12 week challenge TGIF June 16!


Hi girls!

I have HSC on tap for today. I wanted to do a mish mosh with it but when I tried to come up with one last night, my brain just wasnt' havin' it! LOL So I may be "playin' it straight" this morning. ;)
Good Morning Wendy and all my other challengers. Today I'm doing gymstyle legs and then some sort of ab work. This weekend we have lots of plans with father's day and all. My dh is home today so we have a three day weekend together. Hopefully my eating will with stand all the picnics. Off to workout.

Good morning everyone!!

Wendy I don't have HSC, but I hope you enjoy your workout. I'm not sure what I'm doing (other than more CleanMax for our house viewers tonight). It might be too hot for a walk so I have CTX All Step on my mind. Oh and I also have to do S&H Back. I'll do that first so I can really fry my muscles with some fresh energy.

Karen, you lucky ducky that your hubby is home today. I got up with Jon this morning and said I wished he had the day off so we could go on a little day trip to a local resort town about an hour away. It's a quaint seaside place, with likewise little shops. Oh well, we'll save that for another day.

I'm eating my GoLean cereal with sunflower seeds and blueberries. Yum!

********WARNING TMI**********Please do not read if you are easily offended.
I'll start out easy...

Good morning challengers,

Wendy- i absolutely love HSC. I could do that workout everyday

Karen- what type of father's day activities do you have planned?

Heidi- sounds like a yummy breakfast:9

well ladies here's the TMI part- i started my morning cardio on the treadmill, however dh had different ideas for my morning cardio, wink, wink!!:D he interuppted my run and i was too happy too oblige:p

today i have alot of running around to do. we are celebrating father's day all weekend. starting today until sunday the kids and i are giving their wonderful daddy a surprise. i can't wait to see his face each day. he's such a great dad & hubby and he absolutely deserves his day!

have a great day everyone and i sincerely hope i didn't offend anyone.
Not offended at all - I think it is cute - my DH is similar, that is why we never workout together....

I will catch up on personals tonight after I get little one to bed. I am feeling a bit better and happy to say that my clothes fit a bit differently this morning - not where I want to them to be but I can tell I am making progrress. My head is still stuff and still a little nauseated but I did Turbo Jam Cardio Party 3 this morning and now I am whiped out.....all I want to do is go to sleep but I am at my desk making my "to do" list for today.

See you ladies later!
LOL!!! Way to go Sunnyd, but remember that doesn't burn as many calories as a trip on the treadmill! ;-) I got up this morning about 15 minutes before hubby had to leave for work and he was in the same frisky mood, but he didn't have the luxury of having time to hang around to see if I'd oblige! LOL!

Enjoy your weekend, I'm sure it'll be just as fun for you to surprise your hubby!

Way to go Kathy on the clothes fitting differently, you ARE progressing for sure!

I'm still fighting a mild head cold thingy too, it's trying to move into my upper chest but I scrounged around and found some garlic capsules so as far as I'm concerned today is the day to burn it out of my system! }(

good morning challengers!!!
today's workout: ran/walk 5miles today! WHEW!! tired!!!

Kathy: glad you are feeling a bit better!

what's the deal w/ DHs being frisky this morning??? LOL...mine was too! I guess he was warming me up for a nice father's day present??? LOL!!!

Glad ya'll are having great plans for father's day. we have to shop tomorrow for our gifts. Have no idea what to get DH??? WHAT ARE YA'LL GIVING THE DADS???? ideas, please!!

have a FANTASTIC FRIDAY!! woohoo!!!

take care:)
Heidi, does it burn more calories if you are on the treadmill? LOL

Well, it sounds like everyone is starting to feel better. Hope you keep improving.

Last night was gym night, 25 min of Stair Master and then upper body. I don't remember if I posted once I got home. Working out at night is keeping me from going to sleep and then I can't get up in the morning. Maybe I can get back on track today, because I am planning on doing cardio at lunch and no weights tonight. The gym called and set up my free personal training appointment for tomorrow morning. The trainer said we would start with legs so its a good thing I didn't get up this morning and do legs as planned.

I took my measurements this morning since yesterday was the end of my 8 weeks. I was not impressed. Maybe I'll get some tips from the PT that will help the pounds start to melt away. I was so hoping this challenge would get me off my plateau. We will see what the next 4 weeks can accomplish.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Happy Father's Day to all the dads and to all the mother's that have to play both roles.

so then you can all relate:p

gloria-they were looking for early father's day gifts:D . you were looking for ideas- well we are having a father's day weekend. today's theme is dinner and the movies. i am taking him to cute little spot he likes to have his favorite hamburgers and then i bought a couple movies he wants to see. saturday's theme- "you get to play for the day"- i bought golf lessons and also a gift certificate for the driving range, i will also make his favorite dinner. he really wants to learn to play golf. sunday-is father's day. so he's getting breakfast in bed. i am making his favorite breakfast. we will go to church and then he will get his big gifts- a electric fryer and a new grill, he's been dying for. (my dh loves to cook!!:9 ). we will also go out for a nice dinner. haven't decided if it's with or without the kiddies.:D

Jean- good question, LOL. great workout! PT? is that personal trainer? did you hire one? if so, you lucky girl. i wish i could do that also. seems like it would give you such a great push in pants!!
Hi Girls!

Just wanted to say a quick hi! I'll do more personals later. Gotta get dinner going right now.

My internet was down most of the day. :-( I washed clothes and started packing for vacation.

I did HSC straight up this morning. That work out is da bomb! I'm gonna have to buy HSTA one of these days!}(

I'll be back later!:*
Wendy- i love, love, love HSC. You have got to get HSTA. I did it for the first time last week and had DOMS in my triceps!!!!!:D :D
we missed ya today.
Okay...Now I have a few minutes for personals...

Karen: I hope you enjoy your long weekend w/your hubba-bubba!;) }(

Heidi: I am sending good vibes your way hoping the folks who are looking at your house this evening will put in an offer!:)

Sunny: Cute story and not TMI for me!}( I'd get mad if it were me though! LOL When I am ready to work out I am in a zone and you can't mess with me or I get upset! Plus the fact that if I had worked up any kinda sweat already I would sooo NOT have wanted to jump in the sack! I don't mind get sweaty DURING the act but can't stand starting out that way!:p

Kathy: Hope you can get to bed early tonight!

Gloria: Sorry, I'm no help in the gift department. I am CLUELESS as to what to buy DH!x(

Jean: Let us know how your PT appointment goes tomorrow!
Well today must be the day for interruptions. I got on the treadmill and got interrupted by DH too, but mine was by phone and it was an offer to meet him at the movies. So I shut off the tm and bathed quickly and met him for "The Lake House". Good movie. The "fun part" will have to wait until tonight, wink, wink.

And yes PT is for personal trainer. No I didn't hire one, instead I got an offer at a local gym for 14 days of free workouts and it includes 2 free personal training sessions. The club is privately owned and not quite what I'm used to, but I figured for the 2 free PT sessions it would be worth it to try it out. I already belong to Bally's(don't use it except when I get bored with tapes, so not very often). I have noticed though with just the 3 times that I have worked out at the new gym, that I don't think I stay as strong working out with free weights at home. I think it is because when you use machines at the gym, you are always pushing to increase the weight, where as at home I hit a comfort zone and don't continually push the amount of weight up.

Gotta run.

Hi girls, long day so far. Today we started the Father's Day weekend. First dh had some honey do's to get done so I took the girls to the park with there little group and then came back in two hours where he had completed 1-3 of the Honey do list. Then we went to see dh's dad so they could visit with the grandkids and then we went to dinner. Don't ask.

Tomorrow we are planning a bike ride in the am. followed by a cookout and the pool and snowballs. Sunday pretty much the same. Very family oriented weekend with the kids. We stopped by the grocery store on the way home to get food for the weekend. Once again Don't ask. Ok I'll do my best this weekend but we bought these new marshmellows for our fire pit that have cococnut on the outside already toated. Oh my goodness. I'm going for a 6 mile run in the morning so that should take care of dinner this evening.

Jean I'm with you. I see no difference in myself at all. I've been so good with working out but nothing. Grant it the food hasn't been perfect, but by no mean terrible expect for the wheat thin incident and of course dinner tongiht. Oh well. Monday I'm beginning a new. This weekend I hope to just not make myself sick.


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