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    Cathe, Kristin, and Jenn D. Fighting For Those Reps With An Overhand Deadrow In Total Body Barbell

    Pictured here are Cathe, Kristin, and Jenn D fighting for those reps with an overhand deadrow in the Total Body Barbell workout. This high rep, total body workout leaves no muscle untouched. Don’t let those first few reps fool you… that burn is gonna build and it’s gonna build fast! Learn more...
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    Pre-Order Cathe's STS 2.0 Muscle & Recovery and Get Our Lowest Price!

    Pre-Order Cathe's New STS 2.0: Muscle & Recovery Workout Program Now At: and Get Free Worldwide Shipping!
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    Cathe Boss Bands & Boss Loops Update - 6-28-21

    Hi Everyone, As we approach the end of June our main priority is the shipping of our Boss Bands and Boss Loops from China to here in the USA as this will be the main determining factor of when the presale orders will be able to ship. We cleared our first major hurdle this weekend when our...