1RM Testing Question & Streaming from Canada vs. using USB to connect


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Hi Everyone,

I'm super excited to get started on STS once I've completed the ChaLean Extreme program I'm currently doing.

I have started doing the 1RM testing now to get a bit of a head start on that. I have noticed that as I go through the discs from the drop down menu, some of the exercises that I've already done are not in a different colour? It's hard to keep track of which ones I've tested vs. not tested. Wondering if I'm doing something wrong? Any advice would be appreciated!

I'm wondering if the 1RM tool isn't working as well any more as this program is a few years old now?

Also, I'm in Canada and hoping to stream the content. I have a Roku TV, but would it be easier to use a USB cable and hook it up to my TV that way if the Roku app doesn't work seamlessly in Canada.



Hmmm ...I haven't been having any trouble with the Workout Manager ... just a couple of suggestions ... 1) be sure to click save when you enter your data. 2) I remember using a paper copy which can be downloaded from the STS section on the Workout Manager, then entering the data using the exercise # for quick input. When you go to print out your worksheet, note if there are any data missing & fill in from the paper copy. But really, once entered, I've not had any data disappear.

Sorry, can't help on the streaming aspect as I don't use that feature ... but this post will bump your question up & maybe someone will notice ...

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