bands & bodyweight travel workout

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    LITE Bodyweight & Bands Features 23 Premixes

    Just because a good travel workout doesn't use a lot of heavy equipment doesn't mean it has to be "LITE" on the premixes. Bodyweight & Bands features 23 premixes giving you almost unlimited workout options when you train at home or when you travel. Basic Premixes Main Workout + Extended...
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    Workouts with no-equipment

    Hi Cathletes, I am travelling a lot, so wanted to collect Cathe's workouts that don't need equipment (I can carry firewalker bands, tubing, discs only). Does anyone have a list of Cathe's workouts that don't need equipment. I have a couple of these, but am looking for a variety to download and...
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    Video Clip of Cathe's Bands & Bodyweight Travel Live Workout

    This video clip is from Cathe's "Bands & Bodyweight Travel Workout" Live! class that was first broadcast from our Gym on Thursday, May 25th and is our 150th Cathe Live broadcast. Cathe Live is filmed and broadcast from our gym every Thursday at 9:15 am and is open to all Gym Members - Come...