2024 Calendar pre-sale?

ME TOO! I use it to record my workouts and it motivates me to put a sticker on it for each workout I complete.
I did this with my first calendar ... I think it was when the original STS came out (maybe 2009 or 10?) - the calendar was oversized i think. But then decided I could use the photos for posters after the year was up ... we still have a couple in frames on the wall.
Mine aren’t in frames, but I have Cathe calendar pictures all over the place. :). I must
admit, tho’ when I turned the current one over to October this morning, I got spooked,
I had forgotten about her Halloween pic for this month! Kinda’ scary!
One of my kids came into my gym when I wasnt looking and changed the calendar month. I got quite the wake-up when I noticed the Cathe skeleton vamping at me.
LOL! I know what you mean! I remember when I reached over to flip to October,
I was thinking what exercise she would be doing….and there she was! :). I think I
said “whoa!”

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