3 weeks postpartum


I am currently 3 weeks postpartum...healthy baby girl with an uncomplicated pregnancy and delivery. We are both doing great and I feel well enough to ease back into workouts. Posting here since the "fit moms" forum doesn't seem to be active...Where should I start? It's so hot and humid here this time of year, outdoor activities aren't a great option. I know Cathe had an inspirational post out there at one time but I can't seem to find that either.

Any advice would be appreciated. FYI, I consider myself advanced and had worked out almost daily until the day before I delivered. Thanks!
Ease back into it. Your body has been through a huge process! Since you were fit before, I would just listen closely to your body. You probably aren't sleeping as much ;) and, could wear yourself out if you push too much. If you are nursing, don't focus too much on weight loss, make sure you eat well to sustain your new one. Try your fav video, maybe with modifications. I am not an expert by any means but I had 6 babies and worked in homebirth.


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Listen to your body. Take it easy .eat clean and healthy. I am taking niveau labs krill oil, and it helps my postpartum depression, and it helps me lose weight.

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