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    How To Turn Your Cathe STS Dip Bars Into An Assisted Dip Machine

    Assisted dip machines that you see in a gym cost thousands of dollars. Learn how you can easily turn your Cathe STS Dip Bars into an assisted dip machine with just our Cathe Boss Bands. Order your Cathe Dip & Pull-Up bars at https://bit.ly/3XPi9ST Use Coupon Code: STSREADY and save 20%
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    STS 2.0 Body Parts Triceps

    In this pic Cathe does an assisted dip using a blue Boss Band on her new STS Pull-up & Dip Bars. The Boss Band makes this move easier and more comfortable to do and also allows an exerciser to work through a greater range of motion than they normally would. But don't worry if you don't have an...
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    Fit Tower Total Body Dips

    This pic is from Fit Tower™ Total Body and shows Cathe using the Fit Tower™ for dips. Many of Cathe's videos have utilized this tricep exercise, but the dips are usually done on a step. The Fit Tower™ allows an exerciser to obtain a better range of motion when doing dips and this results in the...