12 Week Challenge Check In 06/26


Good Morning Challengers!!!!

Missing Wendy!! Curious about Lori!!!

Busy Week Ahead!!
Supersets 154 calories burned -- missing my cardio will walk at lunch today hopefully

It has been a while since I did this rotation and my cardio capacity has greatly increased - I will have to monitor my HR to make sure I am within guidelines so some of my cardio might have to be switched around!

Weekend Eating
Saturday was my treat day - I stayed within calories and indulged with dairy and fruit (big change from sweets) I drank a glass of milk with breakfast and had two pieces of sausage with my egg whites, and I had 2 boxes of raisins with GS

M1 - oatmeal, egg whites, almonds
M2 - chicken breast and whole wheat bread
M3 - chicken breast and white potato, dab of peanut butter
M4 - tuna, potato, almonds
M5 - venison patty, tomatoes, pickles

I am beginning this week pretty tired and I am hoping that I can get this walking in.....I have no idea how if I don't get it at lunch!

I am giving up on personals for last week - it is a new one and I CAN get personals during my lunch time today,,,no I am walking - evening - whichever - depends on how day goes!!

Have a great day!
Good morning Kathy and all to follow.

Well this weekend I set up my plan for the week and put it in my computer calender. I got up this morning to implement it and the first thing I did was curl up on the floor with a blanket for 20 minutes trying to convince myself to start it. Finally the mind won over the blanket and I did 30 min on TM followed by Upper Body Premix.

I am suffering today from the potato chip indulgence I took yesterday. More like gluten, less like indulgence. Since I'm up 3.5 lbs this morning since Sat., I'm hoping it is due to the salt and the fact that tom is around the corner.

Kathy, I'm sure you'll find a way to get your walk in. You can catch up on personals later.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and I hope you did better than me on the food issues.

12-Week Check-in

I am officially out of denial now and admitting that I am depressed for whatever reason. I am still not sleeping at night. I willed myself to get off my butt and do a workout Friday night even though I did not feel like it. I tried several of Christi’s CIA workouts. I do not like CIA 7002 at all. I think I will really enjoy CIA 9801 when I have more energy. Christi’s CIA 5004 hi-lo workout is my favorite on her Humble Beginnings DVD. It is dancy and not as intense. It is just what I need right now. I love the set too. In fact, I ordered Cathe’s Mega Step Blast because I like that particular set so much. Christi and Cathe shared the same sets in their earlier workouts. It was not my best performance by far, but at least I did something.

Saturday was a rest day. I previewed the workouts on Cathe’s Cardio Hits DVD. Just watching her inspires me to get up and move! I am looking forward to trying Step Fit and Step Works this week.

I tried Cathe’s Step N Motion for the first time yesterday morning. I did the cardio only, which is short and sweet. Cathe is so young and cute in this one, and watching her makes me smile. It is the very first video she filmed. The moves are very basic. The leg drills and plyo step moves are intense. I will do this one from time to time when I want a change. It does not compare to her newer workouts because I love more complex choreography, but this is really good considering when it was filmed. Not to mention, I do not have the mental energy to tackle new choreography right now.

I did Mega Step Blast for the first time last night. I enjoyed it. Like Cathe’s other early workouts, it has very basic choreography. It is another one that is good for days when I want to work my body but rest my brain. I like the set and music. I never imagined that I would like Cathe’s dated workouts, but they are very good.

My hormones are out of control. I do not know what is wrong with my body. My butt and gut are not the only parts that are getting bigger. I have gained 4" in my chest this month and at least a cup size. :eek: This is not a good thing with all the Cathe high impact I do! My cycle finally started yesterday afternoon. I hope that helps!

Heather B.

“So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God” (1 Corinthians 10:31 NIV).
RE: 12-Week Check-in

hello ladies,

late check in for me today. i started my new job today, so far so good.
this morning i did ME. it exhausted me:)

Heather- i really hope you feel better soon:)
RE: 12-Week Check-in

Count me in as another who's checking in very late!!!

I did CTX All Step (cardio only) and the included ab workout.

Sorry to have gone missing for the last few days! Life gets between me and the computer once in awhile! x( :)


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