12 Week Challenge Check In - July 5th


Good Morning -- it is amazingly nice to be back on a routine! I had some great sleep in days!

I thought my cardio was going to literally kill me today I might have to work up to 60 minutes of HIIT - all I could do today was 50 minutes - that last 10 would have totally whiped me out, so now I have a goal - 60 tomorrow - this does not include warm up, cool down, and stretch

Workout for today:
CTX Bis (after completing this I did not need S&L - my bis were extremely tired!) - CC 4 on the rebounder repeating challenge 2. 75 minutes 514 calories burned (yeah baby!) HR 71% av/94% max

Food for Yesterday:
M1 - Oatmeal and egg whites
M2 - apple and grilled chicken
M3 - wheat bread and grilled chicken
M4 - shrimp grilled on skewers and a fantastic salad with mixed greens, purple onion, snow peas, argula
M6 - Dipped cone from Dairy Queen with DH and GS - last July 4th treat -- we took Kade and let him make a big mess!

I think I would love to be a stay at home Grandmother!!! But it is not possible - Have a great workout and a great day!

Karen - are you back?
Good Morning Challengers!

Kathy, Good job on the cardio. Don't worry...you'll get to 60 mins of cardio in no time!:) Dairy Queen-YUM!:9

Yesterday I did a kickbox circuit mishmosh that I created and today I have a TM run planned at the gym-hopefully a 3-4 miler. :)
Morning Wendy! I think I am tired because of my calorie take down or it could just be one of those days - sometimes I can go on forever but today I just pooped out!

I came back to add that since I have been running on the rebounder I have had severe DOMS in my core and my glutes - I know this is a good thing and I get a great high calorie burn from it but I cannot do it every day -- I have not done any step in a couple of weeks and I really miss it - I am trying to decide if I should just lower my step and do it or leave it a lone - we are trying to take my legs down and I don't think one session a week on 4 to 6 inches wouldn't be bad. I usually use 8 inches but that is a no no right now.
Hey Kathy...I don't think step once per week at a low step height would hinder you. I think you should give it a try! :)
Morning Wendy and Kathy and all to follow. Last night was a late night since we went to friend's house and watched the fire works. Slept in this morning and tom finally hit today with a headache so it will probably be a rest day.

Kathy, I agree that step on a low level should be ok. Especially something like Imax2 with all the blast to up your cardio.

Wendy, enjoy your workout.

Hi Jean. Hope you enjoyed the fireworks last night.:)

I got a 3 miler in today and I'm happy with that considering I hadn't ran more than 2 miles at a clip since before vacation! I'll shoot for 4 miles next week.

Just finished a post-work out snack and now I have pay some bills and get some house work done...UGH! LOL :7

I'll be back in a bit!:)
YIKES! The challengers are getting more scarce by the day! I hope they aren't ALL desserting us!;( Come out come out wherever you are, ladies! We miss you!
where you looking for me wendy:D . here i am!!

i don't know if you were here or not but i just started a new full time job last week. so my visits will be scarce, however i am still here trudging along:D how was your run?

today i did KPC & went to the gym for the treading class. the instructor had our incline up to a 15, holy cow!! i was drenched by the end of class.

kathy- you have peaked my interest in a rebounder.

i hope everyone else is doing great.
Hey Sunny...I wasn't talking about you. :) I know you check-in when you can! It's the REST of the gals that have completely blown us off!:-( LOL :p So you got a f/t job? What do you do now? You had been working p/t right?

Edited to Add:
My gym doesn't offer a tread class...wish they did though...sound SUPER cool!}(

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