3 day rotation?


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Could use some help. My schedule has been super crazy and it looks like it won’t let up for a few more months. I can only get a workout in on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If I can fit one in during the week that would be a bonus. So with that being said, if you only had 3 days in a row to exercise what would be the 3 “most bang for your buck” choices?


Just off the top of my head, I would say 1 total body strength day that would include an ab workout, something like Muscle Endurance, Muscle Max, Strong & Sweaty PHA Training or Total Body Giant Sets. Then 1 day of HiiT cardio and 1 day of endurance cardio or a metabolic workout. The other thing you could do would be 1 day of upper body strength followed by a cardio day, then the 3rd day would be lower body strength.


My suggestions would be:

Day 1: Short upper body strength combined with short cardio segment (from Cardio Slam, kick box, etc.)

Day 2: Depends on your goals. If more weight loss, then 60 minute steady state cardio such as step workout, kickboxing or cycling. If more strength training, than a metabolic workout or total body strength training.

Day 3: Short lower body strength combined with cardio as outlined above.

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