4X4 Norwegian Protocol


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Hello Cathe,

Just wanted to say you are my guru goddess divine and I adore you!

I own all your dvds.

I have been hearing a lot lately about the Norwegian 4X4 Protocol lately and how incredible it is for longevity and heart anti-aging health.

The definition is essentially this,
"The Norwegian 4x4 protocol is executed as follows:
  1. Short warm-up (~5 minutes)
  2. Four minutes of sprinting at 75%-80% of maximum heart rate or at least at the maximum speed you can sustain for four minutes.
  3. Three minutes rest, such as very light walking, to allow the heart rate to decrease."
I was just wondering what kind of moves we could perform using this method?

For example, high knees for 4 minutes, Inch-Worm planks for 4 minutes?

I was looking for moves where i can use this protocol that are low-impact.

Is there any possibility you could make a series featuring this protocol in the future?

Anyways, just want to say again, thank you for existing, i owe so much of my health to you.

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