, a new years eve baby, cousin it, and a very unattrative lady. I tried to download some pictures, but wasn't successful. Our coconut has become the hit of every party. I share all the picutres with my MIL and she finds it very humorous that her "gift" is being shared by all our friends. Two of our friends went to Mexico last year and took the coconut with them. They have pictures of him dressed in a sombrero with some very intoxicated people from the bar holding him. Good thing it wasn't confiscated at customs. Boy, if that coconut could only talk ;);)!!

Jo-We are finally getting the nice weather here!! It's been in the 70's the past 2 days, and I've been taking Toby for a lot of walks. I would absolutely love to have a trail like yours close to my home. I'm envious that your trail goes on for miles and miles. That is one of my biggest complaint with living in Michigan is the lack of safe, well-maintained walking trails. We have a lot of lakes for swimming, but fall short in other areas. I am so psyched about starting MESO 2. Your reviews, along with the others, are so exciting for me to read. I am officially working out "full time" from home now, and need just a few more weights to finish my workout area. I'm going to love the extra sleep in the morning

Kim-I haven't posted in a few days and just had a chance to look at the pictures of the flooding. That is unbelievable. Do you have to deal with that kind of flooding every spring? Did you sustain any damage from the floods? Stay Safe!!! I'm surprised you were able to do a leg workout yesterday, then do a 6 mile run today. Then you wonder why you needed to take a 2 hour nap today :p:p!!! YOU GO GIRL....Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

Crystal-I've been MIA also! Things just got away from me this past week, and I was so tired by the time I got home from work, all I could think of was crashing on the couch. Congrat's on the 5K race. Was it a nice day for the event? I've only ran in a few races, but I had a great time! There is a man that is preparing for the 10 mile crim in August that runs down our road quite a bit. What's remarkable about him is that he carries a 5 foot tall POW flag with him when he runs, and the man appears to be about 70 years old. He has run the crim carrying this flag as far back as we can remember. What an inspiration he is to see!! Keep up the great work!

Belinda-I am so sorry to hear about your sinus/nose issue. It sounds as though you are really struggling. I know how I feel when I've been plugged up for a couple of days, and can't imagine the frustration you are going through with this lasting as long as it has. I'm glad DH is back home to help out around the house. I hope your doctor finds a solution to this problem soon. In spite of it all, I'm glad to hear that you are losing weigt
. Post when you can!

Chrissy-A massage and a retreat in the Catskill Mountains sounds wonderful!!! Sometimes it's nice to step away from the day to day and do something a little different. Glad your weekend is going well.

Hi Maggie-It sounds as though the ankle is doing better. Are you able to get in some cardio? I have the kind of body that fluctuates from morning to night with my weight. I tend to stay away from the scale just for that reason. I know the scale works well for most people, but for me it's a mental thing that I have to avoid. My clothes tell me what I need to know!!

Ok, my DH just came home with a movie and is bugging me to come and watch it with him. I will sign off for now (I know, you're saying thank goodness)!! I told you I had a lot to say. Have a great evening and we'll talk soon.

Hi, to everyone that follows!!

Hey guys! I could have sworn I posted an update to you earlier today, but I guess I didn't. I read all your posts (and even ALL of Mary's post, too, lol), but the kids and I are sitting here, relaxing and watching Bedtime Stories (their fave movie right now). So I don't have the chance right now to respond to each of you, sorry!

I spoiled them with some ice cream after a very active and 'interesting' day for both of them. Younger DS's retreat was busy, from what my mom said, but he was so well behaved and cooperative. Older DS's foot IS indeed broken. He's soft-casted for now, but it's starting to bother his foot, so I unwrapped it for a few hours. I figure whatever more damage I do now by unwrapping it can just be fixed when we see the Ortho on Monday afternoon! :) So we'll see on Monday what, if anything besides a regular cast, needs to be done. Keeping my fingers crossed there's no surgery. He's bummed because it's just the beginning of baseball season, but there's nothing any of us can do about that. So.....

I hung out a few loads of wash on the line and then cut the grass. Glad to have THAT done, now tomorrow we can just do WHATEVER we want. I got a nice sunburn on my face and arms! lol And I'm beat. Just tired after DS' x-rays this morning and all that yard work. So I'm signing off here for the night and will chat with ALL of you tomorrow, after my morning workout!!! BRING IT ON!!!

Ready for my repeat week of M2W2 for tomorrow!

Hi ladies--

Did a hike in the Columbia Gorge today with the family. will count it as cardio. I ate really clean today, but weight was up by 2 lbs from my "new low" of Thursday. :mad: The weather here is gorgeous, finally.....ahhhhh....We get a lot of liquid sunshine here in Oregon, so the real stuff is nice:D.

My ankle held up well, so wearing shoes tightly must be the trick for me right now.

We have decided to buy a spinning bike with our tax refund (well part of it anyway), so dh will go and get it tomorrow if the store is open, otherwise Monday--I've wanted to spin for some time now, so I am stoked!

Gayle--I think I'll just buy an extra band and stability ball for the men...I don't mind sharing the weights....good job on the eating. Sorry about ds's foot. That sucks. Ds14 loves wrestling, but he has osgood's shlatters disease (something that effects lots of growing boys' knees) and can't wrestle--he's going nuts, hence the interest in weight training. Here's to a speedy recovery for all the injured!

Chrissy--I hope you are having a wonderful time. I'd love to go on a retreat in the Catskills--sounds peaceful and beautiful.

Julie--a lot of STS cardio sounds like it doesn't have a lot of choreography, but a couple of them do, so if you feel inclined, you could start learning to step, but really, I think there will be a lot there even if you don't.

Belinda--(((hugs)))--what on ordeal you are going through. That sounds just miserable. I'll pray you heal quickly. Just take it easy until you get better and keep us posted.

Jo--enjoy your hike. I know you are in Seattle--do you mind my asking where you are hiking? We love to hike, when we can. It's a little tricky with all the kiddos, though....

Cendrine--I have less DOMS from disk 15 than I did with 13 and 14, but my back and biceps are sore. I still can't bend over or really move my legs without pain. Hiking today was painful, but doable.

Crystal--good job on the workouts!

Kim--Wow--6 miles in 7 below? You utterly rock! I didn't realize you were in Winnepeg. I was imagining North Dakota or something. I guess I was close;). Anyway, I hope the weather clears up for you soon.

Mary--enjoy your movie! I know that my healthy (mostly;)) eating is rubbing off on my dh and older kids and I like that they aren't griping so much about the lack of fatty/sugary stuff and junk. They are even making some healthy choices on their own. I do relax my standards for the family about once a week so they don't feel deprived and they can make cookies and stuff if they keep them in outside freezer and away from me.....

Hi Rachel!

Hope you are all having a great weekend!
Cendrine, it sounds like you had a good first week with Meso 2! I felt it in my forearms too! Thanks for reminding me about my calipers! I don’t have them yet and need to find out what happened to them! Hope you have a great time at Disneyland tomorrow!

We must all be rubbing off on our DH’s on the clean eating! My DH was bummed when I wouldn’t eat the cookie last night and then fixed us a really healthy dinner tonight…cod and broccoli. Usually it’s me fixing my own healthy meals…he shares in, but adds his sweets! But it’s happening less and less. Like you and Gayle, I’m 3 solid weeks with no cheats!

Julie, thanks…I thought maybe kick were sneakers, but wasn’t sure!

Crystal, you are doing great with your running! I hope you aren’t too long without a computer! Gotta have your computer!

Kim, naps are good! I think we’re all working out bodies much harder than before (at least I am!). How’s that new Santa Fe doing? Is it your vehicle or DH’s? I know you said he took it the other day.

Mary! Glad you’re back! What’s on your schedule this week for your cardio? Can’t wait for you and Julie to get on to Meso 2! Yeah!

Maggie, so glad your ankle is better! Where on the Gorge did you go? (Did I ever tell you I grew up in Salem?) We are going up to Lake Adler (or Alder). It’s at the base of Mt Rainier; about a two hour drive from here. I wish we could go up higher on Rainier, but its not open yet (lots and lots of snow!). I’m so excited we FINALLY have sunshine!!! :D:D

Talk to you all tomorrow!

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Thank goodness for rest days because my biceps are killing me. I really pushed them hard yesterday and I have the gift of doms today to show for it.

This STS thing is the greatest thing since someone said dark chocolate was good for you. Now if they would only include milk chocolate so I could have indulged in all that easter candy ;) that would be great.

Just a q. here...Does anyone have one of those relatives that likes to make snarky remarks about things that you do that are "healthy". Let me explain a little.
My FIL had some heart issues about a year and a half ago. He has never been in great shape (since I have known him) and certainly never eaten that great. But now he is really getting out of shape. He hardly does anything and he thinks it is OK to get his oatmeal from oatmeal cream pies...He really believes this. So anyhow anytime he sees something on the news about something...the latest being that raw onions are bad for you. It is the onion in potato salad not the mayo that makes you sick. So now he will think that he can eat all the mayo he wants but will steer clear of all onion. Even the cooked ones.:rolleyes: I can not tell him anything. I never try to push anyone to eat healthy or exercise because I think it is kind of like quitting smoking, you have to really want to and if you don't you won't stick with it. But for some reason I feel resentment or something. Kind of like just by being in good shape and trying to be healthy esp. at family dinners he feels like I am rubbing it in his face. He always tells me that I am going to be the best looking corpse. I know morbid! I don't think he is really trying to be mean persay I just think his health is the one thing in his life that he has lost control of and that makes him...well for lack of a better word Snarky;)

Sorry about that. It was on my mind so I thought I would run it by Yall<---yeah TX girl here, and see what ya thought.:)

Thankyou Kim and Mary for the warm welcome.

Where are you at Kim, that it is -7 blows my mind. I would not know what that felt like. We think we are going to turn into popsicles when it gets below 20 degrees here. But that only happens in the dead of winter for the most part and maybe a week at the most.

I am so sorry for you . I am so frustrated when I get sick for a day or two and have to put off a workout. I can not imagine what it feels like to be sick for that long and to be doing all the right things, like going to the doctor which I know I would have put off, and not getting any help. Hang in there. You will be able to look back at this sometime and you will know it was horrible but you will have a hard time remembering the feeling of it. Kind of like the amnesia of childbirth...I am told...no children here.:)

I am so jealous of your wildlife adventure. The DH and I were in the quachita national forest easter weekend. We saw some dear but the only turkey we saw was one hanging from a tree...it was walk-in turkey hunting weekend:confused:. I had to think happy thoughts after that. It was not easy.;)

I am enjoying this group so much and I know getting to know all of you is going to be loads of fun.

Hi, Rachel. I understand about your FIL. My best friend (who lives right across the street from me) is like this. The one comment she makes over and over is that she'd "rather be fat and happy than skinny and miserable".....as if I'm miserable! lol When I mention DOMS and being sore, she'll say that is the reason she doesn't workout...because she doesn't want to be sore like that. And I have to admit that I take a 'sick' sort of pleasure in sitting at a meal with them (and other people in my life as well) and just watch the gross pleasure they take in totally fattening food.....licking the fork till it's completely clean of every residual drop of cake icing, or licking their fingers after a greasy slice of Pizza Hut pizza (yuck). Watching that and staying on-task with my clean eating really EMPOWERS me. I hope that makes sense. The other thing, too, is that we share a meal once a week or so and they'll say that the only time they eat healthy is when they're at my house and I prepare the meal. :rolleyes:

(I actually started a new post for today, forgetting that I title yesteday's Weekend Edition. lol This is what I posted this AM:)
Good SUNDAY morning ladies. I just wanted to get us off to a start for the day.

I just finished Disc 16 (chest, shoulders, tris) and the Extended Stretch. Not sure what it was, but the incline dumbell flies nearly KILLED me! I could not even get the 35ers off the floor to be able to DO the flies! LOL SO I lowered my weight for that exercise and just kind of laughed at my COMPLETE inability to lift them off the stinkin' floor! LOL Must have been the incline bench presses beforehand that just tired me out! LOL I actually found that funny, for some odd reason!

OK....I want to get the kids an early breakfast. DS slept on the couch last night but was up crying his heart out because the HEAL of his broken foot hurt so badly from the soft-cast. So I unwrapped him, put ice on it and tucked him back in. We'll see how he's doing today.

I'll be back after breakfast!

Hi Everybody!

we had a fabulous time at Dinsey Land, the temperatures did go to the 80s but we were prepared and none of us took home a sunburn souvenir! We did lots of walking and were just amazed at how great a day it was! I don't think we stood in line longer than 20 minutes for any ride, and some of them didn't even have a line! We thoroughly enjoyed this, because it is not ususally like this!

The kids held up great, we left the house at 7:15 and didn't get back again until 5 (both my kids still take naps and went without today) but they held up great the whole time and were extremely well behaved!

I am also jazzed to report that I ate squeaky clean all day even though there were french toasts and ice creams, cookies and the like on the menu for the kids. Funny enough, when they saw me eating carrots and sugar snaps, they actually asked for some and they even ate a whole container of fresh fruit, as well. Eating well at home really does rub off on the fam!

Mary, your coconut person reminds me a little of 'Wilson' in the movie with tom hanks where he's lost on the island. :) How fun!

Rachel, my FIL has had two triple bipass surgeries, is on diabetic meds and lots of other things and then makes everyone else feel responsible for making him miserable eating right and exercising... He indulges way too often and thinks life is not worth living if you don't have your nightly ice cream fix... He always looks at my plate when we eat and asks me if I'm sure I'm eating enough... So, I think I can understand what you are experiencing at least to a level. Sorry that you have to go through it. But like Gayle, I just watch them eat whatever it is they eat and don't participate, it feels good knowing I am in control of what I eat.

Jo, I hope your hike was wonderful! I love hiking, used to do lots of it when I lived in Switzerland. Once the kids are older I am definitely going to get them started on hiking! It's a great workout!

Chrissy, I hope your retreat was everything and more than you hoped it would be!

Kim, you took a two hour nap for some reason? Gee, I wonder what that reason might be? LOL! Way to go, Kim!

Maggie, I am so glad your ankle is better and that you are getting your bike! Awesome! I thought of you and Gayle today when I got ready for Disneyland and decided the flipflops were staying home. And you know what? My feet didn't hurt one bit, nor my lower back, which usually does something when I'm up on my feet for 8+ hours like I was today... Good shoes really are great!

Gayle, lol on your amusement over not being able to do 35s for chestflys! Wow, your pecs must be something else! Maybe after 3 more sts rounds I may be able to do that!
I feel so bad for your son and his foot! I hope he gets it well taken care of and I hope it heals fast!

I'm not going to stay on longer, I need to rest up for tomorrows disk 14 second round....

Hi Chrystal, Belinda, Tracy, Julie, and anyone else!

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