10# Challenge 10/6

I figured I'd start this out today. I did Amy's Kickbox Surge and had a blast. I love that workout and now that I know it better, I realy love it!!!

Burned 475 calories! :eek:

Oh, and I have to mention, I went to my mom's to feed her cat and her neighbor made these german chocolate cake cookies. OMG, they looked so good. So she told me to take a few so I did. I didn't eat one! I will save one for me for Saturday but I can't believe I didn't eat one. SO proud of myself!!! :cool:


Meso 1, Disc 3 this morning. I'd forgotten how the heart rate gets up there with the leg workouts from meso 1. I finished with 20 minutes of LIC.

Nice going resisting those cookies Debbie!! Kick box Surge is worth a look? I always love a new KB workout.

I put on a pair of pants this morning from last winter. A bit snug, so that kicked me in the head and put things into perspective. I have new determination for this challenge because growing out of a pair of pants is not an option. :mad:

Enjoy the day, and keep up the good work, folks.


Finished up yesterday pretty well. Had 1/2 a RB sandwich and veggies with hummus (will eat the other half today). Went a bit over for dinner last night since I had the big calorie burn yesterday...not wise but at least not too much damage.

30 min circuit this morning for 375 calories. Go Lean Crunch with skim for breakfast. Wanted a waffle but forgot I threw away my toaster during the purge for packing....:eek:

Difficult thing will be this evening, women's wine group meeting...will finally have to use the spit bucket or not eat the food, decisions, decisions....:rolleyes:

Have great day!



Hey ladies! Thanks for all the encouragement yesterday. :) I'm feeling a bit less depressed today, but very nervous about the 4 day w/e I have coming up. :eek: I think I will cheat. I'd hoped to have lost enough weight to feel OK about it, but probably I'll do it & feel like crap after.

I did lose the 2 lbs, I guess it was water. I drink much more over the w/e. Would still like to see that needle on the scale dip below 120 someday though. Sources are saying my chances aren't good. :rolleyes:

Deb, way to go w/the cookies! That is some serious willpower! Melissa, KB Surge kicks a$$. You need it. Amber, have the wine. It's about 1 carb per serving. ;)

I did Rhythmic Step this morning. Boy is that one tough w/o! I love revisiting Cathe's older stuff, just as a reminder that she hasn't gotten better w/age, she's always been freakin awesome!
I need to do Rythmic Step again. I love that workout.

Yes, Melissa, KB Surge is a very fun workout and the music in it kicks butt!


LOVE KB Surge!!! and Rythmic Step is probably my favorite Cathe step workout.

Last night was a Chalean Extreme workout. My scale has stalled - but eating was really good yesterday. I will stay the path but I have a feeling these next 5 pounds are not going to be nearly as easy as the first 5 pounds.


I havent' abandoned the challenge, but I am not successful to date. I know it is my eating. I am trying a new way of eating, which is basically low-carb but calories count and so do ratios, and am restarting CLX. I will probably add a 25 minute Adrienne Reed yoga segement from her TV series and some Classical Stretch.

Deb ~ I am awed about the cookies. :eek:

Laura ~ I haven't done RS in years, but I remember it was one of my favs.

I gotta get off here and listen to my 5 y/o chatter about air bags. Toodles...


Yesterday went pretty well. I did have 3 fun size pieces of candy and then I stopped. Also, mexican food and key lime pie were catered in yesterday (@work). I didn't eat ANY of it...not even chips and salsa.

meals today are as follows:
m1-smoothie (berries, kefir, protein powder), pc high fiber toast w/ 1 T smart balance
sn-almonds (24)
lunch-3 oz tuna, 2oz greek yogurt, 1 orowheat thin, apple
sn-hummus, carrots, tomatoes, and 10 crackers
dinner-meatloaf, roasted veggies and potatoes

Workout tonight: 20 min run +30 of kickbox or plyo

When I computed my stats into my program, I learned I did not eat enough protein yesterday and too many carbs, I think today will be better.


looking good

Hey Ladies,

Late check in for me....on the road early again this morning. Did STS Series 2 disc 13....chest....got me GOOD!!:D...will be doing 1/2 cardio later.

Debbie...HIGH FIVE LADY know that is will power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laura - Glad you are feeling better ;) fyi 120 is my magic number too.... I was there last year even got to 118....and then well you know how it goes....a little a this and a little of that turn into way to many pds before I even new it :mad:.....we got to stay focused.....

Autumn - hang tight you will get there we are all here supporting each other!!!!!!!:)

Amber - I'm with Laura drink the wine :D had one myself over the weekend and it was ohhhhhhhhhhhhh sooooooooooooo good :p

B - protien pancakes
L - subway - 1/2 sandwiches turkey and cheese with all the veg with mustard
S - turkey and cheese roll ups
D- stuff pepper big salad



I did well with the eating yesterday and doing well so far today. So now if I can just keep string a bunch of those together I just might get somewhere.

This morning I did Tracey Staehle's High Intensity Step Mix 2, but only through the 8th interval. I ran out of time at that point. Workout was 1:05 and I burned 552 calories. Then later I went for a 5 mile walk with my client and we shaved 20 minutes of her time (apparently I was walking faster than I realized:p)


Wow, everyone's doing an impressive job with their eating, and the willpower being exhibited is amazing!! I've been doing a little better with my eating as well, but it's a constant battle.

Started Cathe's Oct rotation yesterday. Did STS Disc 1 yesterday, and tonight it's Disc 17 legs. The legs in STS are a killer, so I'm getting myself psyched...

You guys are such enablers...now I need KB Surge... :)

Cindi, thanks for the w/o recommendations last week. I ordered Turbo Jam on Amazon (the one with the 5 workouts on 2 discs - was that the original one??) and got it Friday. After my STS chest, shoulders, biceps w/o last night, I put in the Learn and Burn DVD just to try it out, and I really think I'm going to like it!! In fact, I can't wait to do another one of the workouts. It's good to get some new stuff just to change it up a little and not get bored. Thanks again!

Gotta run, everyone take care!

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