12 Week Challenge checkin 6-25

Good morning Karen and all to follow,

Today is also gonna be a rest day for me. I have alot to do today. Especially since i am getting ready to go back to work tomorrow after being a SAHM for about a year.

It's supposed to rain here today also.

Enjoy your day ladies:)
Good morning.

Karen, I think today will bea day of rest for me too. And I too have a bunch of cleaning to do.

Sunnydelite, wishing you an easy transition from SAHM to Back in the workforce.

Hello to all who check in later.

hey ladies!!
today's workout: 60mins of cardio...so I did fat blasting cardio w/ lisa follwed by express cardio w/ stephaine. I hadn't done those in ages...now I know why!! LOL certainly not a run or cathe's IMAXes!!! LOL

Ladies: look great in 8 is an 8 week rotation that focuses on something different each week. The first week is CIRCUITweek.
2nd: Heavy week
3rd: high reps week
4th: supersets week
and repeat again for a total of 8 weeks

There's lots of cardio in it!! yeah!! Kathy has done this before. It's out of an old M&F hers magazine...2003, I think. I'm late for church right now. I'll post the first week when I get back.

I don't know if it's online or not...I guess ya'll could do a search on the magazine website????
first day is 60mins of cardio which I did today!!!

ok, really gotta go....

take care:)
Hey ladies - I have it in my computer and can send it to anyone who wants it - that is the Look Great in 8 - so let me know!

OK, I have my plan for the week. Ms. Sessions Ok'd me to do the Look Great in 8 but I have to walk an hour a day at a steady pace this week also. Her plan was for me to add low intensity steady state this week so I will do that and I she also has me eating high carb for 3 days, low for 3 and then check in so here is my plan:

S - 1 hour of recreational cardio - this will be my walk today - maybe some kickbox later but we have company and they probably won't leave in time for me to get anything else in.
M - Supersets
T - Shiva Rea - Lunar Flow, 1 hour walk at lunch or at home in the evening
W - Push Pull, CC1 on the rebounder (1:1 for 25 minutes), 1 hour walk at lunch or at home in evening
T - Kick Punch and Crunch (45 minutes@ 65%-70% we will see how this goes), 1 hour walk maybe before workout this day
F - Super Sculpting, 1 hour walk in the evening
S - Step Fit (40 minutes@ 65%-70%) Sean Corn - Vinyasa Flow 1 hour walk in the evening

Yesterday was my treat day -- I ate regularly really except I indulged in some dairy and fruit???What a change!!! I ate 2 boxes of raisins and had a glass of milk and, oh yea, some sausage with breakfast - 2 pieces. Not bad and no sweets!!!!!!! No total destruction of plan!!!!! I did not workout yesterday though - I have had to drag myself out of bed both days and yesterday I had surprise company that showed up and guess what???? I still had on my 100% cotton jammies and my hair had not been brushed - I did wash my face and brush my teeth!

Today DH and I are working....we are processing venison that has been in the freezer since deer season (DH Is a hunter)we are making homemade sausage and hamburger ( I use the term "we" loosely - I am just sort of around to serve tea, smile and put things already done into the freezer).

Have a great Sunday!
OH Sunny -- good luck! I remember when I did that - I fell right back into work but keeping up with my house was another story all together!!!! My DD was in the 1st grade when I went back to work - that was a LONG time ago!
Gosh Kathy I think we are on the same page as posting our thoughts for the week. This is what I have just come up with.

This coming week I won't have a chance to check in at all in the morning. The girls are starting vacation Bible School so I need to be out of the house by 8:30. Then back to get them again after I workout. I need to leave again by 11:30. Then they have art on Tues so I won't come home at all and of course my mammogram is Thursday. So I decided to go ahead and post my tenative workout schedule for the week. I am going back to slow and heavy for a good 4 weeks. This with limited running. Once before I said I need to train like this because my body responds better to it but I was having so much fun running that I was willing to let it go for awhile. But now it's time to get back to the nitty gritty and get this 5lbs off again. I may even make an apt. this week for my knee and get a professional opinion. I hate to go to another doctor but I really want to see if running is in the cards for me. I have to have some kind of confirmation in order to do or not do the half. Either way I have made peace with it if I can't do the half.So here it goes:

Monday- slow and heavy chest and back ( those abs)
Tues- slow and heavy legs and shoulders ( 30 min of yoga)
Wednesday- slow and heavy bi and tri ( those abs) 2-3 mile run
Thursday- Imax 2 or 5 mile run (30 min of yoga)
Friday- Bootcamp
Sat- I may take Sat and Sun off for the holiday plus the fact I want to really give my IT band the space it needs.

I am going back to BFFM type of eating. I think my body is very carb sensitive which is the reason for the weight gain. I needed the carbs to fuel all that running but at the same time my body response to them in a not so good way. I really have come to realize it is very individual.

Anyway it is good to write this out and I will be checking on all of you in the evening.

Kathy- Can you send the look great in 8 my way. Thanks



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