15 minutes of fame

Cathe Friedrich

Hi Road Trippers! This year we will be doing the 15 minutes of fame a bit differently. We will not be using steps to save time and we will instead pick from three pre-made tiny combos. You will see the combos on poster board hanging up in front of you so you can continue to glance at them before coming up in case you forget what the combo is. PLUS I will review each of the three tiny combo's before we even get started. You will only be on stage for a maximum of 45 seconds to a minute.

So now when you come up on stage (in a group of two, or three or four) all you have to say is Combo One, Combo Two or Combo Three. The combo's will be very easy to follow. A kickbox combo...A low impact combo and a VERY BASIC combo for anyone who is nervous about coming up on stage due to not knowing the moves.

We will move through 15 minutes of fame quickly and promptly and then get ready to head over to the Zumba party.

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