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I would love to see IMAX 4 and hopefully IMAX 5 and make it extremely intense with somewhat complex choreography like IMAX 3. I also would love to see more intense kickboxing workouts using the heavy bag (1 hour of heavy bag internating with heavy weights in one DVD) and a jump rope segment as a bonus. I would like to see yourself and Lorraine tag team the heavy bag at least one heavy bag workout. One of the heavy bag workout would be focusing on just the lowerbody with heavy weights with added intervals in-between on the floor.

I also would like to see more HiiT workouts, just love them. Also, one of my favourite workout was High Step Training Advanced and I would love for you to make High Step Training Advanced 2 with lots of leg presses in-between.....


Monse (devoted Cathe fan)
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Imax 4
Cardio and Weights 2 (a step circuit workout)

Band Bootcamp (perhaps this could be the workout Cathe mentioned as 'Travel Fit 2' with cardio sections using the band and band work during the strength segments. Maybe the band could be used during the core segments too)
Muscle Endurance 2 (perhaps this could be this could be like the original Muscle Endurance, but with some updated moves, like paper plate work for the lower body, etc.)

Double Wave Pyramid Lower Body (this would take the double wave pyramid concept Cathe used in STS Meso 2 (for upper body) and apply it to lower body work)
Double Wave Pyramid Upper Body (this would be the double wave pyramid concept Cathe used in STS Meso 2)

With premixes for each workout and perhaps premixes combining two or more of the workouts.


Oh Jill, this is perfect, love your ideas, please Cathe make our dream come true....

Thanks, Monse, I liked your ideas as well!!

An Imax 4 would be fantastic, as would a High Step Training Advanced 2 - I love the original!!! So many tough moves in that one (one arm dips, traveling pushups, the six sets of leg presses - not to mention the intense cardio sections!) but it's still so much fun!! How does Cathe do that?

I would also love, as you touched on, a KP&C 2 or a longer MMA Fusion workout featuring intense drills and a bonus heavy bag workout. I love the way Cathe works the heavy bag in MMA: Boxing.

Oh, and I just want to add that a Low Max 2 would be great for days when I wanna work but not jump!


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I really like your ideas, Monse and Jillybean.

Here are some ideas I posted over at VF.

Imax 4 (similar in format to the other Imax workouts)
Athletic Step 2 (a bit longer than the shock cardio version and with blasts at the end, like in Step Blast)
Core Cardio Circuit 2 (longer than the shock cardio version)
MMA: Max (like a longer version of MMA Fusion)
Heavy Bag Blast (a 35-40 minute heavy bag workout - could be a circuit workout)
Band Max or Band Blast - this would be a circuit workout that would have cardio drills using the band (like band hops or lateral skates using the band as a marker) but would also use the band for muscle work between the cardio drills. This could finish with a band assisted stretch.


Would love the heavy bag, and all that goes with it; kicking the bag, jump rope and alternating heavy weight with heavy bag.

Love this suggestion,



I would like to see: Body Max 3, a Kettlebell workout using real kettlebells provided Cathe gets certified in kettlebells, a Low Max 2 and Low Impact Circuit 2.


Yes I totally agree, I would LOVE to see:

Imax 4, 5, 6
High Step Challenge/High Step Training 2
Body Max 3
Cardio & Weights 2
Low Max 2
Step Blast 2
where they add an intense blast challenge at the end
4 Day Split 2 with HIS/LIS with those amazing blasts following every combo, with hypertrophy weight work out

Bring it on!!:D

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