2nd tri- a whole new set of challenges

I feel like I'm the only that posts here! So a little about me, I am 17 weeks into my second pregnancy. My first resulted in a loss at 8 weeks. I am starting to calm down a little ( earlier I was always on the brink of an anxiety attack).

I realized that in my first tri, my body really didn't give me any cues on how much was too much. This is probably because there wasn't a "too much" because I am a healthy fit person. Looking back, I probably shouldn't have worried about what workouts to do and should've continued my rotation as originally planned because my body could've handled it.

My second tri however is different. I get dizzy and light headed. At the end of a workout the room is often spinning. I especially have a hard time when lifting weights. The constant standing up then getting down on the floor really gets me light headed, and I've read that the up and down is not recommended. So I have to modify a lot, and I am terrible at modifying. My workouts are no longer focused because I'm always thinking about what I can and can't do. Plus, I've been really neglecting me abs because I have no idea what I should be doing. I read the post on this board which is helpful, but I need instruction. I need an instructor on a DVD instructing me what to do, how long to do it for, and how slowly to go.

So I got the brilliant idea to look up some pregnancy workout. Even if I could find a weight ones and a few ab DVDs. Ha! They all look like such a joke! I'm used to Cathe's no nonsense approach. I am used to her intensity. The DVDs that I have found all look like DVDs made for pregnant women who have never worked out before.
Sorry, I accidentally hit send as I was trying to edit the previous paragraph. Sorry for the poor grammar, I am on mobile.

Anyway, does anyone know of any good pregnancy DVDs geared towards women who workout regularly?


I wonder if the reason the Pregnancy workouts are so "tame" is because of the potential liability of those who produce the video; just a thought.

I was one of those people who wasn't fit before I had my 2 kids but got fit afterwards, so those pregnancy videos probably would have fit me - LOL!

Hope you find some happy compromise and congrats on the baby and staying fit during pregnancy - so wise.



Hi Shannon!
17 weeks, almost halfway there!

I found a pregnancy DVD that I liked and was still challenging called "The Perfect Pregnancy Workout." The instructor is a former Cirque du Soleil acrobat, and she is very pregnant, very flexible, and very fit! It shows modifications for different stages of pregnancy and levels of ability. I did that one from 2nd tri up until a couple days before delivering. I also used another, and can't remember the name of it now, but it was kind of a Pilates/yoga mix. During the 2nd tri it felt too easy, but in my 3rd tri it was just great!

You could also try swimming or water aerobics if you have access to a pool - great low impact workout! Don't underestimate the value of a good brisk walk, either. If your community has a Stroller Strides/Fit4Mom franchise, they might have a prenatal exercise class.

Do you have Cathe's Supersets/Push Pull DVD? I found many of the exercises on Push/Pull fairly easy to modify. Did that one through the 2nd tri as well.

Moms Into Fitness has a pregnancy DVD series. It was recently featured on BabySteals.com (and if you haven't been to that site, you need to visit it! Tons of daily deals on baby & pregnancy stuff!). You might be able to purchase it through their Archive.

Good luck! So happy for you!
Thank you guys so much for your kind words and sharing your knowledge! I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. I'm so going to look into those DVDs and classes.


I would suggest figuring out a few modifications for the normal kind of weight work that Cathe does, that you're looking to avoid.

For ex: if she goes down for lying extensions, do them standing instead. If she's doing pushups, do bench presses (or on an incline, if lying flat bothers you).

Once you figure out your standard subs, you won't spend so much time unfocused during the routines.

I worked out with Cathe through 2 pregnancies, and what I modified most were pushups (as noted above) and rows for back. I'd use a band and do them seated instead of standing.

And for ab work. Honestly, don't bother. The logistics are that your abs will split at the belly button, and as the baby grows, they will part further to accommodate the growth. If you're doing ab work while they're in that condition, you're actually training them to stay in that shape. Then you're just going to have to work harder after delivery to train them back to their proper closed position.

Good for you for keeping at it! You'll recover after delivery so much faster as a result!
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Hi there! Congratulations on your pregnancy. I am now 26 weeks preggo and still working out. At first, I had to take it easier (had placenta previa) as I was told to 'not workout and no sex.' I scoffed at that and worked out anyway! LOL. It worked out to my benefit, as the placenta previa improved and I was cleared for exercise and sex again.

I think most pregnancy videos are a joke. I do think it is because instructors could face a huge lawsuit if they overdo their movements and instruction. Even at my worst (1st trimester) when I was very tired, those videos are too easy.

I bought a few X-train videos to do during my pregnancy --- all out low impact HIIT, Cardio Legs and SuperCuts. I love all of them and they all suit pregnancy pretty well. I try not to do too much jumping or strenuous running, but a little bit feels good. I will buy more X-train (tabatacise) when I give birth as a reward to myself! I am also planning on buying the new T25 Shaun T workout for when I give birth. Gives me a lot of incentive to get back in shape!

Usually, if I just do half a regular Cathe workout with modified moves OR do a short premix of most of her workouts, I'm good to go. I feel like there is not enough studies done on intense exercise and pregnancy and it scares most women into staying away from it.

I did all of this in my first pregnancy too and lost weight so fast and got back into shape in record time. Also, I felt so light after I gave birth -- the videos were a pleasure to do again!

Good luck to any and all pregnanct ladies out there!

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