12 WK Challengers-Saturday, June 24


Good morning challengers!
I'm up!! are you????

toay's workout: REST!! woohoo!!

tomorrow is the first day of the look great in 8 rotation that kathy and I are doing. I'm excited!!!

take care:)
Good Morning challengers,

I've been up this morning. First chance to get on computer.
This morning i did s&h tri's & bi's, also went to the gym for the treading class. I love it. She makes us run backwards for a few minutes. very challenging.

Lynn-this challenge started 9 weeks ago. We are actually almost done. That said, feel free to jump in at anytime. I don't believe anyone would have a problem. We are a very welcoming bunch.:)

Today, me and my sister are having a yard sale together. Gotta stay hyrdrated in this heat. How is everyone else doing?

Have a great day ladies.:)

Gloria-can you please share the look great in 8 details. I would love to join in with you.
Good afternoon ladies.

Sunnydelite, hope the yard sale goes great.

Gloria, enjoy your rest day.

Lynn, even though we are in week 9, we will probable continue this type of challenge after the 12 weeks. The name will probably change a little, but I think the plan is to still have daily checkins and then have progress reports at selected intervals.

Karen, my 12 week progress falls in the same category. I have seen minor changes, but not at all what I thought I could accomplish.

Now for the goods news. I can hardly believe it myself. I have been suggesting (probably more like nagging) to my dh that he go bike riding with me for weeks now. I think he finally got tire of me asking and he actually went with me today. WooHoo. Now if I can just keep him going. He does walk alot at work, but a little more activity would be good.

Thanks for supporting me on the healthy weekend eating. We had Sonic for lunch today and I opted for a salad over a greasy (but yummy) hamburger and the only reason was because of this challenge.

gotta run. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Oh I am bummed but that's okay. I think that I will just start and stay alert for another challenge.

I thank you for replying though.

Jean- I'm glad to here about your dh. Mine does do that but for a while there he was doing the treadmill and slow and heavy. But no more. He does ride the bike and like you said every little bit helps. I'm happy he is going with you. It's much more fun that way.

Lynn- Like Jean says stick around. We all just check in , tell what we did that day and support each other. We are happy to have you.

I sware I posted a long reply yesterday and it is not here -- ?????? Anyway I will post again later tonight and put my plan in for this week on the Look Great in 8 - I am excited has Gloria sent it to anyone yet?
I have my weeks worth of workouts all set so I will just jump right in and do my best. I am starting a 100 day challenge with myself so this will be great to combine it with you guys.

Thanks for the welcome, look forward to learning some tricks from you guys although we all know that there is no magic it takes hard work, determination and staying focused on the goal.

Hey guys off subject but I couldn't find a thread with this question.

How do I upload pictures like you guys have with picturetrail?

When you reply just imagine that you are giving directions to a five year old because I don't pride myself in being the most computer savvy individual...:7


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