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Good FRIDAY morning, girls!

I’ve been up since 3am!!!!!!!!!!! I had my normal 3am potty run but then just couldn’t nod back off to sleep. I gave up trying at 4am and came on the PC. I’m just wasting some time till 5am, when I’ll change and go workout…..last workout for this week! I have to say that when I decided to start my STS week on a Sunday, with Saturday being my rest day, I didn’t think I’d like it. But I’ve found it helps me power thru Thursday and Friday’s last workouts for the week, and starting a new week on Sunday has kept my eating in check BIG TIME!!!!!

Chrissy-enjoy your retreat. You go today, but how long will you be gone? All weekend?

Kim-be safe. Are there any restrictions on travel for you??? Just be careful!

Maggie-I meant to comment to you a few days back about your foot. I’m glad it’s feeling better. And I agree with what you said about wearing shoes during the day…..I’ve had some problems with Plantar Fasciitis in my right foot, but it is much better because of a few things, including wearing shoes (good running sneakers) during the day. It was hard at first to do that, since I’m a barefoot kinda gal, but I have to admit that I’m starting to like the feeling of lacing up in the morning….makes me feel like I’m on a mission the second I tie my shoes! LOL

Jo-we’ll have to compare notes on Meso 3 and what we’ll end up deciding for Legs. Maybe doing Plyo the first week makes more sense? If I get to Cathe’s gym on Monday, I’ll ask her and see what she thinks.

On the Power Tower. I’m passing on this one. I have a weight bench unit with the attached bench press rack. And I use the dip bars on my OWN ‘power tower’ for my squat rack (you know the tall piece of equipment used for chin/pull ups, Roman chair abs, dip handle bars, etc). So I don’t need Cathe’s new piece (although I’d love it anyway, lol). I don’t really need anything else, but that 20% coupon is burning a hole in my pocket. I’m considering the fitness gloves since the pair I’ve been using for YEARS are actually men’s (they were my husband’s) and they’re a bit too big. lol

AHHHHHHHH....clock says it's now 5am...time to change and sweat!




OK! It's now 7:30 and the endorphins have me on a BUZZ HIGH! :eek: I hit the treadmill running, literally! I hit my goal of 6 miles (a little over, actually) using the same iTread workout I did Monday. I like to repeat it later in the week to challenge myself in distance. Then I did Boot Camp (the original) core premix.


Today is supposed to hit the 70s. So I'm going to walk to work (3/4 of a mile one way) then after work walk into town for a few errands (bank, post office, corner market for milk) and then walk home. We have baseball practice tonight, but that's it. Nice quiet, WARM SUNNY DAY!




Good Morning ALL!!!

I know, I know,you're shocked I'm up so early! Up, dressed and ready to take DH in for his procedure (it's 6:15 here, I got up at 5:30 - waaayyy early for me!). :D Just wanted to say Good Morning! I'm feeling guilty sitting here eating breakfast and he hasn't had anything for 24 hours!

Oh Gayle, I have a squat rack too...but it's in a different place in the house (with no TV). I decided last night I need to test that out using STS on my laptop and then decide if I really need that Tower or not. I will have to move to that configuration for Meso 3 anyway!

Well...CBL! HAPPY FRIDAY! :cool:



Gayle,* Can you post a link or pic of what you are using instead of cathe's power tower.* what you have sounds like it might be better.* Thanks.* Off to do disc 12!* O man I kept thinking it was disc 11.* Well here goes anyway.


Hi Guys,

I just finished disk 15, the chinups are so tough! I think I'll get one of those tubes for over the door with my 20% coupon so that I can still work my back after I can't possibly do another chinup....:)

My legs are still hurting, the triceps that I worked monday are fine now and so is the chest, but the rear delts are still sore too!

I'm starting to see more definition everywhere which is exciting, because I'm thinking that I can see more because body fat is going....:)

Maggie, great job on your continued progress! that is so motivating! I started working out when pregnant with my first child and lost all the pregnancy weight and then 40 more lbs... I never thought I could do that! I was so out of shape! I know that you will reach your goal of going beyond your prepregnancy weight at the rate you are going! I feel amazed at going beyond the beyond I was before with this STS and clean eating! It's kind of fun to be able to say that I am in my best shape ever, after having two kids, not before.:)

We are taking the kids to Disneyland this Sunday to celebrate out the last day of spring break. I am going to eat clean! So my mind is scrambling, what can I take with me that doesn't need lots of ice that will stand the 80s temperature that are forecasted for Sunday.... Any suggestions?

As far as the pull up tower or power tower goes, I don't have a separate workout room and it would not look pretty anywhere where I work out. So I'm going to not buy more bulky stuff, at least until the kids are older and I can convert their playroom into the official workout room.

Chrissy, have a great retreat!

Jo, you are doing fabulous on your eating yourself! Checking in here makes it extra good to take the extra effort to eat well!

speaking of which here is my menu for the day:

m1 chocolate banana protein shake, 1/3 cup oatmeal

m2 1 cup blueberries, 1 cup greek nonfat yoghurt, 1/3 cup oatmeal

m3 Tuna salad on bed of lettuce, almonds

m4 asian leek/zucchini/chicken leftovers, cashews

m5 red cabbage/lean ground beef mix

Gotta go for now.


Hey Everyone
I just noticed this post.
I had no idea there was a six month check-in.
I did disc 14 yesterday and am having trouble standing today.
When it started I thought "this is not as hard as I thought it would be".
I even questioned my weight but then as it went on I quickly rethought all of this.:eek: What a great workout! I am so excited for meso 2. I have had DOMS for disc 13 and now 14. I do 15 on Sat. and can not wait for that.
I was a little worried about doing legs in the middle of the week and am still concerned about when I go back to work full time next week how it will feel to not be able to bend over and get up and down very easily.:eek:


Just a quickie post.......I promised the kids I'd have banana muffins and banana pancakes for them after school, so I have to get baking.

Weather is GORGEOUS! I walked into/thru town to do my errands after work, and that took about 45 minutes and it was HEAVEN! Time to bake, then cut the grass *yuck)!

Here is power tower very similar to the one I bought at Dick's about 3 years ago. I use the dip handles for my barbell for squats and it's the PERFECT height. I also use this for my pull/chins ups. I figure if the dip handles are designed to hold a 300# man, it can hold my measly 135# barbell for squats, right??? lol




Well I'm back! DH sailed through his colonoscopy and he is 100% good to go! He's not allowed to drive or anything so I'm staying home with him the rest of the day (works for me!). :D

I just had something to eat so will go do my cardio in an hour or so.

WELCOME RACHAEL! We're happy to have you join us!! We are all in varying places of STS. I am just finished my second week of Week 5 so will be starting week 6 Sunday with Disc 16.

Cendrine, here's a suggestion for you for Disneyland eating. (If nothing else it may help you brainstorm other ideas.) I've done this when we are hiking. At the grocery store you can buy packets of tuna or salmon. They are with the other cans of tuna. I don't have one here right now so can't remember the ounces but I think it's about 6. Anyway, you can just tear it open and grab a plastic fork and eat it right out of the packet. Also they are flat so fit nicely into your pack or handbag or whatever you are carrying. They have many flavors so you can get lemon tuna or dill tuna (I can't remember). I'm sounding winded here, but when I am on travel I carry these in my suitcase in the event I don't have the kind of restaurant choices I need or get stuck at the airport. You can then cut up some veggies and put in in ziplock as well as taking some nuts and/or apple. Anyway, this has worked really well for me and then you don't have to worry about refrigeration or anything spoiling.

Gayle, your tower looks very cool! So many options...so little room! :eek:

Okay, have to go fix DH something to eat. CBL.

Jo :p


Cendrine, also the tuna and/or salmon are moist so it's very doable to eat that way (right out of the packet)! I think these are Bumblebee packets.



How in the world did I miss saying HI TO RACHEL! SORRY!!!!! Welcome aboard Motivation Station, Rachel!

I'd chat some more, but the yard is calling me and I have laundry on the line that needs to come in. Oh, yeah, and the 7 BOYS in my backyard making mud pits again! LOL I'll have to share a few pics with you guys for you to see what they do out there! LOL




Hi Again,

Welcome Rachel! I can see your concern about midweek legs.... I guess I would give it a try and then decide...

Jo, excellent suggestion on the tuna, I'll get me some! THanks! Glad to hear your husband is fine, my husband said he's about due for one...

Gayle, I'm sure glad I'm not doing the laundry at your house, sounds like you will be needing some bleach! lol!
Yum on the banana muffins and pancakes, I love anything banana!
Kids and me will make cranberry, macadamia, white chocolate chicp protein cookies this afternoon. I'm sure they will be tasty, but I won't have any. I really feel the payoff of eating without cheats and it alone is motivation enough to keep it up!


Cendrine, tomorrow will be the official 3 week mark that I've eaten 100% CLEAN without ANY cheats at ALL! I've always added in a cheat meal here and there, or a cheat DAY or 2.....but I've never gone this long without a cheat ANYTHING! And you know what??? I'm not even WANTING one right now. So I figure I'll go with that feeling and stick to 100% CLEAN AND MEAN! WOO HOO!

OK....getting some stuff done around here while one DS is at baseball practice and the other is at a friend's house. The noise and chaos WILL return shortly, so off I go!



Gayle! YOU ARE DOING AWESOME! WAY TO GO!!!!! :eek::eek:

We've got some really good girls around here - CLEAN EATING YEAH!!!

Well I did something I haven't done in ages. For my cardio today I did Cardio Fusion! I made it through the whole thing until I got to...the...very...last...drill...and I ran out of gas! So I made it through an hour and eight minutes. I'm serious, on that last drill, I started it and then my legs just wouldn't move any more! I found myself standing there staring! Okay, so I missed about 2 minutes of the whole workout! I haven't done the whole thing (as is) for probably a year or more. I guess because it really does take a lot of energy. :D

More clean eating for me today:

M1 2 poached eggs, oatmeal w/ 1/2 cup strawberries, 6 almonds
M2 smoked salmon w/ 1/2 cup wheat berry
M3 protein drink w/banana
M4 tuna w/green beans + 1/2 orange
M5 tilapia w/green salad (haven't had this yet, just had M4)

Have a great weekend everyone! Tomorrow is my rest day then Disc 16 on Sunday.

Jo :p


HI ladies--

I'm still so sore I can hardly move and today during the dead lifts, my hands almost gave out with the 35 lb dumbells. I need to strengthen my hands and forearms I guess. Oh and I did disk 15.

My weight has shot up, but I'm sure it's because of the new rotation--sore muscles retaining water. I'm not freaking out too much.

Dh and ds14 want to do STS (these are men who have never been inclined to working out with dvds at all). I think its great and will get them started on their one rep maxes this weekend. The problem is I'm feeling a bit stingy with my more "fragile" workout equipment (band, stability ball, weighted gloves) and I want them to get their own....

Jo--I totally hear you on the dead lift/holding the weight issue. I thought my weights were going to slip out of my hands, especially the left. I have a smith machine out in the garage, so for certain exercises (bench press, pull ups) I just scoot out there and do my reps and then come back in and join Cathe and the gang.

Gayle--I guess as I'm aging, something is happening with my feet, because my ankle feels almost normal since I've worn shoes all day for about a week. I wondered about plantar fasciitis because before my ankle started hurting, I was having faint shooting pains along the bottom of that foot. I'm just looking forward to that anaerobic threshold level again.

Julie--woo hoo! you are almost done with meso 1! Way to go!

Cendrine--thanks for your motivating success story! I'm starting to see more definition too and so is dh. Back in the day, I used to do an hour of cardio a day and weight training as an after thought. Dh says the weights are doing really nice things for my shape--we'll see. STS is the most serious weight stuff I've ever done and I love it.

Rachel--welcome! I totally understand about the bending over thing. Dh laughs everytime I bend over to pick something up. I AM SO SORE!! This week has been a killer doms week (disks 13-15 first time around)

Waving hi to everyone else!



Hi Maggie! I'm sure you are retaining water! After doing week 5 for the first time last week, I think I was retaining water EVERYWHERE!! :eek:

How fun that your family wants do to STS with you! But, I know the feeling of getting a little territorial about your stuff :)p). I get that way about my bands...I don't want to share them and I don't really know why! I feel very protective of them. I'm fine with my dumbbells and medicine ball, but those bands...I cringe if someone else has them in their hands! (Bizaree behavior I know!) but I do let people use them.

I'm off to fix M5 - last meal of the day!

Jo :eek:


Hi again,

Gayle, way to go on the clean eats for three weeks in a row! That is awesome! I have put in some cheats here and there because I'm always told that otherwise i will snap one day and binge uncontrollably on what I have not been allowing myself.... I'm not sure on that theory, because, like you, I could actually pass on the cheats, don't really want them, not that I don't enjoy them, but most of the time I could pass them by without feeling too sacrificial about it... What do you all think, should we do the cheats because they are 'prescribed' or should we just stay on the roll when we are on a roll?

Maggie and Jo, thanks for the heads up about water retention, I will keep that in mind when I measure myself next week and take the results with a grain of salt. If you hadn't mentioned that, I might just decide that my low carb experiment didn't work....

Maggie, I'm so glad your ankle is feeling better! Like you, this is my most serious weight lifting I've ever done and I'm loving it too! I have always enjoyed weights, but been a circuit girl (cardio and weight circuit) for most of my exercising years.

Jo, I think I never got cardio fusion because the whole concept scared me! That cardio is hard enough when it is in it's own workout, but all clustered together, my legs would give out too! You are in such good shape! only missed 2 minutes of it! Wow!

Cardio for me tomorrow.


Cendrine, "Stay on the Roll!" I say pass on the cheats if you don't want them! I haven't cheated either and I'm not craving anything! DH tried to get me to eat a chocolate chip cookie a little while ago pointing out to me I haven't cheated and I just plain said NO! I don't want it! I don't know about the binging theory, because when I do cheat I don't have a problem controlling the cheat. (But everyone is different!:D) So just cause you can cheat don't do it unless you feel you need it! At least that's what I do!

Water Retention - last week (1st week of Meso 2) I was defiinitely retaining water! My pants were a little tighter and you know I was eating clean. Then suddenly this past Monday I was back to where I was. Of course you have that moment of panic of "what's going on here?" Ugh! :eek:

Actually, Cardio Fusion is more doable than you think. The first section is BM2 cardio finished product, then the next segment is Low Impact Circuit bonus step; so that section is all low impact and you can kind of regroup. Then it goes into the BM2 power circuits (energy needed) and then all the drills from Drill Max (more energy needed)! One thing I do like...because of all the changes it goes really fast (until you realize you ran out of gas!) Heh heh!!

Last edited:


It's going to be nice here this weekend (finally) - like in the 70's. So we just decided to go hiking on Sunday on Mt. Rainier. So, I either start week 6 tomorrow (Disc 16) which is supposed to be my rest day, or I move my schedule out and start it on Monday. Sigh...I hate having to juggle my schedule! I guess I'll see how I feel tomorrow. Part of the reason I did Cardio Fusion today was knowing tomorrow is a rest day. Or, maybe I'll do Disc 16 tomorrow, count my hike on Sunday as my Monday cardio and take Monday as my rest day. Yeah...that sounds good!

Good night all!


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