(All DVD’s used at least once) Sundays are rest days!
I really wanted to start STS again this year plus utilize some of Cathe's latest workouts and came up with this-I hope it works out good!

Week One:
Wed: STS Disc #1 (Chest, Shoulders, Biceps)/Med Ball Abs-60 minutes
Thurs: STS Disc #3 (Legs)/Extended Stretch-67 minutes
Fri: Crossfire/Core premix-64 minutes
Sat: STS Disc #2 (Back and Triceps)-56 minutes

Week Two:
Mon: STS Disc #4 (Chest, Shoulders, Biceps)/No Equipment Abs- 68 minutes
Tues: STS Disc#6 (Legs) /Extended Stretch- 70 minutes
Weds: To The Max – 54 Minutes
Thurs: STS Disc#5 (Back and Triceps)-58 minutes
Fri: Pedal Power (58 minutes) or Party Rockin Step #1 (53 minutes)
Sat: Lean Legs and Abs plus Bonus Barre premix -61 minutes

Week Three:
Mon: STS Disc #7 (Chest, Shoulders, Biceps)/Stability Ball Abs -75 minutes
Tues: STS Disc #9 (Legs) /Extended Stretch- 69 minutes
Weds: FlexTrain -56 minutes
Thurs: STS Disc #8 (Back and Triceps) - 56 minutes
Fri: Rockout Knockout plus Heavy Bag premix – 65 minutes
Sat: Great Glutes plus chair bonus premix- 62 minutes

Week Four:
Mon: STS Disc #10 (Chest, Shoulders and Biceps)/Weights and Plates Abs-75 minutes
Tues: STS Disc #12 (Legs) plus Extended Stretch-70 minutes
Weds: X10-any 45-60 minute premix
Thurs: STS Disc #11 (Back and Triceps)-53 minutes
Fri: Party RockinStep 2 (52 min) or Pedal Power (58 min)
Sat: XTrain All Out Low Impact Hiit plus Core#1 premix -49 minutes (add 100 rep scarecrows-55 min)

Week Five:
Mon: XTrain Disc #1 Chest, Back and Shoulders/Core#1 -61 minutes (add 100 rep lateral raises-68 min)
Tues: XTrain Disc #5 Legs premix 3 (all sections plus rear delts -81 minutes (add 100 rep hip thrusts-87 min)
Weds: Super Cuts/Core #2 premix -58 minutes (add 100 rep hip thrusts if not done yesterday-64 minutes)
Thurs: XTrain Disc #2 Bi’s and Tri’s- 45 minutes (add 100 rep challenge triceps-52 min, or biceps-52 min, or both-60 minutes)
Fri: XTrain Ride-56 minutes
Sat: XTrain Hard Strikes- premix 13 (Core#1 and Heavy Bag 3 Tabatas) -70 minutes (add 100 rep bicep curls if not done yesterday 76 min)

Week Six: (Meso 2)
Mon: STS Disc #13-(Chest, Shoulders, Triceps)-65 minutes
Tues: STS Disc #14-(Legs) plus No Equipment Abs-65 minutes
Weds: LIS Cardio SuperSets-41 minutes
Thurs: STS Disc #15-(Back and Biceps)-54 minutes
Fri: LIS Slide and Glide-52 minutes
Sat: Low Impact Challenge plus bonus- 71 minutes

Week Seven:
Mon: STS Disc #16 (Chest, Shoulders, Triceps) -64 minutes
Tues: STS Disc #17 (Legs) plus Weights and Plates Abs-66 minutes
Weds: LIS Athletic Training-56 minutes
Thurs: STS Disc #18 (Back and Biceps)-61 minutes
Fri: LIS CycleMax-56 minutes
Sat: X10 45 minute premix of choice plus Med ball Abs -55 minutes

Week Eight:
Mon: STS Disc #19-(Chest, Shoulders, Triceps)-69 minutes
Tues: STS Disc # 20 (Legs) plus Stability Ball Abs- 70 minutes
Weds: X10 45 minute premix of choice
Thurs: STS Disc #21-(Back and Biceps)-59 minutes
Fri: Pedal Power (58 min) or Party Rockin Step #1(53 min)
Sat: FlexTrain-56 minutes

Week Nine:
Mon: STS Disc #22 (Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps) plus Yoga Abs-58 minutes
Tues: STS Disc #23 (Legs) plus Extended Stretch -64 minutes
Weds: Crossfire less Impact premix 10-56 minutes
Thurs: STS Disc #24 (Back and Biceps)- 43 minutes
Fri: Rockout Knockout-55 minutes
Sat: STS Total Body- 66 minutes

Week Ten:
Mon: LIS TBT- Upper Body Split-56 minutes
Tues: LIS TBT –Lower Body Split-39 minutes
Weds: LIS Afterburn-54 minutes
Thurs: LIS Slide & Glide-52 minutes
Fri: LIS CycleMax-56 minutes
Sat: LIS TurboBarre -74 minutes

Week Eleven: ( Squat Rack Legs optional) (Meso 3)
Mon: STS Disc #25 (Chest and Back)-68 min
Tues: STS Disc #26 (Plyo Legs)-46 min /Med Ball Abs (56 min)
Weds: XTrain all out Low Impact Hiit plus Core #1 premix-49 minutes
Thurs: STS Disc #27 (Shoulders, Biceps and Triceps)-67 minutes
Fri: XTrain Ride Premix #1 36 minutes
Sat: XTrain Supercuts/Core #2-58 minutes

Week Twelve:
Mon: STS Disc #28 (Chest and Back) 65 minutes
Tues: STS Disc #29 (Plyo Legs)/pilates abs-69 minutes
Weds: LIS Cyclemax express-41 minutes
Thurs: STS Disc #30(Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps)-64 minutes
Fri: X10 Double low Impact-37 minutes
Sat-Lean Legs and Abs premix Timesaver #1 -37 minutes

Week Thirteen:
Mon: STS Disc #31 (Chest and Back)-64 minutes
Tues: STS Disc#32 (Plyo Legs)/weights and plates abs-67 minutes
Weds: Rockout Knockout Timesaver#2-36 minutes
Thurs: STS Disc #33- (Shoulders, Biceps and Triceps)-61 minutes
Fri: Pedal Power Timesaver #1 plus Stability Ball Abs -59 minutes (or Rockin Step Premixes around 35 min-add 20 mins for Stability Ball Abs)
Sat: Great Glutes Timesaver #4-46 minutes

Week Fourteen:
Mon: STS Disc #34 (Chest and Back)-68 minutes
Tues: STS Disc #35 (Plyo Legs) plus No equipment abs-66 minutes
Weds: LIS Slide & Glide-52 minutes
Thurs: STS Disc #36 (Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps)-67 minutes
Fri: LIS Cardio Supersets-41 minutes
Sat: XTrain Hard Strikes-premix 17-45 minutes

Week Fifteen:
Mon: XTrain Disc #3 Burn Sets (Chest, Back and Shoulders)/Core #1-61 min
Tues: XTrain Disc #6-Cardio Leg Blast-56 minutes
Weds: XTrain Disc #4 Super Cuts/Core #2-58 minutes
Thurs: XTrain Disc #3 Burn Sets Bis/Tris-37 minutes
Fri: XTrain Ride Premix #2-35 minutes
Sat: XTrain Disc#9 Tabatacise Premix 4-50 minutes
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Wow! This looks like an awesome rotation. Thanks for putting it together. I'm planning on starting an STS rotation today and this calendar has a great mix. Thank you, thank you! You Rock!


Thanks, Amy! I haven't done a STS rotation in about a year, I think, and I was certainly feeling it this am after only the second workout! hahahaha


Marih, I started your rotation today! It felt great. I have never done med. ball abs even after owning it for several years ;-). Working abs is not my favorite but I need to do it to strengthen up that core! Looking forward to working legs tomorrow.


Hi Amy-
I'm glad you tried the Med Ball abs. To me, it is short but effective. A couple times I added the "couple" part and improvised. I have always loved working my abdominal area (and military pushups before I got older and stiffer;). It is a great DVD, but I have only doing the Yoga based and Pilates based ones a few times. I like my abs to feel like someone kicked me in the gut (strange, I know;). I would love to see Cathe put together a greatest hits core DVD, as some of her workouts have some very challenging core sections!


Thank You!!!

WOW Marih, thank you so much for putting this rotation together - it looks awesome, challenging and FUN!! I am definitely going to do this - love it. Thank you again.


Active Member
Hi Mari,

Are you doing this rotation? If so, how is it going? I'm almost done with Cathe's XTrain rotation and this is what I plan to do next. It looks really, really, good.


Hi T2B!
Thank you, I am, and I am loving it! I feel so strong-I have 3 pages of different rotations I have come up with over the last several years addressing different "issues" and this is one of my favorites-I think because I love all the workouts so much.
The only thing I might have changed was Week Six-adding the Saturday's Low Impact Challenge Bonus onto Wednesday's Cardio Supersets instead. (I have done the Extreme Low Impact Challenge in a long time and I was a dripping mess) The only reason I didn't is because I am too lazy to get out more equipment! My goal for cardio this week was 110-120 minutes so I guess it all works out the same!


Active Member

Thanks for responding. I'm even more excited to get started now. I love that you've included my favorite Cathe workouts... and, some workouts I haven't tried yet so it'll be good to incorporate those workouts as well.

Next week will be a rest week and then I plan to start the week after that. I'll be back to let you know how it's going.

Thanks for sharing your rotation. :D


I hope you enjoy it and I will be looking forward to hearing what you think! I hope my first reply wasn't too confusing-I just noticed a couple typos- I meant to say I HAVEN'T done the Low Impact Challenge in a long time and- the cardio amount I mentioned this week is actually week 6, which I completed last week!


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No worries. I think I understood what you said. I penciled in the LIC bonus to possibly do after Cardio Supersets. I also made a note on my printout to do the Low Impact Challenge Extreme Premix being that I would have more time on a Saturday. I don’t think I’ve ever done Low Impact Challenge. :eek:


I have only done it maybe 3 or 4 times myself-no matter which day you add it on, you will be feeling it!


Just saw this post. It looks great. I may have to give it a try. Looking for something like this to boost metabolism, strength, endurance.


Active Member

Have you taken a recovery week? Are you now on Week 7? Have you felt like you needed recovery time? Curious about that.

measuredoak - it does look great. Nice way to do STS, plus still get a little XTrain, low impact and metabolic workouts. I'm really looking forward to getting started.


Hi Measuredoak! Thank you, and that is exactly why I came up with it- I wanted to do STS, but wanted to incorporate the others too.

T2B- No, I actually feel better without taking a recovery week. The first couple times I did STS I did, but I feel STS isn't any more difficult than any of Cathe's other workouts, and the workouts between the Meso Cycles will be a nice change for the body and you won't lose anything.


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T2B- No, I actually feel better without taking a recovery week. The first couple times I did STS I did, but I feel STS isn't any more difficult than any of Cathe's other workouts, and the workouts between the Meso Cycles will be a nice change for the body and you won't lose anything.

Great to know. Thanks again for sharing. I'll be back after my first week. :D


Hi Marih,
I started your rotation on Wed. I've done the 1st 2 workouts which are the disk #1 & 2. Wow! Talk about DOMS from the upper body workout & that was just chest, shoulders & bis. DOMS are usually delayed about a day, so I'm waiting for my legs & glutes to start talking to me tomorrow. I'm looking forward to CrossFire tomorrow but I may have to push Back/Tris to Monday because Saturday I'm working on a Habitat house with hubby & church group. I know it's only been 2 days, but I'm really enjoying these workouts. I haven't done STS since 2011.


Hi Measuredoak!
What a wonderful thing you are doing with Habitat for humanity! You will be crying-I don't blame you for putting if off until Monday. I have had to deal with sinus infections, upper respiratory, lower intestinal and other issues but I listened to my body, plugged away and felt better for it! Some days I worked out on Sunday before or after church and may have to do that this weekend too instead of Saturday morning.

I felt STS #1 also-it had been a while since I did all those pushups!

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