6 clips to go?

aqua girl

I think I am having clip withdrawal:)……my calculations show we have seen 19, with 6 to go…. unless I missed some, it should be:

Lower Body 1
Legs (from Legs & Shoulders)
Chair Yoga
Mobility 1
Metabolic Standing Abs
No equipment abs

Not that it matters, just needed something to do :)
Another OMG Lady Vol Fan, I was just looking at your post again, and saw the little saying underneath…is your name Linda? I am one too!!! I guess we’re really here together. Too, too funny!!
I'm ready for the group shots and fashion deets. Btw, I found out that those gorgeous green printed that capris that Cathe wears in the Mat Yoga workout are by Under Armour. And yes, I found a pair on eBay, new with tags, this was that special treat that I wanted after I dealt with the Kevin situation. I love thrift sites like eBay, Poshmark, Mercari and ThredUp. I can't think of the last time I've even been to the mall!!!!!
Well, I’m beginning to think we’ll have the dvds before we see the rest of the clips :)
I have been checking all yesterday & today…:(….gotta move on….
I suspect they'll be piecemealed out to us to keep interest up while they finish up the project. If there's 5 left, & 1-2 clips posted a week.... we'll have the new workouts in our hands in about a month. :rolleyes:
Yeah, but I thought the newsletter said there would be one posted either later that day or
yesterday….and I check and check and get irked…:). Maybe I misread….whatever…
I just think I want to see a little bit of everything I purchased last October…..this is about the time in these presales that I start losing patience…..This too shall pass :)……maybe LOL!

ETA: I think it’s gonna be longer than a Month…hope I’m wrong.
Unfortunately it works differently on me, I start to lose excitement….:(
Yeah, there's a ebbing of my excitement now. When they announce a shipping date, even tentatively, I'll get excited again. But it will be July or August before I can commit to a 2-3 month rotation, now, (summer traveling) so I'm no longer feeling a sense of urgency.
I feel the same way because I preordered on October 24, the day the presale opened. Now that I'm full speed ahead into my tank top rotation and doing familiar favorites and discovering oldies for the first time, I haven't really thought much about it until I read stuff here and see my order confirmation email.

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