2019 Cathe Calendar


New Member
Is there a calendar for next year?

My husband always orders the newest series and the calendar together as Christmas gifts for me, but I haven’t seen anything yet about the calendar. I look forward to my Cathe calendar every year and hope there will be one for 2019!!


New Member
Thank you so much, aqua girl!

I see it’s available for pre order, can’t believe I missed it.
I’m so happy now Thanks again!

aqua girl

No, you're not crazy...:). It's not there on the home page any longer.....matter of fact, I couldn't find it...perhaps email them ....


If anyone would like a calendar, I have a spare one. Apparently, I ordered two of them - one in September and again in October. I must have been REALLY excited this year!
I would be happy to mail my extra calendar to the first person who send a message to my inbox.
I ordered one but haven’t received it yet. I may be interested but I want to wait a few more days in case it’s just that my mail is slow.

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