12 week challenge june 17th


i totally cannot believe i am starting this thead. where is everyone:)

After Wendy's HSC talk, I just had to do that workout this morning. It is just so much fun.
I have to go food shopping now and hopefully make the 11:00 spinning class at the gym.

Happy working out and father's day shopping today ladies:D
Good Morning Sunny-girl and all who follow!

Sunny: I dread the fast foot taps in HSC! They KILL me! LOL I hope you make the class! Cut the shopping short! Who needs food anyway? :p

Today I have outdoor run # 4 on tap (don't worry, once this class starts and I am running outside atleast 2 days per week I will stop counting! LOL :7 )! The goal is 9-10 mins running/1 min walking for my 2 mile route. I think I can I think I can...:+

I slept late today. I wanted to be heading out the door by now but I am just settling in with my coffee instead...

Have a great Saturday! I have lots more packing to do!
good morning ladies!
today's workout: rest!! woohoo!

Karen: your post about running around trying to find wendy was funny!!

Wendy: did you find Karen running around???? LOL

sunnydelite: thanks for starting today's thread. HSC...YIKES!!!

thanks for the ideas and help on father day's gifts...LOVE the theme thing...cute!!

Hello to everyone that follows!

take care:)
Good morning...well, almost afternoon actually!;)

While I was out running I was looking for Karen...and I DID find her but she was sooo far ahead of me...I just couldn't catch her!}(

Well, I did it ladies!:+

W/U 5 mins
11 mins/1 FULL MILE run
1 mins walking recovery
10.52/1 FULL MILE run
C/D 5 mins

YEAY!!!! I am beyond thrilled!:+ :+ :+

Gloria, enjoy your rest day!:)
Sorry Wendy I'm here, but I can't answer the door, I'm getting ready to coloring my hair.

Well this morning was the personal training session. I did a 5 min warm up on the eliptical and then started with the trainer. First he had me to these floor stretches that are stretches and strenght moves all in one. They showed me just how inflexible I am. Ouch!. Then he had me do some standing leg work and some ab work. I didn't use any weights and still burned 396 calories in a total of 55 min. When we were finished I then did 30 min. on the eliptical. The second session is on Wednesday.

Hello, Karen, Sunnydelite, Gloria, Wendy and all who check in later. Hope you have a good weekend.

karen-lol. looks like wendy tried to find you:D

gloria- happy rest day!

wendy- your running just keeps getting better & better!! happy packing for your vacation. man am i envious:D
Jean: Nice calorie burn with the PT! Good for you!

Sunny: My suitcase is HUGE! I already have a few posters stowed away in there...jump on in if ya wanna come along!:7 :7 :7

So today was a lame day...with DH sick, I didn't do much much pack and tend to Joey. DH finally got a bit of energy and did some last minute shopping of his own for the cruise. I took Joey for a little walk and gave him a bath and now here I sit...

Tomorrow we go up north to DH's family to celebrate Father's day. My dad died 10.5 years ago so there is no splitting up this holiday between families. :-(

Sorry! Don't mean to depress!!!:+
Hi Jean. Yeah, I'm going on an 8 day Caribbean cruise out of NY. I was on a cruise once prior...on my Honeymoon 3 years ago. We had a great time! :)
wendy- have fun on your cruise. when we lived in nj, we went on a cruise to bermuda that left out of ny. it was nice not to have to fly anywhere. we had a great time!! i am sure you will too:)

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