10# Challenge 9/22

Just wanted to get this started. I did Kimberly Spreen's Absolute Kickboxing this morning. Burned 409 calories which shocked me. This is one heck of an easy workout for me. I found it quite boring, actually.

Hope you all have a great workout and eating day!


Morning everyone!
I am happy to report that yesterday's eating was on track and my workout was a 45 minute run. Today I have a yoga class at noon and I'm planning on doing a circuit workout in the evening.

Hope everyone has a great day!:D


Hello? Where is everyone? We start out all gung ho and now nothing. LMAO!!!! :eek:


Debbie I was sure by the time I signed in we'd be way on our way already. Come on everyone, I need all the help I can get ;)
Because of this thread I resisted a plate of nachos that was consumed by DH right in front of me! Honestly, I didn't know I had it in me!


I'm here!

I finally felt like I had a good eating day yesterday. I went to bed a little hungry which is always a good sign. :) Blood sugar was pretty stable yesterday and I worked very hard on getting in protein with each meal and snack.

Ran 3 miles and did Kelley C-M Muscle Definition Workout #2 afterwards. Kung Fu tonight and hopefully another 3-4 miles if I can squeeze it in.


Maggie high 5's for passing on the Nachos.

Debbie: I also find that WO boring. It is just to slooow.

I was really down yesterday for no apparent reason. My eating was okay. Could have eaten more protein.

This morning I did 4DS all upperbody premix.

B: 1/2C oats,1/2tsp flax, 3 strawberries
S: 4 egg whites & 1 slice of Lt. Swiss
L: CE chicken casserole,& something else. (I was really hungry after I ate this yesterday..It may have been the apple I ate with it)
S: apple and 2tbsp of Natural PB
D: still thinking on this one.
S: depending on what I have for dinner I may have some yogurt with whey protein powder.


I'm here, I'm here!!:p
My workouts have been non-existent so far this week, but the eating has been good. So one out of two ain't bad, right??!

I've been so tired this week and didn't know why, but I found out that I have a UTI and will be on antibiotics. I hate taking them, but it's only for a few days. Then hopefully my workouts will be back on.

Everyone seems to be back on track with the clean eating and workouts after a not-so-pretty weekend! GO US!! :p:p

Maggie - Good job on the nachos!! :D:D:D


You guys, I have to say I'm starting to feel really down about weight loss. I've had serious stomach issues for the last 2 weeks, so I had to switch from low carb to "sick" food. Every day I've been eating one bagel, one banana & a cup of rice. And losing it within an hour.

I've lost a pound. How can that be? With what little food I've been eating, & the fact that it's not sticking to me, how can I possibly not lose weight?

This is so depressing. If I have to be this sick, I should at least get something out of it. Or lose something out of it, as the case may be. :(
Maggie - Nice job on passing on the nacho's. My dh has ice cream EVERY night and somehow I'm able to resist each and every night.

Laura - I think your body is in shock and doesn't know what to do. It's holding onto fat because it thinks you are starving it. Eventually it will give up and let some go but it might take some time. Frustrating I know. Hang in there, girl!


Maggie - I can't stop thinking about Nachos!! Good for you - I don't think I could have resisted!

Laura - sorry to hear about your stomach issues. I hope you get it resolved soon. I agree with Debbie - you are probably not getting enough food. Hang in there though!

As for me, I started STS this week. Struggling with cardio though. Need to do it but my PF is still nagging at me. I am thinking I should forego one more week of cardio. Unfortunately, I absolutely hate exercise bikes, stair steppers, and stuff like that at the gym. I am an outdoor runner but will do Cathe's cardio stuff indoors but all of that is high impact.

Don't want to weigh myself right now. I should have weighed in yesterday but it's that TOM so didn't want to depress myself!!
I have a craving for spaghetti for some odd reason so I keyed it into my menu and I'm actually pleased at what it shows. I will be eating my spaghetti for dinner!

Foods for today

M1: ON whey protein shake w/ 1/2 c. blueberries (post workout)
M2: Fresh Cinnamon Roll BSN w/ 1/2 c. raw oats & 1 tbsp. Naturally More PB
M3: 4 oz. turkey on 1 slice Ezekiel bread w/thin slice provolone; 1 tbsp. raw almonds; peach
M4: Chocolate Pro Pudding w/banana
M5: Spaghetti w/sauce; sauteed veggies
M6: Cinnamon Protein pancake w/1 tbsp. Naturally More PB

1535 calories
34 g. fat - 20%
149 g. protein - 38%
168 g. carbs - 44%

Carbs are up, but I'm please with my protein grams. So I'm good with this ratio today. :)


Debbie, you can resist ice cream every night? WOW! Now that I could not do, good for you! Ice cream is my weakness and I can't even have the sutff in the house because I just don't trust myself with it.

Laura, sorry to hear you are still not feeling well. I think you are being too hard on yourself. Give your body a chance to recover and the weight will come off....it might just take a bit more time. Hang in there!

Debbie(worknprogress), PF can be very frustrating, I had it a while back and really had to back off the high impact stuff. I am back at it again I just hope I didn't jinx myself right now!;) Have fun with STS. I am not quite ready to commit to it now but hope to start it in November.


Not enough food.......too much food.........ARGH! Truthfully, I think it's the carbs. My body just does not respond well to carbs. Sick food is low cal & low fat, but super high carb. I feel like I'll be stuck at 125 forever! :(

Oh Deb & Elaine, you're bored w/Absolute KB? That is one of my very favorite DVDs! I wish she'd make a second. I love the combat section of that w/o. It's so unique & fun.
Oh Deb & Elaine, you're bored w/Absolute KB? That is one of my very favorite DVDs! I wish she'd make a second. I love the combat section of that w/o. It's so unique & fun.

It's weird because the first time I did the workout I loved it. Did it this morning and it just didn't click with me. I had a heck of time getting my HR up and I even wore my 1# weighted gloves. My bodybar is only about 7# but with the gloves it should have brought it to 9#. Just didn't feel much with it. Maybe it was just my mood, I just didn't get much out of it this time.


Maggie - Great job on resisting the Nachos!

Laura - I went through something similiar a short while ago and I couldn 't believe I didn't lose anything either.:confused: I think you just need to give your body a chance to recover before you expect too much.

- Sorry I am here so late, but don't worry I am not giving up. I need this group!

My eating went well yesterday, and today so far. Had to go through the stupid sugar withdrawal headache again yesterday. Was talking to my friend today about the withdrawal and she suggested I hit myself in the forehead with a rubber mallet the next time I want sugar to remind me of the withdrawal headache that will follow.:p

Today's workout was Tracey's Strikezone. Workout was 57 minutes and I burned 439 calories.

looking good

Hey Ladies,

I'm here! Left the house early this morning having to travel up to Rochester for business....in the hotel as I type ;)

Maggie - High Five! no nachos is an accomplishment

Debbie - Ice Cream is my weakness :( and did have a little last night

Laura - I feel bad for you since you been battling this for awhile...hope you are feeling better soon

SheWolf - hope those sugar headaches are not affecting you today

Today I made myself a protein shake before I left
B - protein shake, banana, 1/3 oatmeal, 1 cup 1% milk and ice
L - Turkey and swiss sandwich on whole wheat apple
Snack - chicken salad
Dinner - Salad with chicken that I picked up at Wegmans....I do this so I can control what is in my salad :) lots of vegs.....

Did not get to excercise last night because of my son's open house at school...

Tonight going to run on the treadmill in the hotel. I also brought my abs circuit cd and the 4 day split so I could do Kickbox in the morning.

Can't wait for that travel CD...I will definitely put that one to good use :D



Hi all

Tonight was chest and biceps at the gym. I was doing my chest press with 10kg dumbells and the owner suggested I bring my arms down lower to get a better pull through the chest. I said I thought that too low hits the shoulders more than the chest. But he said I needed to bring them lower to feel it. Whose right and whose wrong goodness knows. It was difficult getting on the weights tonight as I'm the only woman that uses the free weights and the men are always using everthing. I miss working out at home alot. Also went to see a dermatologist as I suffer with excema quite bad on my hands. I wear weight lifting gloves but my fingers get sore from touching the plates etc. So I have to cover them with plasters. I look like a leper lol. The doctor just said keep moisturising and putting the cream on. Does anybody else have this?
I've decided to quit milk as its my compulsion. I have cottage cheese and yogurt so my calcium is okay. I think just dropping the milk will help alot with fat loss. Also tomorrow I'm going to cook some of the burn the fat inner circle recipes for a change. Tomorrow I might try a Kimberley Spreen workout for cardio. I might try Cardio Camp Workout.

Anyway have good days girls and give those workouts hell lol



Hi everyone!

Looks like everyone's doing great! For me today it was 4DS Kickbox & Upper Body Premix. Phew!!! Felt like an all-day workout, :) but I felt great afterwards.

My food has been better. I even turned down the rest of DH's Coke that he didn't finish last night. Last December I was able to finally give up Diet Coke for good (what a struggle!), but a few months ago for some reason I started drinking the real Coke (not diet).:( Not every day, but still... So last night when I turned it down, that was a great step. I told myself I've had my last one EVER...

Pippadog - The guys at my gym always hog the free weights, too. I finally gave up and do all my weight training at home now! How is Kimberly Spreen as an instructor? I've been thinking of branching out and getting some w/o's with new instructors to mix it up a bit.

Maggie - congrats on turning down the nachos! I'm not sure I would've had the willpower!

Debbie - I never used to want ice cream either, but for some reason the past couple months, I've been craving it! Being on this thread for me is awesome, because it's helping me "step away from the refrigerator!"

Laura - sorry to hear your tummy is still giving you troubles. Hang in there. You'll feel better soon and those lbs will just fall off once you can eat normal food again.

SheWolf - hang in there thru those sugar withdrawls! It'll be so worth it...

Workinprogress - good luck with STS! I can't wait to start it again when Shock Cardio comes.

Therese - that travel DVD sounds great! Can't wait for that one, even though I don't travel much!!

Well, gotta go for now. Take care everyone and be good!!


Hi everyone! I haven't given up on the 10# Challenge!!

I'm in Alabama on a business trip. I brought my workout gear and Coach Sean with me, so I've been able to get my workouts in. Thankfully, because the food choices...not so healthy. I'm making do, though.


I'm a night owl with a forced early bird schedule. I read posts late except for rare occ yesterday. If I don't get in w/o first thing in a.m., it ain't gonna happen. My day goes to hell in a handbasket as soon as I walk in the door at work.

Slept thru w/o alarm this morning talked myself in and then out of doing DVD, but I ate well x for the glass fo wine I drank awhile ago trying to wind down to sleep.

Now late and likely to have difficulty hittng gym in a.m.

everyone keep plugging!


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